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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Auburn Fans Have VERY Short Memories...

I can understand Auburn fans are excited about beating Florida at The Swamp. But as Aggie99 points out on his TexAgs.com blog, apparently the euphoria has caused them to forget history - like all the way back in 2006 - judging by this t-shirt being sold on the Plains...

Yeah, well, the numbers may not lie but Urban Meyer is one hell of a lobbyist coach. And a victory over LSU this weekend will put them right back in the hunt.


Jessica said...

Well, Florida may be without one of their DBs this weekend - I just read that Joiner got arrested for trespassing after breaking into an impound lot to get his girlfriend's car back. http://www.firstcoastnews.com/news/topstories/

Meyer DID say that he "won't be at practice until all the facts come out in the case." However, not practicing apparently has nothing to do with not playing this weekend: "His status for Saturday's game against LSU hasn't been determined."

What's the betting that Urban "Scum" Meyer will let him play this weekend regardless of the arrest? He's got to be taking a ton of crap for losing to Auburn last week. Will he do the ethical/honorable thing and say the guy can't play? Or will he throw that out the window and go for the win?

I could be wrong, but given Meyer's track record, I don't think it too likely we'll see this guy on the bench this weekend. I hope he proves me wrong.

Kate said...

In a similar (and very disturbing) fashion, I was in the airport in Philly getting set to fly out for the Michigan v. Penn State game a couple o' weeks ago. Some girl walked by with a shirt that said "I love Appalachian State" on the front and "Appalachian State 34, Michigan 32" on the back. I had initial thoughts of violence, but quelled that and just stood there with a dropped jaw. ouch.

beast in 'bama said...

Unless Les Miles finds a way to blow yet another game, that shirt will be accurate come Saturday night.

Even if that doesn't happen, Auburn fans remember 2006 all too well - they beat the Gators last year also. Given the nature of that rivalry, whatever Florida does from this point on doesn't matter to Auburn fans. They own a sizeable chunk of central Florida real estate.

Smitty said...

Yeah but Auburn has been "Croomed" already and lost the USF Bulls. Both at home.

IamCris said...

Uuuhhhh...I just got my Wofford t-shirt in the mail today...should I send it back?

Will Collier said...

I'm an Auburn alum and fan (duh) who enjoyed the Florida win as much as anybody (leaving a silent Swamp was quite excellent), but that's a dumb t-shirt. Florida's season won't be over until (okay, unless) they get beat by LSU--which they probably will, but hey, Auburn was "probably" going to get crushed by UF as of five days ago.