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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ah, memories...

(HT: MGoBlog)


Katie said...

This seems like the best place to post this question. I need some help! My brother who is a HUGE Michigan Fan is coming to visit me in A2 (he has been to a number of Michigan games) but I wanted to know what would be good to show him aside from the Stadium and the Michigan Stores, Campus in general......in particular, where would be a great place to take him to lunch?? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!!

Yost the clip is awesome, it would be awesome to see one of those wins come November 17th!!!

whetstonebuck said...

I hear lunch in Columbus is exquisite.

whetstonebuck said...

Regarding the clip. I was beginning to think all the highlights were from the last century, but you balanced it out at the end with a few current ones.

Joking aside. You have to love the passion exhibited when plays like that win the game. College football keeps me sane.

Katie said...

Uh huh....thanks Whets :P You know, you remind me of this naval officer I dated. He went to OSU prior to his naval career and loved giving me shit for being a Michigan fan, (he is also the one that taught me to cuss like a sailor :P) I put up with it because he was a total hottie......hmm..I need to look him up!

How about the Brown Jug? Would that be a good Michigan Fan lunch spot?

(Sorry, I don't mean to hijack the thread!!)

LAGuy said...

These days everyone goes to Zingerman's.

Yost said...

As LAGUY said, Zingerman's is great. Also...

For pizza, there's Cottage Inn.
For burgers there's Blimpy's
For hot dogs, Red Hot Lovers.
For general campus atmosphere, Good Time Charley's.

Benny Friedman said...

Chef Jan would kill me if I didn't recommend China Gate. Best Kung Pao around.

Mikoyan said...

To quote another webpage...Zingerman's is overrated. Hasn't been a destination for me in about 8 or so years.

The other suggestions are pretty good though. Although, I might suggest Pizza House over Cottage Inn.

Benny Friedman said...

Mikoyan, I think Zingerman's deserves its praise, it's just ridiculously expensive. Best chicken salad I've ever had.
I've thought of a couple more: for chipatis, Pizza Bob's is fantastic. Right there is Mr. Spot's, for Philly Cheesesteak. And downtown I like Grizzly Peak Brewing Co. Everything on the menu is good, especially the mac and cheese.

Katie said...

Thanks guys!

Just an FYI

Good Times Charleys seems to be closed, according to this link


Any Reason The brown jug wouldn’t be a good spot? I totally forgot about Zingermans! I really was wanting a spot that a male michigan fan would be like....DUDE! Something with Atmosphere

Red Hot Lovers and China Gate, for sure I will be heading to both spots when my kids come to visit.....they will love both of those.

Again, thanks guys, and my sincere apologies Yost and Benny for hijacking this for my personal use!! Much appreciated though!

Yost said...

Brown Jug is great...if it's 2am and you brother is so wasted his taste buds have ceased to function.

I just don't remember the food being that good w/out added benefit of massive inebriation.

Chuck said...

Charlie's is definitely open. Our office is going there for happy hour Thursday.

Mikoyan said...

Zingerman's used to be much better when it was just the house. It went slightly downhill when they added the annex (at least there was a place to sit) and after the bakehouse it seemed to jump the shark. I don't mind paying the prices for the sandwiches but when they are marginally better than the competition...no.

Katie said...

Eww...ok...no brown Jug.....he doesn't drink....so that would be bad...LOL. Sounds like we are going to head for Good Times Charley. I on the other hand, have been known to have a drink or two from time to time.....today warranted a few of those....I am so buried in homework......I broke out the Absolute....I am either going to be productive.....or.....regret that decision.....LOL......either way, I should feel pretty good. hee hee.

Jeff said...

I always liked the Maize N Blue Deli. On S. University in between Forest and Washtenaw.

Andy said...

Pizza Bob's
814 S. State Street

Order "favorite" sub & and "peanut butter & chocalate chip" shake.

You will not be sad.

Katie said...

Thanks Again Guys. I took him to Good Time Charleys....he said it was the best burger he ever had! We walked around campus and that was fun for him to see it from the "inside". I even took him into the Michigan Union!! He really wanted to buy a "Fire Lloyd" Shirt and there was a guy selling those by the union, however he was not there today. Good times! I appreciate your gracious assistance!

Mikoyan said...

YOu want a good burger...take him to Sidetrack in Ypsi.