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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Was BTN "Inspired" by MZone?

This was going to be our big post this week. But then a minor upset occurred last Saturday in A2 so we put this story aside until today as we purged ourselves of a lot of anger and disgust.

Below is one our most popular features here on the MZone, KNOW YOUR FOE. Posted each Friday, it's an irreverent look at the week's opponent in which we take a tongue-in-cheek look at a school's location, mascots past and present, colors, famous alums, fight song, etc., etc., etc. Pretty much everything but an X's and O's breakdown of the game.

Benny started the feature last year for Michigan's first game against Vandy and we've done it for every game since.

Well, imagine my surprise when I'm watching the BTN's Friday Night Tailgate last week and a segment comes on called "Know Your Opponent." During the piece, a graphic popped up on screen and they started discussing a Big Ten team's Saturday opponent in a non-X's and O's way, talking about such things as the school's location, conference, famous alums and a "Did you know?" blurb in which they revealed the team's former mascot.

Hmm. Very interesting.

Of course it could all be just a coincidence. We are just a lowly blog and, I mean, why would a big, professional media company's show need to use one of our ideas?

UPDATE: Uh, this might be a little more "interesting" than I first thought. I watched a good portion of Friday Night Tailgate tonight and, in addtion to their Know Your Foe Opponent segment, they have two "wacky, funny guys" travel to two Big 10 campuses each week. At the campuses, they also tell you non-football related tidbits about the schools throughout the show. For anybody that saw the broadcast last night, check out Benny's Know Your Foe posts on Minnesota and Iowa from last year.


Matthew said...

This blog is developing a bad habit of getting ripped off by bigger media outlets. There's gotta be a decent Michigan-grad lawyer out there who's willing to help get you guys copyright protection (pro-bono... of course)

Next thing you know, Playboy's centerfolds will feature hot coeds wearing school logos for nipples, and Kirk Herbstreet will update us weekly with his very own coed showdown. Out-of-work sportswriters are working on books right now about Lloyd Carr entitled: “Oh the Humanity!”. And finally, tOSU's president has been asked to judge the first annual Buckstache grow-off this coming November (which just happens to be national facial hair month).

Der Schatten said...

just goes to show that, irrespective of what the Red State says, UM is *the* trendsetter and flagship institution (all things- big to the small) in the Big Televen.

Roll Tide

Kenneth said...

So when should we expect FSN to have Beer Bong Day-After-Thursday?

Out of Conference said...

sorry - long post---
Even though I'm admittingly an SEC-homer, I decided that the LSU-MSU kickoff wouldn't be at exactly 8pm last Thursday, so I clicked over to the BTN and watched the digital countdown timer to the BTN premier. What I saw was a knockoff of ESPN graphics, including the revolving stadium featuring college pennants flying atop, the logo, everything. I'm not opposed to the BTN at all, I think it's neat and it can only be good for the college experience for everyone. As such, I think a conference like the Big Ten deserves it's own identity for its network- not rip off the WWL, which rips off everyone else.
But besides that, I think I've caught the saw 2-0 Purdue goal in the Purdue-Xavier women's soccer match 2 or 3 times now flipping over to the BTN to see what's on. I don't mind because that chick is cute. They should roll college movies in between sporting events, instead of filing it with repeats... just think, Back to School, Animal House, Old School, Rudy (j/k)...

Out of Conference said...

"saw" = "same"

beast in 'bama said...

Could Benny be secretly working for the BTN? Do they even have a payroll yet?

WingRG said...


actually, i don't think they have a payroll. The people that saw games on BTN last weekend (i went to my alma mater's game) told me that they had very few sponsors, so they ran 3 ads on a continuos loop, two of them being PSA's for the Big Ten network.

No wonder these people are looking to make $237 million off of selling their subscription to the cable companies: they forgot about the other source of revenue in TV: advertising. Now, between those eleven member schools shouldn't they have a couple of smart people to remind them of that?

Dave said...

And yet, while I was at the game, sweating my nutsack off in the stands, the TV timeouts seemed about twice as long as they used to be. I wasn't the only one who thought that.

Newspaper Hack said...

When I was watching BTN last Friday (don't ask why an SEC fan in Virginia was watching the goddamn BTN), I saw that feature and immediately thought of y'all.

But it goes back to what my prof said in graphic design class: when you see something good, steal it.

j said...

"when you see something good, steal it." I think that's a terrible philosophy. Hey, in other news, I started some creative writing of my own. Check it out. I pretend to be interviewing the Oregon coach:
J: Mike, thanks for talking to us.
BELLOTTI: Who the fuck are you?
J: J. From the MZone. The Michigan college football blog? The one that has a lot of semi-naked co-eds but offers scant football insight.
BELLOTTI: (pressing intercom) Judy, how did this asshole get in my office?
J. Mike, Mr. Bellotti, please. Just five minutes.
J: Wait...you can't kick me out.
BELLOTTI: Why not?
J: Because...because, uh...Phil Knight said so.
J: Swear on Lloyd's playbook.