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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Talk about counting your chickens!

MZone reader JW sent us the pix below of a shirt that was being sold around A2 in preparation for the football team's "national title run" in 2007. Check it out...

Gee, no wonder we lost.

Unfortunately, since there are 11 games to go and one would look like a complete ass wearing such a shirt now, we here at the MZone have stepped in fill the void with the new, redesigned official shirt of the 2007 season inspired by our "Oh, the humanity" post earlier this week.

Here's the front...

Here's the back...

Click here to purchase the shirt at the MZone CafePress shoppe (yes, with two "p's" and an "e." We're high class).

And remember, by buying one of these quality shirts, you not only make a statement, you support a couple bloggers staying up way too late come up with this shit on work nights.


Killing My Liver said...

I would be tempted to but one of these shirts if there was some kind of reaffirming on them. Like a "go blue" or something, truthfully. Plus warm up your thinking caps for shirts that say "X" team got beat by a team that can't beat a 1AA team" or something like that.

Stephen said...

I would buy one, but I don't think international shipping is allowed... and also only about 10 people who work at CERN who graduated from Michigan would get it.

I'm waiting for ESPN to rank the greatest upsets of all-time (every sport)...

Shaner5000 said...

Here's another kick in the nuts I get to see on a daily basis: I'm playing NCAA Football 08 for my PS2, and Michigan is playing for the National Championship in my Dynasty Mode I'm running (I play as Western Michigan). Hart is the front runner in the Heisman race, and they beat Ohio State 45 to 24. Week 1: Michigan 63, Appalaichan State 10. Even EA Sports was fooled!

MJ4Ducks said...

Can I get one before Saturday?