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Thursday, September 27, 2007

MZone Top 25

The latest poll in the Blogpoll sponsored by MGoBlog is up. Little late in getting this up, but here's our ballot below.

Feel free to leave your comments. Just remember, I try not to refer back to my previous poll each week. I think that rewards teams for perception instead of reality and leads to teams being punished who didn't "start high." Which is why both the so-called "real" polls had Kentucky behind Louisville the week after UK beat them.

1LSU 1
2Southern Cal 1
3Oklahoma 1
4Florida 1
5Ohio State 3
8West Virginia 1
9Boston College 2
11South Carolina 1
12Wisconsin 1
13Rutgers 2
14Kentucky 3
15Clemson 1
16Virginia Tech 9
17South Florida 9
18Missouri 1
19Georgia 7
20Arizona State 6
21Purdue 3
22Michigan State 4
24Hawaii 3
25Alabama 7

Dropped Out: Penn State (#5), Texas A&M (#14), Arkansas (#20), Louisville (#22).


Out of Conference said...

Overall nice poll. I love UK over Clemson. That's gold! If I'm required to post one curiosity thoughm, then I'm asking what gives with the Wisky love...

OnWisconsin! said...

Hey OOC,
We'll know a lot more about the Badgers after this Saturday.
So far we haven't played well and I think that Mich St will be a tough test.
If I weren't a diehard Badger fan I might put money on the Spartans.
We'll have a better idea if we have been playing below our capabilities or if our capabilities were over-estimated.

WingRG said...

re: Wisconsin/MSU
Watch out for Dantonio, he has lots of experience winning B10 games (he also did very well in Cinci). I do think that Badgers have more talent than MSU, but the team with the best talent doesn't always win

Sparky Duck said...

while I think Penn State was overrated, that is still quite a drop and IMHO not enough of a drop for Florida.