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Friday, September 28, 2007

Thank you, MZone readers...

As the 2007 season started, our biggest single month in terms of unique visitors here at the MZone was 170,000+ last November.

Not anymore.

Yesterday, we passed 200,000 for the month of September, bringing us to well over 2.3 million unique visitors in the nearly two years we've been hanging out here in cyberspace.

Oh, sure, 2.2 million of those are Buckeye fans coming to threadjack posts because they seemingly can't understand how a blog called THE M ZONE can be so biased against Tosu. Even still, that's a hell of a lot of people who stop by to read what I've been writing in my underwear (sometimes less on Tuesdays). Who knew it would get this big (the blog, that is).

In any event, just wanted to say thanks to everyone for reading (yes, even the Buckeyes. Okay, just the cool ones one).

Most appreciated.

Your friendly neighborhood blogger,



El Pendejo Grande said...

You should turn pro. Congrats on being the funniest, most well-read blog in the known universe.

Take a buckstache out of petty cash.

MonkeyWrench32 said...

Congrats, Yost and Benny! Here's to another 2.3 million hits!

whetstonebuck said...

The MZone: a daily dose of blessed distraction from the cruelties of life.

Keep up the good work.

Scott said...

2.3 million in 2 years! That's 3 years of Michigan Stadium attendance!

Dezzi said...

So for having such great "attendance" on the blog... I think you guys should celebrate by posting nearly naked coeds.... maybe a nice "Hot nearly naked coeds for our 2.3 million hits gallery"?

Keep up the good "work".

Katie said...

Woohoo! Congrats! Scott had a wonderful way to compare it (with Stadium attendance). You guys do bring a smile and chuckle daily for me. I would get more out of the site though if you posted half naked male pics.....but then......I am a minority :o)

buckidrummer said...

uh.......i'm the cool one, right?........RIGHT?!?!?!?????

beast in 'bama said...

Um, thanks for that. Henceforth, every Tuesday is laundry day.

Out of Conference said...

I don't mind the ads on the side like you had for a while. You guys deserved to get a little on the side for the troubles you go through in bringing us a pretty damn funny blog. Seriously- thanks for all you do.

Scott said...

I agree with OOC. Ads wouldn't bother me. Not even the buckeye ads.

WingRG said...

this is a great blog and my number one source for news about college football, B10, and skanky looking girls (haven't seen enough of those lately, hint, hint). Even when i don't agree with what you post (pretty often, since we're in different camps), i respect the fact that you can make the posts interesting and funny. The good UM education is definitely showing.

great job guys and keep it up!

Da Braylon said...

The visits from OSU fans only confirm even more their obsession with Michigan.

Killing My Liver said...

Glad you're over the little funk you were in back in August. Keep plugging away, I visit here more than once a day.

WingRG said...

da braylon,
no, it confirms that these guys run a good blog. I don't visit any other UM venues, so why don't you slow down with your diagnosis, doc.

Da Braylon said...

nah, you guys are obsessed. just live with it. we do.

WingRG said...

ok dude: this thread was about these guys having a popular blog. You turn it into a thread about obsession (without even complementing them on their achievement). The other day, on the "Wiscy Chippendale" thread you were ranting about "the whole b10 ... obsessed with UM".

Me thinks you project your feelings onto others. So, maybe before you diagnose the whole Buckeye nation with OCD, doc, maybe you should go get checked out. Just for shits and giggles.

Da Braylon said...

Thanks for the advice Austin Powers, but there is no need. I live in Ohio and I know how obsessed the "mighty buckeye nation" is with UM.

WingRG said...

Austin Powers? I might be international, but there's no mystery where my knowledge of the world of psychology comes from:
W.W.T.S.D. (as in "What Would Tony Soprano Do?")

Da Braylon said...

You said "shits and giggles." Austin Powers always said that in his movies...you must not have seen them.

surrounded in columbus said...

wngrg gets a point for the sopranos comment.

however, i've been to a lot of tail gates at both places. there's a big difference in focus.

last week i took the kids down to campus to attend the tosu-nu game (parked @ CAS and saw the crash landed banner plane in the front lawn, which was cool). walking amongst a bunch of the tailgaters in the fawcett/blackwell/rv lots. ran across dozens, literally, of "f- michigan" shirts & signs, random screams/shouts of "f- michigan" (or a reasonable facsimile), and one particularly sad group who had interrupted their corn hole game to take turns standing on a michigan flag they had thrown on the ground, to have their pics taken on the flag. that and the vendors selling "f- michigan" shirts, signs, etc., are a regular staple of tosu home games, even when play NU.

now, that's not a scientific count, but i'll wager that anyone walking around the michigan - psu tailgates didn't see any(or very little) anti tosu "stuff" displayed amongst the home crowd, come across people randomly, just for the fun of it, yelling "f- tosu" to the crowd in general, or folks posing on thrown down tosu banners for the purpose of picture taking. maybe a few bumper stickers, etc., that are attached to the a car or table permanently, but nothing anyone brought that day for the intent of displaying their dislike of tosu. face it- we were playing psu.

the most you see (outside the week of the tosu game, generally) are a few tee shirts or tee shirt vendors displaying anti tosu slogans (which are admittedly fashionable for any occassion).

this blog displays ante tosu material when it comes up. spurrier calls switzer a liar, it gets a post. same for notorious arrests, etc. if there seem to be a lot of posts about tosu, it's because there are a lot of arrests, not some odd focus.

on the other hand, to a michigan fan at least, tosu tailgaters setting up their anti michigan "stuff" for the NU game? well, that seems a little odd. last week we may have had our anti psu stuff out, any of which may have been of questionable taste, but you don't see much of the tosu stuff (tasteful or not) until late november.

proof of OCD for the entire buckeye nation? no. basis for a reasonable assumption that tosu fans have a wierd fascination w/ us? well, you're the one on the michigan blog telling us about tosu, not the other way around. you must be able to see how we could misunderstand.

Blake said...

Buckeye fan here. I must admit, you guys put up some brilliant stuff. Keep up the good work.

lovinum said...

Congratulations are deserved for all the hits to this great blog. The fact that tOSU fans read it at all--regardless of the content of their posts--is a testament to the quality of the site, period.

Da Braylon said...

OSU fans are hilarious. I love how they say they are not obsessed with UM, or that the obsession goes both ways. When a fan base makes a song (We don't give a damn about the whole state of Michigan), then you have problems. It's pathetic actually, simply pathetic.

MGoBlue93 said...

Or name a band (albeit since retired) about the demise of Michigan's coach... a coach who is a tOSU alum, a coach who loved Woody Hayes.

I've always got a kick out that irony.

dh... you need to read Bo's new book (assuming someone from tOSU knows how to read)... start on page 60 regarding players getting into trouble or arrested.

Da Vest said...

I'm not obsessed with Michigan
I'm not obsessed with Michigan
I'm not obsessed with Michigan
I'm not obsessed with Michigan

I am obsessed with Yost though, and therefore stalk his blog daily.

Yost- obsession not withstanding, please don't mention yourself writing in your underwear ever again

srudoff said...

"if there seem to be a lot of posts about tosu, it's because there are a lot of arrests, not some odd focus."

this blog has been here for almost two years - we've had two arrests in two years.....

it's my belief that many people from ohio, especially from cleveland, are focused more on the teams they hate than the teams they like. maybe it's because we grew up with the tribe sucking, the cavs sucking, the mistake on the lake, etc. Cleveland fans HATE michigan (except the confused ones like Da Braylon), HATE the Ravens, HATE the Steelers, etc etc etc. Maybe we're just more passionate about it than fans of these other teams - who knows. But it's something I've defintely noticed.

zen wizard said...

Well, nobody remembers the general who won the battle--especially Ohio State history majors.

Quick, who was the winning general at Gettysburg?

Therefore, by getting your butts kicked almost every week, you have become the Robert E. Lee's of sports blogging. You will live on in infamy...unlike George S. Meade, the anonymous "winner."

(I transferred out of Ohio State just in time.)

IamCris said...

THANK YOU for providing me with SO much usefull info AND a whole buncha laughs. This is my favorite blog. Well done guys.


ps- please help me out with minimizing the underwear comments to zero in the future.

god of the whoppers said...

or the general that has a tank named after him?

that's right General William Tecumseh Sherman.

Returned the favor that morgan's raider's bestowed upon us. march south, burn it to the coast. us from Fairfield county, more specifically lancaster, OH, must be careful when traveling in the south. this is also the same Sherman that Tecumseh, michigan is named after, however we know it is pronounced teh-come-suh, not teh-come-see like those of the north.

None the less, AMAZING blog, personally started when googling "how to piss off a buckeye fan"
when paired with MGOBLOG, any michigan fan needs not to visit any other sites! keep up the good work and looking forward to ultimate sellout and a facebook account

IamCris said...

How many visitors here that are Michigan fans have EVER read an Tosu blog? Ever even visited one? By accident? Me either

kowisja said...

The hero was Joshua Chamberlain, perhaps not the general, but the man responsible.

Then again, I didn't go to OSU.

Congrats guys, I try to give at least one to two hits a day and look to continue for a long while.

Go Blue!

kowisja said...

occasionally around the oval, the men of scarlet and gray. Usually the week before the game of the century each year.

but i do wear my buck the f***eyes shirt often. And those are sold at all home games on at least 4 corners between campus and the big house.

WingRG said...

SiC and the rest,

here's where you're short changing the authors of this fine blog, i'm not here b/c i'm obsessed with UM, i'm here b/c i like the material.

And for the record, i didn't bring up OSU obsession topic, i was merely responding to an off topic comment about OSU. My original comment did nothing but praise Benny/Yost for the tremendous work in making me a lot less bored at work (trust me it's a challenge).

By some of your guys logic i'm obsessed with UF, b/c i post on EDSBS. Oh, yeah, and the reason you haven't been to any OSU blogs is b/c there aren't any that are as impressive as this one (i'm not bashing my own kind, i'm merely stating i haven't found it)

whetstonebuck said...

"but i do wear my buck the f***eyes shirt often. And those are sold at all home games on at least 4 corners between campus and the big house."

All home games. Do tell, do tell.

surrounded in columbus said...

hard not to concede to so gracious of an admission. allow me to apologize for questioning your personal motives (if not the content of your posts).

you have a point w/ the cleveland observations- most browns fans hate the steelers more than they love the browns. however, i think the "mania" around the bucks sort of ebbs as you distance yourself from columbus. there are strident tosu fans throughout the state, but tosu doesn't overwhelm cleveland/cinci/dayton et al the way it does columbus. the lack of other diversion leaves columbus (and its media) too focused on one team. my tosu friends from other cities, even while loving tosu, find the non stop all tosu/all the time mind numbing.

and as to the "general" question?

grant, lee, and sherman all three had tanks named after them. and to think my mom said all those years building models would never be useful?

surrounded in columbus said...

and BTW, it's a great blog. that tosu fans will tune in day in and day out to read your work, proves you're either brilliant, they're obsessed, or both.

on this occasion, let's be generous, agree w/ wingrg, and give all the credit to you.

we can always talk about how obsessed they are w/ us tomorrow.

616goblue said...

Yost, it is a pleasure to be part of your success! I try to spread the word of the mzone.net every chance I get...all the props to you and Benny!

A2saint said...

2.3 million? Even if we each only sent a penny I bet Benny could finally move out of Mom's basement... Penny's for Benny. I see it as a mission