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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bud Light: Real Men of Genius - Hopeless ND Fan

Ok, so many of you sent this to us, we had to put it up...


Corey said...

cracked up laughing at the BC has better christians comment.

Good Stuff!

WingRG said...

Now, this is hilarious ... I think that next time a marketing position opens up at Anheiseur (sic) Busch they should hire whoever did this without even interviewing him. This is way better than anything else Bud Light does for their ads.

Crazyswordsman said...

Except that they're not the winningest program of all time. We are.

TitleIX said...

that was funny. how did they get the real men of genius guu's voice imitated so well?

and, my favorite part....
the last pic with the young studs in the corner wearing their button-down shirts open with short shorts, cowboy hats and ties. either WAY hot, or WAY gay.
You make the call

Merrick 561 said...

Am I the only one who notied that during the "when the Irish loose to yet another grosly inferior opponent" they show a Picture of us stomping the shit out of the 47-21?

Just How are we inferior, We are 20-14-1 all time and lead them in # of wins AND Winning Percentage haha. but still a great piece

dtro said...

I think that was part of the joke, the Michigan scoreboard. That was pretty funny stuff