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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Two-Minute Drill

* The Michigan-Northwestern game is on the BTN this Saturday. However, Michigan's student radio station, WCBN, will be there broadcasting the game live. In order to listen, go to www.wcbn.org/listen.html and then click on the Sports Stream.

* Want to help bring the Dave Matthews Band to A2 for the OSU game? We received an email from MZone reader and U-M student Monica who asked us to if we could help inspire the Michigan fans out there, especially those who will be coming in for the OSU game, to visit AT&T's Blue Room and participate in their contest to send Dave Matthews Band for a pep rally at a college campus sometime in November (rumor has it happening on the same weekend as the OSU game).

There are several ways to enter, but each person who registers can send in 50 "invitations" a day. These invitations, in the form of text messages, videos, audio, and essays, are all meant to convince DMB to come to Ann Arbor to perform at the AT&T sponsored pep rally. The link to the webpage is http://www.attblueroom.com/sports/collegefootball/.

* Penn State blog Run Up the Score put up one of the single funniest sub-headlines ever on their site in the wake of the Nittany Lions's loss to U-M last weekend: We Put the Turd in Saturday.

Brilliant, guys.


* Shooting Blue has some good photos up from the Penn State game including these freaks...

Seriously, if I saw those guys outside my house, I'd call the police.

* And lest anyone forget that We OWN Penn State, JB sends us the following...


Run Up The Score said...

Ahhh. Sadly, I took down "We Put The Turd In Saturday" so I could play off the Atari Football banner in honor of our offensive performance. I've been using the "turd" line off and on since last August.

You're probably right, though. I should go back to it immediately.

god of the whoppers said...

i know i won't be there for the game, but couldn't you get someone better for the pep rally than DM? if he comes, maybe someone could get nickleback and trivium to come too! There has GOT to be someone out there with better music than that self-righteous SOB. how about a local band that everyone loves? someone who bleeds maize and blue, and do a hell of a job MCing (Bloodhound gang?)?

whetstonebuck said...

Wow. The Peacock family at a Michigan vs. PSU game. Makes sense, I suppose.

They must have had a ramp for momma.

J. Lichty said...

those penn state fans look like special ed from crank yankers. Yaaaaaaaay.

srudoff said...

thanks for the crowd shot - the guy immediately to the left of the penn state freaks is the best representation of a michigan fan at the big house that i've ever seen. hand on chin, bored as hell, waiting for the scoreboard and cheerleaders to tell him when to whip his keys out!!!!!

kr said...

whetstonebuck - greatest episode ever.

Edgar said...

That Paterno mask reminds me of the front man for the band "Little Chralie and Night Cats." Two of their songs have the titles "Looking for my next ex-wife" and "Honey, I hate to see you leave. But I sure love to see you walk away."

whetstonebuck said...


You got that right. Set the standard for creepy.

Dave said...

Can I "invite" Dave Matthews and his shitty band to play a pep rally in the vacuum of outer space, where no one can hear the suck?

Seriously, I think I'd rather have Celine Dion.

The King said...

If we were real Michigan fans, shouldn't we take up a collection to NOT let them play in Ann Arbor?

Jesus Christ, like we need MORE backward white baseball-cap wearing douchebags on our campus.

Katie said...

I saw those creepy masked guys at the game....really freaky!

Now what the hell is wrong DMB? It isn't that they are trying to get DMB, like they could get anyone they want....it is a contest that DMB will come to the college campus and perform a free concert for the college with the loudest "pep rally" (Meaning the most people sending in the text messages etc) I like DMB, but then I am old and a girl.....

And.....just an observation but Surdoff.....you are just plain annoying.......which I am sure is your sole purpose for being here.

srudoff said...

mission accomplished

Yost said...


If that is all you're doing - which it seems to be by your own admission - please either add something to the debate or take your comments to another site which might be more receptive to them.

It really is annoying and I think I've been cooler than most other blog admins would be in putting up with this shit as long as I have (try putting up such blatantly anti-OSU stuff as a U-M fan on the Ozone and see how long your comments stay up). But I've reached the end of my patience as well.

So, your choice.

srudoff said...

of course that's not all i'm doing - i'm not TRYING to be annoying, i'm just providing an opposing voice with the same sense of humor that you guys have perfected. it's just that, since it's directed AT your team, people here find it annoying. others, such as titleix, seem to find it ok. pointing out that guy seemingly bored at the penn state game would be something right up your alley, in fact i could see you guys using the same joke when you rant about the crowd noise and key plays.

anyway, i'm not here to annoy (my comment to katie was merely being flippant) and hopefully others here will accept the same humor directed at their team.

Katie said...


If you happen to stop back here at this comment section, I understand what you are saying, and I agree in part, we are able to make fun of our selves and laugh, and yost and benny have a bizarre sense of humor at times......but here is the thing...........it is sort of like your girlfriend/wife......she can make fun of/complain about her parents.....but you should NEVER make fun of/complain about her parents. It is just a form of respect that is shown.