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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Some Duck Fans Picking Up Bad Tosu Habits

Dear Duck Fans in the Video Below,

We have a soft spot for Oregon and its supporters here at the MZone. My trip to Eugene a couple years ago was a blast and your fans are some of the best I've met.

Furthermore, you beat us fair and square on the football field last weekend. No excuses. The better team won.

So why sully Oregon class by posting stuff like this on YouTube entitled "Cause were from OREGON"...

First off, it was one win over an unranked opponent having its worst year since the 1960s. Act like you've been there before.

Also, your little song's not original. It's the official theme song of our hated rivals in Columbus.

Finally, if you're going to put up shit like that and kick a team and its fans when they're down, at least learn to spell. It should be "Cause WE'RE from Oregon" not "were."

Good luck the rest of the season.


Your friends at the MZone

(HT: MS)


Dezzi said...

Well... after watching the inevitable, I did some research on the Oregon student body... not females, though I think there were some hot girls in the Playboy "Girls of the Pac-10" from Oregon a while back...

Check this out... it looks like around 70% of the students ARE from Oregon.

Then I found this article from earlier this year as to why they don't know the difference between "were" and "we're"...

whetstonebuck said...

They're hippies in training. What did you expect?

I lived in the Northwest. I love Oregon, but Eugene and its Taco Bell garbage foraging rejects turned me off. Oh, add barefoot to that. Oops. I forgot smelly. Add smelly to the list. Could have been students or faculty. Never was sure about that.

Taco Bell garbage foraging, barefoot, smelly rejects. Much better.

Did I mention eco terrorist? Never mind.

Out of Conference said...

To my knowledge, Oregon has never really, "Been there before". So the acting part, while accurate, may be tough for them.

Matt said...

I'm just waiting for the day when some confused/stupid MSU fans try taunting us with that song.

Jeremy said...

If you didn't give a damn, you wouldn't write/sing the song about it. Going to the trouble means you clearly do give a damn. STFU.

Oh Yeah said...

How dare they rip off "our" song! LOL

Rob said...

As a UO grad who was present at the game, I'm not excusing these ass clowns by any means. But it's pretty apparent that they are quite drunk.

And if we want to get into grammar and linguistics, there is a large portion of UM fans that have an insanely difficult time pronouncing Oregon. It's not OR-gawn; it's ORA-GUN. Make fun of my school all you want. Just pronounce the damn state correctly.

Big Rez said...

As an Oregon Alum who was at the game last saturday, I feel the need to let you know that these fans are truly the minority. This road trip was absolutely the BEST road trip I've ever been on (even before the outcome of the game, I would have said this).
You and your UM fans are great people, very welcoming and knowlegeable football fans. However, there are a minority of YOUR fans as well who behave a little irresponsible too. I realize that they're the minority. So please don't label all Oregon fans based on these people.

SteveMuzZ said...

those girls were built when meat was cheap.

Rick said...

Why was one of the guys throwing a Hook 'Em sign?

WillieMayesHayes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WillieMayesHayes said...

Its bad enough that they stole an Ohio State song, but what makes it worse is that they fucked it all up. Its "we don't give a damn FOR the whole state of Michigan", not "we don't give a damn ABOUT the whole state of Michigan".

And I'd really like to see these morons try and work out the next part of the song...

buckidrummer said...

Were Frum Oragone, O-H! SH%$!!!

Duck Fan said...

As a duck, I’m embarrassed by those fans and wish that video had never been created. I'm glad Oregon made the list of classy stadiums, unfortunately, I'll admit, some of our fans are everything but classy.
It's fair to say every team has a group of fans the general population would prefer didn't exist.
Although it may not be worth much, I apologize for that video and would be happy to buy any Wolverine a drink.

Good luck against Notre Dame