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Monday, September 03, 2007

We deserve this, all of it...

An apparent Ducks fan from Eugene put up the following ticket ad on Craig's List:

Need 4 tix to see disgraceful Wolverines lose another to the Ducks - $4

The Wolverines really suck and with 100,000 plus seats in the stadium I want a good deal on some good seats. I need four tickets.

Four bucks? After The Debacle, I think he might be overpaying.

(HT: OregonLive)

Oh, and we deserve this, too...

(HT: LM)


Autumn Thunder makes a very valid observation:

Did we really lose to a team with a mascot that looks like Davey Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies?

Of course it could be this guy from the World Beard and Mustache Championships...


Matt said...

SI CURSE!!!! Think about it. The Buckeyes were on the cover of SI last year, and look what happened in the championship game.

I need sleeping pills...lots and lots of sleeping pills.

After my two-day coma, it's time for this team to get its shit together and rebuild. They to forget their shame and embarrassment and go out there with nothing to lose (much like App. State on Sat.), and prove to the sports world that this team is tough and does not give up or fit negative expectations. The time is now.

BAMAFAN said...

Yes you deserve it!! You should have played Hawaii! Oh, but you would have lost that game even more embarrassingly!! LOL!!!
Sorry Blue Fans, bad joo-joo this year.

MJ4Ducks said...

I so wish I could be at the Big House on Saturday, instead of home in my house in Oregon. I'm a 20 year Duck season ticket holder, and couldn't get tickets for the game. Should have scheduled a flight anyway. Bet I could pick a couple up on the way in to the game. GO DUCKS!!!