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Monday, September 10, 2007

MZone Poll: Which was worse...

This could be a new feature here on the MZone if the season continues as it's started.

To kick if off, here's the first segment of...


Michigan vs. Oregon or Britney Spears on the VMAs.

And before you answer Michigan, watch Britney first here.


TitleIX said...

let's see
minimal effort with exceptional talent.
awkward appearance on the big stage.
exposed as if one were naked.

It's a push.

Ram61 said...

Wow, I always heard she lip synched, and never actually saw it, but that was pretty obvious. She looked like a drunk hooker sleep walking through a Vegas casino. Oh...

Anyway, at least she got an appearance fee(i would assume). Michigan just plain sucked with no consolation, whereas OSU players would have been given their paychecks a week in advance to ease the pain(granted, they wouldn't start 0-2)

DanteJones said...

Britney hands down.

I saw it last night (yes, I watched the VMAs, fuck you) and it was BRUTAL.

She should've worn something that would... umm.... hide her figure better.

whetstonebuck said...

Ugly is as ugly does.

Well, anyway, that's what my momma always said.

Reed said...

Wow. Maybe they should have made her audition first...

They had to go to the "Aretha Franklin lip-syncing at the NBA Finals" camera shots from really far away.

At least Britney's disaster was over in three minutes.

BARman said...

...hate to say it but Michigan sucked more...

MGoBlue93 said...

I agree with T9... and remember not too long ago, Brit was Maxim magazine's sexiest woman alive... I think that was in her red latex jumpsuit camel toe baring days; not her shaving head, driving with kid on lap, going barefoot in public restroom daze.

Not too long ago, Michigan was media darlings, predicted to be the class of the Big 10 with 3 Heismann candidates on a high powered offense.

Sparky Duck said...

even if I was a Michigan fan, I would say Britney

BP said...

So basically what you're saying is, what would you vote for a turd-sandwich or a Giant Douche??

(South Park Reference)

They both were pretty terrible. But sadly Britney can't just fire someone and feel better about themselves.

scrillgates said...

At least I'd still take Britney to a movie and make sweet love to her.

Michigan football '08 would be lucky to get a 2 AM carry-out from the Fleetwood diner, get rushed through the back door at Alice Lloyd and an unceremonious rogering in complete darkness to the dulcet sounds of an old Jodeci cassette.

Yost said...