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Friday, September 21, 2007

Shameless Self-Promotion

If you haven't checked it out lately, we urge our readers to stop by the CafePress MZone store for all your college football shopping needs.

Not only do you get to a make a stunning fashion statement but each dollar we make goes right to Benny in a (probably futile) attempt to raise enough money to move out of his mom's basement...and into that sweet ass one-bedroom over in Ypsi he's had his eye on the last six years.

Yes, we dream big here at the MZone. So check out our complete selection of Buckstache gear, "Oh, the humanity!" stuff and our Fall 2007 collection of anti-key play/"Loud Out" tees (which look very similar to the Fall 2006 line) among other wonderful, high-quality items.

And for any Domers stopping by the MZone, this may be your last chance to pick up one of these collector's items...


Corey said...

Is that Ypsi apartment on the same block as the Vu? If so, you are going to have to raise the price of the shirts.

BTW that was where my apartment was!

Had the Spagehtti Bender (BAR) now I believe it is called something else and Deja-vu right out my back door!

Killing My Liver said...

If you could incorporate the rings he so proudly shows off and 5 heisman trophies into that shirt, it would be a must - buy.

WingRG said...

Don't mean to thread-jack, but what do you think about ND not releasing Demetrius Jones from scholarship? I understand he could've handled his "transfer" (if you can call not showing up for the game that) differently, but is this what college football has come to? Is this kid ND property, even if he doesn't want to have anything to do with ND or Charlie Weis (Fat Bastard)?

NCAA has been a big business at the expense of the college athletes for ages. But, how did it come to this? This kid isn't a slave, if he wants to go, they need to grant a release!

surrounded in columbus said...

the word "catty" comes to mind. they're 0-3, no offensive TDs, no prospects for this season, and they still have time to F w/ this kid they really didn't want and weren't going to use.

so what if he handled it like a jerk? he's what? 19/20? told his was "the guy" and then told he wasn't? kids do that. Jabba the Hut and the ND admin are supposed to be adults. if wants out, why wouldn't you let him out? and if he's a jerk? wouldn't you be in a hurry to get rid of him and free up the scholarship?

only reason for this is they're being dicks.

WingRG said...


this is also not very fair to some "walk ons" at ND. They'll keep Jones on scholarship (although he'll never take another snap at practice) but some walk on kid will still have to bust his balls to play football, go to class, and pay for school b/c ND wants to make a point.

Fat Bastard was supposed to have a no.1 recruiting class this year. Well, let's see how many of those kids back out of their verbals, b/c both them and their parents are afraid they'll be treated like "ND property" rather than a human being.

surrounded in columbus said...

well, ND fans are trying to spin this as a "warning to others". Fat Boy treats you like dirt? tells you that you're the starter? then dumps you? you want out? better be careful?

morons. it's a warning alright- to any future recruit. they now know that Jabba can be mean for the sake of being mean. if you want avoid problem like Jones had? go somewhere else is the message every recruit in america is learning.

and i thought we were self deluded...

zen wizard said...

That's good stuff...

But be really nice to your mom and re-wallpaper her basement just to be on the safe side.