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Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Pulling a Jim Tressel"

A new phrase has entered the lexicon courtesy of the ol' ball coach, Steve Spurrier.

During a conference call before South Carolina's game last weekend with LSU, Spurrier said he voted the Tigers #1 in his USA TODAY Coaches' Ballot stating, "I can honestly say I voted them No. 1, how about that? I'm not pulling a Jim Tressel, either. I did vote them No. 1. Ya'll can check it out."

Spurrier was referring to the "mix up" last season before Ohio State played Texas when Tressel said he voted the Longhorns No. 1 but it was later revealed he actually voted the Buckeyes No. 1. A Tosu assistant was then thrown under the bus claiming he called in Tressel's ballot and made the mistake.

Today's assignment, class: use "pulling a Jim Tressel" in a sentence. For example, Paul told his girlfriend, Sue, he was going out with the guys Friday. But she caught him pulling a Jim Tressel when she found out he was actually with her sorority sister, Maggie, that night.

Please note that, while easily confused, "pulling a Jim Tressel" is not the same as "pulling your Jim Tressel."


whetstonebuck said...

The ol' ball coach is still bitter that he wasn't at the helm of Florida last year. I guess tweaking Tressel is as close as he can get to a championship these days.

Out of Conference said...

Bitter hell. He was a fingernail away from giving you your damn Michigan rematch if Moss missed the FG block.
Here's my attempt: Cooper pulled a Jim Tressel twice when he got embarrassed by an SEC team two years in a row in bowl games.

whetstonebuck said...

A fingernail away. Man, that would make me real bitter.

dh said...

Appalachian State head coach Jerry Moore pulled a Jim Tressel by embarrassing LLLLloyd and the Wolverines at the Big House.

Killing My Liver said...

Ummmm ... Spurrier was offered the UF job. He chose Sc.

dh said...

Larry Harrison got arrested for pulling his Jim Tressel in public.

Da Braylon said...

hilarious stuff

Da Braylon said...

Antonio Henton probably pulled a Jim Tressel when he was arrested the other night for trying to get a hooker...

"I thought she was offerin' me girl scout cookies officuh. I so sorry dogg. Well, I will get coach Tressel to pay you guys later, aight?"

srudoff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
srudoff said...

dh wins by a landslide

Mr. Parker said...

Lisas fiance "pulled a Jim Tressel" when he was caught in the restroom with the bestman!

whetstonebuck said...

"Ummmm ... Spurrier was offered the UF job. He chose Sc."

That's it! The bitter meter just pegged.

surrounded in columbus said...

what can i say? you got us. graham's appearance ticket (which is foolish and he should be punished for), which is the legal equivalent of an over due book at the library (only more expensive), for a traffic violation proves positively that michigan runs a dirty program and its players are out of control, right?

yeah, right. whatever.

seriously though, what's it like to have a coach of spurrier's "integrity" use sweater boy's name as a synonym for the "lying"?

as in: "i'd like to say i think you have a fine academic institution, but i'd be Tresseling you if i said that."

AJBlue7 said...

Surrounded in Columbus you beat me to it, but I'll reiterate it anyway. Hmmmmmm, what would I rather be, a douche coach who lied about who he voted number 1 of all things (and correct me if I'm wrong but that wasn't his only voting faux pas last year), a "John" soliciting a prostitute, a someone who played their music too loud? MMMMM tough one.

This is a Michigan blog in case you forgot. Don't expect C-Bus love here. Not saying we're clean as a whistle or perfect but bringing up Graham's offense as some type of defense is weak at best.

zen wizard said...

They really should come up with a more objective method of rating college teams.

I saw a TV show comprising AP voters who said they sometimes put teams above other teams that they had just lost to, because the latter just "got lucky."

The current polls are just a bunch of subjective whimsy. I also suspect there is a bunch of "over the shoulder peeking."

WingRG said...

That's funny, you guys were all up in arms about someone making fun of LLoyd Carr for not winning enough (Tuberville, and he was completely right), but you're agreeing with ol' ball coach in making fun of Tressel for a simple misunderstanding between him and his gopher.

A bit of a double standard, but you're a UM blog, so i understand where you're coming from. Just thought i'd point that out, since some of you were on your high horse about objectivity yesterday.

surrounded in columbus said...

objectivity? it's a michigan blog, Yost & Benny are very objective. if msu's or iowa's coach was being recognized nationally for his lying, don't you think they'd provide a post on it? of course they would. it's just chance the Sweater Boy is one whose name has become the new slang word for lying. if that ever happens to Ferentz? i'm sure they'll post that article- i wouldn't Tressel you about that. honest.

whetstonebuck said...

Just asking, but was the Texas vote fiasco proven to be a lie or is that no one is buying the story?
I don't know as I didn't follow the story.

Killing My Liver said...

A little misunderstanding? Ummmm .. I don't know if you know those votes count towards the polls. As a coach, there is no way a "mistake" was made.

whetstonebuck said...


"...or is 'it' that no one is buying the story."

john said...

This is old news, but still amusing; it was posted on the InsideTexas board:


Definitely listen to it with the sound on.

whetstonebuck said...

Yes, I know the vote counts toward the polls. I just wanted to know if there was proof regarding the accusation. Since I don't know the inner workings of major college football staffs--tOSU's in this case--I don't know how suspicious to be of the answer.

surrounded in columbus said...

the story, as reported by the Dispatch a year ago, was Tressel explicitly stated that he had voted for Texas as #1 in the coaches poll prior to the tosu-ut game. this was a week or so before the UT-Tosu game in austin.

then someone went and looked up his ballot. the ballot had tosu as #1.

Tressel then back tracked, explained that some media aide in the Ath Dept had actually filled out the ballot, and that he hadn't really been the one to vote.

now, this wasn't subject to some sort of investigation or anything, but it was clear that tressel's original statement was false. he said "he" had voted for ut. either "he" hadn't voted, or if he had, he had voted for tosu.

not a particularly earth shattering event. lots of coaches have aides fill out the ballot, but thats not want sweater boy originally said had happened (at the time, the story made as much noise about the laziness and unreliability of the coaches poll as anything else) either way, getting caught like that was pretty funny to everyone outside of the buckeye nation.

whetstonebuck said...


"Tressel then back tracked, explained that some media aide in the Ath Dept had actually filled out the ballot, and that he hadn't really been the one to vote.

now, this wasn't subject to some sort of investigation or anything, but it was clear that tressel's original statement was false. he said "he" had voted for ut. either "he" hadn't voted, or if he had, he had voted for tosu."

Thanks. Fair enough. However, having access to military and contractor shenanigans on a daily basis, I could envision this screw-up happening without much trouble.

The Colonel or lead contractor makes a public statement fully believing that their subordinates will handle the paperwork in a kosher manner only to find out someone down the chain "thought" he must have meant "this." Now there's feces all over the installation because the "mistake" eventually made it's way to the fan.


Holden said...

Pulling a Jim Tressel: lying, cheating on your wife, smoking crack w/ Michael Vick, getting caught in a mens room stall soliciting gay sex, and beating the living hell out of Michigan football. Even degenerates are people.

Greg said...

How's this?

You should be hoping Lloyd Carr will pull a Jim Tressel and win a big game in November this year.

That was too easy, fools. You can pick on OSU in many different ways, but picking on Jim Tressel when you can't beat him probably shouldn't be your go-to move. Go Bucks!

JukeBox said...

Pulling a Jim Tressel - Inexplicable Self-Implosion of a football team.

"Louisville pulled a Jim Tressel last saturday against Syracuse. "


"UCLA pulled a Jim Tressel against Utah 2 weeks ago in a 66-3 blowout loss"

UF 41-14 OSU.

I just need to rub this in to silent all this Tressel own Carr talk.

TitleIX said...

OOOOh, Greggggg.
I wouldn't want to beat my JimTressel....

oh wait.
I may have just come up with a new definition....
might need some batteries tho....

whetstonebuck said...

"Pulling a Jim Tressel - Inexplicable Self-Implosion of a football team."


Umm, hmmm, cough. Just a suggestion, but you might want to pull that definition. I think there are other coaches that might be a better fit.

There is no shame losing to a powerful Florida team. A hell of a lot of disappointment, but no shame.

WingRG said...

Killing my liver:

yeah, i had no idea that JT's vote in the poll for the second week of the season meant that much to you (or Spurier for that matter). Now, i can see how you guys can be pissed off that he didn't vote in the last poll of the season, but switching Texas/OSU on one week 2 ballot didn't make any difference.

You don't like JT (mostly cause your team can't play well against his team) i get that. But maybe (just maybe) you should concentrate on NW this week: i heard they run the SPREAD (yes, i just dropped the S-word on the UM blog)

surrounded in columbus said...

just dropped in to use the word "spread"?

that's a Tressel. you stopped by because we're laughing at your coach, along w/ most of the rest of the sports world.

nothing you say about his on the field record will change his lying, cheaty pants reputation.

get used to it.

we're still laughing.

WingRG said...


keep laughing. It wasn't too funny when Tubervile was laughing at Carr was it? Our coach might be getting laughed at, but your whole program is a joke.

And i'm still not sure how this is important enough for you to remember it a year later? His vote that early in the season didn't mean anything. You can sit here and call him a liar, but i think you should be concentrating on your program. As far as Spurier goes, the integrity of his voting process is well documented (he votes Duke #25 in every pre-season poll). I don't really care what he says.

And the rest of the world can keep laughing at JT as long as they keep losing to him. I could care less.

I want my rabbi to have integrity. I want my football coach to win football games (although i know i'm in a minority here)

whetstonebuck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
whetstonebuck said...

Well, I don't know how accurate "Coach Ratings" is or if it means anything (http://www.coachratings.com/rating_result_compare.jsp?cID=40&ccID=37), but Tressel rated a bit higher than Carr. Many of the questions reflect observed integrity, honesty, etc.

This is not to denigrate Coach Carr who I respect greatly, but it does temper the relentless "cheaty pants" accusations.

Both coaches rated extremely high with Tressel only .5 higher. Really it's a wash, but it is worth considering when many are trying to destroy a man's reputation.

Oh, just because the ol' ball coach said it doesn't mean much when compared with many of his statements over the years. He's his biggest fan.

Just sayin'

JaMarco said...

i was pulling for the ol' ball coach it is a shame that he couldn't win in tiger stadium, i can't wait until saban kills em.