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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Antonio Henton's MySpace Page

Last week, we told about OSU third string QB and Buckstache connoisseur Antonio Henton's arrest for soliciting a prostitute following his quest for $20 sex in Columbus.

Today, we bring you what is allegedly his MySpace page. Putting on my CSI hat, it appears legit as a number of Buck fans have left messages of support since last week while the first messages go back to February (as opposed to a page only with messages left after his arrest if the site was fake).

First, check out his "About me" blurb which reads:

"My name is Tonio. I play football for The Ohio State University #7. I like long walks on the beach and reading books in the park while watching the sunset. I'm majoring in African American Studies. I'm Fort Valley, Georgia. I like writing poetry, helping the elderly and watching Old movies. My girlfriend Angel made my page for me"

Yes, you read that correctly. All of it. And Angel is even the most recent poster, leaving a quote of of encouragement for "her man."

But that's still not the reason you have to check it out.

You know how there are all kinds of web companies that let you customize, design and personalize your MySpace page? Well, you're never going to guess the one Henton used, shown below as copied directly from his page...

I guess the MySpaceTryingToPickUp20DollarWhores.com widget was too complicated to use.

(HT: Dezzi)


MGoBlue93 said...

My favorite part of his page...

"Income: $250,000 and Higher"

I could have used that kind of scratch to help pay tuition.

god of the whoppers said...

You missed the ballcat dot com poster someone put up (I stay fly like i got a pidgeon on my back, wtf does that mean???) or the legal bud one???

you can go here (http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=161216261&albumID=0&imageID=5229275) if you have a myspace account and notice the awesomness of the "heisman pose" I wonder what "angel" thought when she found out about his $20 whore?

WingRG said...

that's some funny shit ... just shows that "believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see" is right

srudoff said...

two words...

"fuck lion"


zen wizard said...

That has GOT to be fake--whoever heard of an OSU football player who "enjoys reading books"?

"Enjoys coloring books" would have even been a stretch...

Ohioans also usually insert the caveat, "I enjoy long walks on the beach. Unless Lake Erie is on fire; then I enjoy a quick sprint away from the beach."

srudoff said...

i think most celebrity my space pages are fake - look up mike hart's for instance - i'd like to think hart doesn't spell boy as 'boi'

WingRG said...


LOL ... fwiw, it was Cuyahoga river that caught on fire, not lake Eerie. Also, this cat is from Georgia (as evident from his grammar, which is far from perfect).

And talking about dumb criminals, i'm not sure what's worse this guy trying to score one for $20 or Joiner (UF starting safety) stealing his girl's car from the impound lot b/c they didn't want to pay $76.


Seth said...

Lake (e)Erie is still a cess pool.

Paulie Buckeyes said...

Would you rather endure a season involving a third string quarterback commiting an embarrassing misdemeanor..
or endure a season characterized by losing to a 1-AA opponent and charges of using an ineligible player for four games?

surrounded in columbus said...

losses on the field anyday. you can fire, i mean retire a coach and in a season, be back to where you want to be (if you hire the right coach).

off the field scandals? they last for a long time after the perps are gone and color your reputation not just as a team, but as a school.

surrounded in columbus said...

oh, and he was only ineligible for one game- psu. it's a big ten, not ncaa, rule. he was eligible for the first three non conference games (no talk of forfieting the ND win).

Johnny said...

Paulie, your points are about as relevant as the robot Rocky gave you for your birthday in Rocky IV.

All I know, is Michigan's most famous football player the past 10 years is Tom Brady. tOSU's is Maurice Clarrett. One bangs a Victoria's secret model, and the other takes it up the butt.

airraid81 said...

Income $250k or higher? Makes sense considerring he's a Buckeye.
But Ohio State is still better than Michigan

Seth said...

ohio state is a crappy pseudo-college with a poisonous nut for a logo. How is this better?

WingRG said...

The "crappy pseudo-college" is number 6 on list of public universities in terms of attracting research funding (i know UM is higher). I think agencies that fund research, like National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, etc. would know which universities are worthy of their funding awards, and which aren't.

If you want to take shots at the characters on our football team, that's one thing. But next time maybe you should do some research before you post.

god of the whoppers said...

a pseudo college that has more students than the state of montana has residents. agreed that seth should do a little more research than i did.

Corey said...

The funny thing about Tonio's arrest he only had $19 in his pocket when he was arrested. However, I bet there was some loose change on the floor boards of his car.