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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thank you, USC

Dear USC,

As you probably know, it's been a very tough year for us in Ann Arbor. Our football team had all this talent coming back, we started at #5 in the preseason polls and our schedule was favorable with eight home games. Then disaster struck in our season opener when we lost to Appalachian State, a 1-AA squad.

I'm sure you heard the jokes. Hell, everybody did. Folks that didn't even follow college football knew about this epic defeat and were talking about it. And why not? Pundits were calling it the biggest upset in the history of college football.

Until last Saturday.

That's when you guys lost to 41 point underdog Stanford. At home. To a team starting a QB for the first time who'd only completed one pass in his entire collegiate career. Now everybody's talking about your collapse. Suddenly, our loss is getting pushed aside as those same pundits are calling the Cardinal upset the "biggest ever."

Wow! Now we're not even the biggest upset of the season. Funny game, huh?

Anyway, we just wanted to say thank you for taking the heat off. We know it stings and there's some embarrassment involved (okay, a lot). But it fades. Plus you have all those hot song girls walking around your campus so we don't feel too bad for you.

Best of all, your arch intra-city rival can't give you any shit about the loss. Not after what happened that same night in the Rose Bowl.

Good luck with the rest of your season.

Fight on! (Or at least Kick On when you have a shot at points right before the half)

Your friend,



Kraut said...

I was SO happy to see the score of the USC game when I woke up on Sunday morning (yes, I'm a boring parent of 2 who fell asleep early!).

I'm still shocked, though, that they are still in the top 10 ... what the hell is that?

Kraut said...

Oh, and I'm sick of hearing how tough the Pac-10 is (though I won't disagree that the Big 10 is weak this year). How can UCLA lose AT HOME to Notre Dame?

Da Braylon said...

ya know what's funny Yost? I went to the USC message board on espn.com and of course, there were some usc fans saying, "well at least we lost to a team in the same division as we are in. UM lost to appy state."

so this makes me think, even after a USC LOSS, they only think about michigan. interesting, eh?

Steve Spurrier is God said...

I think that everyone outside of LA hate Southern Cal and were very happy with the loss.

wagdogxxx said...

lol! Those fans are the same fair weather ones that jumped on the band wagon after we stomped OU in the Orange bowl. It's LA, they are the same fags that claim to like SC in FB and ucla in b-ball...WTF? I always tell them to man up and pick a school or shut up!

I'm a life long USC fan (watched OJ as a junior and before he became a psycho) and a huge CFB fan. The loss came at the right time, we weren't playing well and hoping this is the bitch slap that wakes the kids up.

The past few years have been great (not saying that the Pete Carroll era is over) and more then make up for the mediocre 80's and 90's!

Speaking of the Orange bowl, I just retired from the USMC and was in Iraq for that game. I woke up at 3.30 am to watch the game live. The funny part was after it ended, we began to take very heavy mortar fire. As I ran to grab my gear and get to the op center a buddy ran past me and yelled "their pissed!" I told him the muj must be OU fans!

Great blog I enjoy reading here and hope that you guys put a stomp on OSU this year.

whetstonebuck said...


Cory said...

I now feel your pain Big Blue, I was at the Stanford game, a USC fan for 45 years now. Can't remember a bigger loss to a suppossedly outmanned team like Stanford.

Just goes to show you, when you play a team where your a huge favorite, and figure all you have to do is show up, look out. Five turnovers, and lots of injuries at key positions will usually do it.

Hope you hand OSU a mugging they won't forget.

Enjoy this blog, you guys usually keep things real and in perspective.

Fight on!


Andy said...

I want to apologize to Trojan fans everywhere: After Michigan lost to Appy State & Oregon -- I told all my friends (in a sarcastic tone) that I was a USC fan going forward.

Clearly the college football gods have it out for me... so I am now a huge buckeye fan !!!!

Here is hoping that USC will still get a shot at the BCS game.

Run OJ Run !!!!!

JoBu said...

No need to jinx us Buckeyes.

You know, since Michigan is doing quite well in the Big 10 this year and the most of the top Pac-10 games have yet to happen, there is still a likely chance that Michigan and USC could meet in an epic "We both suffered the upset of the century" Rose Bowl (with OSU in its 2nd straight National Title game, of course).

zen wizard said...

Well, they still have hot cheerleaders and a cool fight song.

glassyarddog said...

Being a UM fan and alumnus, I would like to think USC's loss was just as monumental as the UM loss to Appy State. However, I don't think that is the case. Unfortunately, UM still holds the distinction of being the first ranked D1 team to lose to a 1-AA team. As much as it pains me, I think people 10 years from now are far more likely to remember the UM loss than the USC loss.

MGoBlue93 said...

Take it easy on Southern Cal folks... it's not like their fan base is even remotely like tOSU or Florida.

Are they bit of bandwagoneers, yeah, especially when Carroll went 6-6 his first season (and after a decade of mediocrity). Did I chuckle when I saw the score... sure!

But USC fans were very classy towards the Maize and Blue for the Rose Bowl... which has essentially turned into a home game for them.

When I was engaged to my wife, she had never been to A2 (we met in Colorado). In 1995, on a trip home, I took her around campus (her first time there) and Northwestern was in town. NW won that day for like the first time in 30 years. Those things happen -- even to USC.

Since USC only dropped to 7("for the biggest upset of the season"), if tOSU stumbles once late and USC beats Cal and they are right back in it.

WingRG said...

i don't think that this was as big a deal as UM vs ASU. Both USC and Stanford have the same number of scholarship athletes. As far as SC fans being all friendly here and wishing UM success against OSU: they're just looking out for their own interest, unless OSU loses they have no shot at MNC. Here's where SiC analogy of the TROJAN horse (from the other day) would be very appropriate.

Spartan Bob said...

Does "Fredo" also get forgiven and a "thank you" over this or is Al Nehri still out looking for him? ;)

IamCris said...

Living in SoCal and having dealt with an ucomfortable offseason and after Michigan's first two games I'm proud to announce i've ditched my Wofford (beat App St) t-shirt and since found a Stanford shirt. This is immature isn't it? I just can't help myself.

*sidenote, maybe I was a season off of my Juice Williams prediction on why Illinois will contend for a Big Ten title...going back to the post over the summer when the Toledo Rockets were added to the schedule for next season and I called out an upset in the BigHouse (who was that gal I was bickering with...anyone?)

Maize said...

Many of you are forgetting that it was a MICHIGAN MAN (albeit one that is in bad standing with UM fans) that brought us the biggest upset in college football history this past Saturday.

Ryan said...

With all due respect, Stanford beating USC isn't as bad as Appy State beating Michigan. It just isn't. 10 years from now nobody will remember Stanford/USC. But they'll remember Appy State 100 years from now.

Sorry. Nice try.

MGoBlue93 said...

Sorry Ryan but I see few Michigan Men and Women trying to compare ASU v UM to USC v SU. It's the opinion all over ESPN and SI.com... not just here.

Why cannot you see that 99.999% of the posters here are harder on Michigan than the national sentiment. We don't need you to remind us; we know the '07 version is very very flawed.

kowisja said...

USC is definitely not my friend, more like a drinking buddy who is too cocky for his own good.

god of the whoppers said...


The only way the toledo upset will come is if "Toledo Tom" as he is now called, has no other choice than to start our 3rd stringer, he is supposed to be the next grad, er GODkowski (does this mean 3 good pro games then sucking?). we won't have parmele, who is looking excellent, breaking tackles, returning kickoffs for touchdowns, lots of pounding and grounding.
But we nearly lost our homecoming game this saturday to Liberty. quick, anyone know where liberty is from? too slow, virginia, where they are part of the massive big south conference. Toledo never had the lead until 1:37 left in the game. we were getting trounced by a div 1-AA team on homecoming, with a half filled stadium and a practically empty visitors section (they had maybe 100 fans, maybe) we only have two wins this year, and they came to us by 36-35 and 35-34, there is no way mich will be upset by toledo. I will be at the game, marching in toledo's marching band, but i will secretly have my michigan shirt underneath, for no matter where i go to school, i was a michigan fan first and foremost.

KatGH said...

iamchris- That was me you were "bickering" with lol (Katherine, but my google thing is messed up so I changed my username)...although I believe it was more of a friendly debate.

There's a reason why App. St. was such a huge upset...it has never happened (MAC or FCS). I don't think it will happen again any time soon, certainly not two years in a row. So I will gladly stand by my case that Toledo has a very slim chance of beating UM next season (especially for the reasons you originally cited). I'd say they have a chance because they will be at UM Stadium suited up, ready to play. Thaaaat's about it. Our Juice Williams debate I also stand by (although it doesn't have much to do with what we're talking about here).

IamCris said...

Ok GH, I remember you now...seems like forever ago huh? Toledo fell hard and very fast since we left off, the point shaving, the injuries and tons of other problems in the program. All the parameters have changed since then. SO glad we didn't make a wager.

Go Blue!

IamCris said...

The USC loss was way huger, bigger and gigantico. Shoot, the Syracuse trumping of Louisville was bigger than UM/ASU up for debate I know. USC/Stanford was the biggest, why? Stanford has been THE SUCK forever (I think since a guy named Ty left as coach)...41 points is a LOT of chalk to lay.

KatGH said...

Yeah and didn't Stanford, like 2 years ago, lose to UC Davis...an FCS team, and not even a good one at that? Weird. I don't think people realize how bad Stanford is, compared to ASU. Is it wrong to say ASU could put up a fight vs. Stanford this year and maybe even beat them handily? I don't know if that's a stretch.

god of the whoppers said...

here they go again...
I am telling you both, i have watched them (toledo) play every home game this season from the field, they are teh SUCK!!! with the exception of the true freshman qb that started this past weekend because both of our not so hot qbs were out. we won't have parmele, the only person that i think will destroy will be our punter, who is averaging 46 yards a punt and most of which are downed behind the 20. unless mallet quits, this should be another notre dame