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Friday, September 14, 2007

Rutgers: My New Least Favorite Fans in America

Who the hell yells obscene chants at Navy and its players, players that unfortunately may have to go off to war upon graduation?

Complete classless, tasteless jackasses from Rutgers, that's who.

During the Scarlet Knights' game against the Naval Academy last Friday, "classy" Rutgers fans did the following:

* Chanted, "You got fucked up! You got fucked up!" after a Midshipman running back limped off the field following a hard tackle.

* Greeted Navy with chants of "You suck!" at the start of both halves.

* "Serenaded" the adjacent section of Navy fans and uniformed Midshipmen with taunts of "Fuck you, Navy! Fuck you, Navy!" during the second half.

"This is how you treat people who may die for this country?" said Bill Squires in the Star-Ledger story linked above. An Annapolis graduate (Class of'75), Squires was on the sidelines for the Friday night game in Piscataway and was shocked by the obscene chants directed at the Navy players and fans throughout the game. "It was the most classless thing I've seen."

"There were wives and small children up there," said Squires, an academic recruiter for the academy who has been to dozens of away games and never seen such contempt directed at his team. "Our Midshipmen reacted the way they were taught. They didn't respond, but the band started playing 'Anchors Aweigh' to drown them out. Me, I felt like going up there and smacking somebody. I was mad, and it bothered me all weekend."

The obscene behavior was so bad, the Rutgers AD called his Navy counterpart to make sure there were no hard feelings.

Shame on you, Rutgers. Each and every one of you. Those that participated - and those that did nothing to stop it - should be embarrassed.

(HT: TC, WN)


Dezzi said...

The most disturbing part about this is them doing a chant for a person who is injured. There is no place for that in the game. Everyone likes to see the big hit... and the defense normally gets excited after one, but in the end, they want the guy to get up.

Also... the cheer of "F--- the (insert team name or mascot)" cheer has always been one that I don't like. Kinda hard to stop a student section once it gets going... but I always chose not to participate.

The "You suck!"... well... I was a part of the "old school" crowd at Yost Ice arena... before they sent out messages regarding the chants. I'm sure some remember one of the chants on the opposing goalie that ended with the entire crowd yelling "You just suck!" over and over and pointing at him. If people think that's a terrible thing to do... well... I'll admit my guilt on that one.

It just seems that some fans would rather cheer against the other team than FOR their own team.

P.S. - Yost, with the game against ND around the corner... I think we should turn the "healing" photos into "inspirational" photos for a victory... like in the movie Major League, where every victory, they took off a piece of the owner's clothes to reveal her... could work!

Steve said...

I'm a surly loudmouthed Buckeye and even I thought those Rutgers fans were too much. It could be that I have a soft spot for Navy's flexbone triple option offense and the admission of the Navy players themselves that they're willingly looking at the prospects of war for just one more chance to play football, but it's too hard to stomach even for me. That, and sending in Ray Rice on a 4th and goal with Rutgers up 17 to run in a touchdown with 3 minutes left to go up 24 on a team that couldn't throw the ball 100 yards if you spotted them 75 didn't sit well with me either.

Mathew said...

My roommates came home from the MSU game last weekend with such tales. Apparently the student sections only cheer that isn't profanity laced is 300 related. It's gotten so bad that professors and alumni have been writing into the opinion page of the State News all week going on about how it is classless, flies in the face of long tradition and hurts the image of the university.

Be loud, cheer for your own team, maybe drop a "you suck" now and again, but don't be a complete jack@ss.

mmacrn said...

Lets not judge the many by the few. i would like to think that the vast majority of Rutgers fans are classy.

Schiano for President! said...

as a Rutgers fan, i am deeply disappointed. I saw this article two days ago and having been to RU games, i have not seen this before. I will say though- try going to Morgantown- its worse!!!

Out of Conference said...

They're from Jersey....

Killing My Liver said...

While I don't condone this in any way, I read a funny quote from a Rutgers fan:
"You try and make up a chant with Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada in it"

MGoBlue93 said...

Sorry... you could lump Morgantown, East Lansing, Piscataway, and << insert town here >> all together and they still won't add up to Columbus. srudoff and ohio_guy, you need not reply.

Ram61 said...

Everything they did was terrible, but I dont think the fact that it's Navy makes it worse. If they had attacked their decision to enter the service, thatd be different, but they would have done the same chants be it Navy, LSU or the Al-Queda School of the Arts(Famous Alum: Terry Love). Its a sick act, but the fact that its Navy doesn't make it any worse.

WingRG said...

What else do you expect from the college that would admit both Jackie Aprile Jr. and A.J. Soprano?

Oh, yeah, MGoBlue93, you've been saying that for years (i've been reading you say it for years) but the only team that gets that treatment in C-bus is UM. People in Columbus are patriotic enough not to scream "Fuck you!" at the men that might die for them after graduation. So get off your high horse, as this article proves: THERE'RE BAD APPLES IN EVERY FAN BASE.

And if you don't think there're any in the UM fan base, you can refer to complaints by Oregon fans that some of your fans were sore losers last weekend. I don't blame them ...

Crock said...

out-of-conference hit the nail on the head.

I was born and raised in Michigan and now live in New Jersey (right near Philly) - thanks to my husbands service in the U.S. Air Force.

To put it lightly - this is the MEANEST place on earth. People in Jersey/Philly are horrible - in traffice, at the grocery store, you name it.

We went to a Tigers/Phillies game in June (after having lived in Japan for 2 years) and couldn't even enjoy the Great American Past-time because of how rude the fans are. How sad we can't take our little girl to a ball-game while we live here?

I was not one bit surprised to read this about Rutgers.

ohio_guy said...

actually mgb93, we really don't do the whole unison chant thing all that much......probably because of the way our student sections at the 'shoe are not all in the same area. Any of the bad and unsportsmanlike conduct you're thinking of usually comes from various individuals or small groups scattered among the fans, not the whole "group-think" chant thing.

ohio_guy said...

....and yes you could all all of those towns together and they would not add up to Columbus

population wise anyway...

Da Vest said...

We're really under your skin aren't we? heh heh heh

harry hasselhoff said...

I went to the Michigan-Rutgers NIT title game a couple years back at MSG. I can attest that Rutgers fans are pieces of fetid, classless, New Jersey trash (is that an oxymoron?). As the RU fans filed out after losing, my friends and I were flipped off and sworn at like I've never heard before. It was the freakin' NIT and I was afraid we were going to get into a fight.

Ryan said...

Unlike the reporter from the NJ Star Ledger, I was at this game. I was sitting relatively close to the student section but I didn't hear this chant. I don't doubt that it happened since student sections of ALL college campus are generally full of inebriated, overzealous, screaming and sometimes offensive kids. Now, if some bad apples said this, they should have been ejected, plain and simple. But to characterize the entire student body of Rutgers and the state of New Jersey as slime based on a few drunken idiots is wrong. I am not making any excuses for the classless people who supposedly participated in this chant, but it does beg the question, why wait four days to write about it? If it was so bad why was there no media coverage Friday night on TV or in any of the newspapers for FOUR days? The Star Ledger waited until Tuesday, September 11th to print this. This journalist is being an opportunist in manipulating the situation via the extreme patriotism everyone feels on the 11th. I know this sounds of a conspiracy theory but if it was as bad as he said it was it should have been on the front page Saturday morning. This journalist is getting his 15 minutes right now with his exaggeration.

Chuck said...

Ruck Futgers.

WingRG said...


is that "ruck over Futgers" or just "ruck Futgers"? Sorry, a bit of rugby humor.

BP said...

Really, they're from New Jersey ... what do you expect?

Also what do you want the Ohio State fans to do to show their support? Take their keys out and shake them? Come on that's just dumb, who would do that?


whetstonebuck said...

Rutgers AD and VP of Student Affairs (or some such office) went after the students. Something's being done. The PR must be bad.

Ryan said...

A journalist who doesn't even attend the game writes and article on 9/11 about how the entire student body told the Naval Academy to go F off, yeah that’s some bad press. You're really going out on a limb there. Of course the University's president is going to apologize. They are getting killed in the press. It’ll be the story of the week until Lloyd Carr’s or Charlie Weiss are on the burner next week.

Flop said...

Ryan -- There's a lot of legitimate reasons the story wouldn't come out immediately after the game. And not being at the game is not necessarily a disqualification. Especially since the Rutgers athletic department has essentially acknowledged the chants took place by apologizing.

As for the motivations of the journalist who wrote the article to get "his 15 minutes" how do you know this? Were you there when he wrote the article?

Clearly, you are just engaging in a personal attack on the author of an article that displeased you. It seems logical that the writer waited until Monday so he could confirm the incident with someone at Rutgers, rather than just rushing to print negative information on one person's say-so.

This, clearly, is a courtesy you have not extended him.

(None of this should be construed as excusing anyone else who has engaged in the stereotyping of New Jersey residents.)

dh said...

Yost - According to NDNation, Michigan fans are just as bad:

Nowhere is Michigan's "Notre Dame complex" more apparent than in the hostile, ugly treatment of Notre Dame fans at Michigan Stadium. ... Michigan, on the other hand, while constantly publicizing its committment to sportsmanship and the values of intercollegiate competition embarrassingly was forced to send an official apology to Notre Dame for the vulgar and violent treatment of Notre Dame's students and fans at Michigan Stadium in 2003.

Glass Houses?

Chuck said...

How bad could it have been? Ohio State fans throw beer bottles at Michigan fans; Michigan fans wave keys. I think that speaks loudly enough.

Killing My Liver said...

I read that whole conspiracy theory. Wow.
Obsess much ?

Yost said...


For the very same reasons you state about Michigan (it's commitment to sportsmenship, values, etc.), don't you think such a story would have made the news...as opposed something spread around on ND fan sites?

Put it this way, find a legit news story on that and I'll post it here. While you're at it, send me the links to proof of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.

Fritz said...

This sums it up nicely:

""The thing I'm sorry about, No. 1, is that any opponent has to hear that type of stuff if it's true, which I suppose it is," Schiano said. "And No.2, all of our fans now get a smear on them because a couple of people said the wrong thing."

At Texas A&M booing is simply not done. Occasionally, a freshman or two will boo a bad call, forgetting that they aren't in high school anymore. They're instantly pounced on from every direction by upperclassmen ... and they never do it again.

The Aggies have their own unique way of expressing their displeasure. 75,000 Aggies doing a traditional yell called the "Horselaugh" in unison at the top of their lungs gets their message across ... loud and clear... without any obscenity.

What's missing at Rutgers -- and at many other schools -- is responsible peer pressure . The school president and the AD can send out apologies 'til the cows come home, but until somebody in the "vast majority"of their student bodies takes positive action to eliminate the "small minority," this vulgar behavior is going to continue.

UTfan said...

Although I am a UT fan, I follow UM football because I have many relatives in Michigan. I received this e-mail today from the Texas Exes. It appears that poor sportsmanship is becoming just a matter of degree, unfortunately.

Dear Longhorns Fans:

Football season is an exciting time for students, alumni and fans of The University of Texas. It is a time for us to show our pride to the entire nation. In thinking about our own home game day activities, I continually wonder how our visiting teams, visiting fans, and game officials feel when they visit Austin.

Last fall we launched our Texas Fans Make Us Proud sportsmanship campaign and showed the world that we have first class fans. We showed how passionate fans should act. What better display of Texas pride than to play a good game while still respecting the visiting team, the game officials, and visiting fans.

Let’s honestly ask: did our friends from Arkansas State and TCU experience that same warm welcome? During the TCU game I witnessed fans booing the TCU football players as they ran toward their locker room at halftime. Game officials were treated similarly. What an unfortunate occurrence -- booing college students for playing well and booing referees whose jobs were not complete.

I received complaints about the use of obscene language in a stadium that included many children. Unfortunately, I feel the behavior over the last two games has not lived up to the high standard we expect. It only takes a small group to tarnish the image of our university.

We say, “What starts here changes the world.” Let’s extend that notion of a first class university to include first class fan behavior. If you see someone bringing shame and embarrassment to UT, I challenge you to let them know that their behavior is unacceptable to you and your fellow Longhorns, or to ask an usher to assist you.

Don’t be afraid to say: “This is not our standard. This is not Texas style.”

Good sportsmanship is something we have to actively think about, or else we simply get swept up by the prevailing current which might include crude behavior. I ask that you keep this in mind as we welcome other visiting teams to Austin and to our campus for future weekends.

Hook ‘em, Horns!

Jim Boon, BBA ’69, MBA ‘72

Executive Director