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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Hangover

You know, after last week's loss, I was so pissed that I put up all this stuff on Sunday to vent. I figured (hoped?) the team was simply (God only knows why) living off their preseason hype. But I believed (hoped?) they'd come out with fire in their belly yesterday. Thus, last weekend I was angry.

Now? Well, I take the same view Brian at MGoBlog is taking: grim resignation.

And as a site that focuses more on the humor than straight up football analysis, it's actually getting hard to find the funny in something that has become pathetic.

All the post-game comments about picking up the pieces and continuing to fight by the players and coaches rang hollow since I seem to recall similar speeches and promises in the days after the Appy State loss. No, the sad fact is, we're just not a very good football team. Even worse, we look lost.

Put it this way, since what the coaches and players said afterwards sounded so familiar, instead of breaking down yesterday's game to point out what I thought the problems were, simply scroll down to find what I said last Sunday in the wake of The Debacle. Because nothing changed. In fact, it got worse, so just read it twice for effect.

Back tomorrow, hopefully with my sense of humor still intact.


BARman said...

...and right now the Lions are leading 10-0 at the half. This is getting cosmic-level scary...

Joe said...

Wow...never seen anyone trash their own team like this? Fair weather fan much?

Ddub said...

you are wrong joe. we'll all stand by our team loyally, but we won't be quiet about the problems with our program. dissent is not "trashing" our team. we are fans throughout the toughest seasons to be a blue fan and the easiest, even if the easy ones are getting fewer.

Jeremy said...

Dissent is patriotic, joe. Why is it being a fairweather fan when you want your team to excel and get upset if they're not?

We haven't had a losing season in 40 years. We don't expect you to understand what this is like.

Hangonskoky said...

As an Ohio State fan seeing the app. state was great, because of the upset factor for one, and of course the rivalry, but I got no joy out of seeing this week's game.

Obviously, Lloyd needs to be fired. We're in danger of loosing one of our great traditions, the greatness of the rivalry; I never want to see the day when OSU fans take Michigan for granted...

And, Michigan fans, you have every right to boo that team and its coaches; It's not about being a true fan or loyalty. Losing is one thing, but this team has packed it in, and that is an embarrasment to the fans and alumni who support the program.

Maximilian Berslutz said...

Fair weather fans resort to apathy. Well, I love my team, but I am angry. As I explained to an Oregon fan yesterday, "We hate losing to glorified community colleges."

Joe said...

Well, a lot of the comments and pics and such I have seen here doesn't just ring of dissent. It's out right ripping the team. I'm sure the team feels like crap now...and the comments of some of their fans probably makes it harder for them.

Anyway Big Blue, there is a still a lot of football left to be played. Good luck guys!

whetstonebuck said...

"We hate losing to glorified community colleges."

Dude, not nice. That's the kind of stuff that gives opposing fans the energy to kick you when you're down.


Maximilian Berslutz said...

Whetstone--Just so I don't look like a complete ass, the question from the duck that preceded the mean comment was, "awww, Why so sad?"

My gravitas demands that we accept our role as the new Rice University of division one football.

"We don't mind, we don't care, cause you're going to work for us next year."


beast in 'bama said...

As a proud Rice alum, I welcome you to the club. But before you're cleared for membership, you're going to have to meet a few basic entrance requirements...

1. Drastically cut attendance at home football games. Given the comparable stadium capacity ratios (110K - 72K), only about 17,000 of you need to show up for the ND game.
2. Hire a young, promising coach; make your first bowl appearance in 40+ years; lose said coach to a school with lower academic requirements at the first opportunity.
3. Have your athletic department fight a constant battle for survival against the faculty and administration. Hope that the success of your baseball team (and your huge endowment) hold them off.

Welcome to the club!

BARman said...

BiB--good stuff--thanks for the laugh today!

Yost said...