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Saturday, September 15, 2007

MZone Exclusive: Former Players Planning Show of Support for 2007 Squad

NOTE: We first published this story Thursday afternoon but are reposting it today for those that missed it in an effort to increase turnout tomorrow.

Real, honest-to-God reporting here for a change, folks...

The MZone has learned that an email is currently circulating amongst former U-M players asking them to show their support for the 2007 squad by being outside Michigan Stadium to greet the team bus when it arrives for Saturday's game against Notre Dame.

The email, arriving in the in-boxes of former players this week, reads as follows (personal information deleted by us):

Michigan Men... "A call to Arms"

This Saturday approx 1:45pm, we want every former player to meet just outside the tunnel (at Michigan stadium), to support (and remind!) our team on why they wear that winged helmet! We want to show our unity for the Wolverines, when they step off the bus.

For further details, please call Ron Simpkins @ (313)-[xxx-xxxx]

Go Blue,


Go Blue, indeed!

And we'd like to do what we can in support as well.

Thus, we're urging a "Michigan Fan Call to Arms" in "support of the support" already being organized by the former players.

Please pass this information on to every Michigan fan you know and ask them to be there outside that tunnel as well. So that as those former players rally 'round the 2007 Wolverines when they step off that bus, the team sees that Michigan fans haven't given up on them either. That rather than the unkind fickle finger of football fate tearing us apart this season, it's brought the great big Meeeechigan family together. Both player and fan. Male and female. Young and old.

Let's show them what Michigan is all about.

UPDATE: The Detroit News had picked up the story in their Friday edition.


Cgeese2 said...

I am honestly glad to see this happening. Get behind your team and support them. You CAN help them overcome this and rise up by supporting them. Bashing the team is only going to bring them further down - help them rise up.

GO BUCKS... and yes, sincerely
go blue!

Jeffrey said...

God knows, I wish I could be there rooting on Michigan, but my very close, but also very inconsiderate friend, is getting married. I never knew why people got married on Fridays, or Sundays. Now I know.

GO BLUE!!!!!

WingRG said...

Good for you guys, hopefully it'll get your team/coaching staff out of that funk they seem to be in.


Sundawg said...

"Winged Helmet"? That thing on your helmet is a "wing"? Who does graphics for your athletic department, Edward Scissorhands?


Great idea to show a bunch of student athletes the school is still behind them. Good luck agains the Domers.

whetstonebuck said...

Based on the unexpected fortunes you have endured the past few weeks, I hope things work out and the crowd doesn't turn on the team and throw them under the bus they rode in on.

Maybe a new helmet design is over due.

Dezzi said...

I'm there in spirit! I will be watching the game and praying to a non-Notre Dame god that Michigan wins this week.

Go BLUE! There isn't any shame in this season... just a reminder that even a team like ours needs to be ready each weekend!

BP said...

You're coaching staff has been in a funk since 1997.

just a thought


j said...

I'll be there!!
Jim Harbaugh

Katie said...

Very cool. I will be there! We should not forget that these are just kids playing ball. (BIG kids :o)

97Alumni said...

maybe they can do something about the encouragement of the keys by the athletic department and the cheerleaders while they are in town...

616goblue said...

Yost, I will be tailgating in the blue lot (what else would you expect?) with my boss's boss who is flying in from the DC area for the game (ok call me brown noser of the year). an opportunity like this will show him what Maize and Blue pride is all about!

BP in Gville

Steve said...

And what if no one shows up? Or if people show up but wear paper bags on their heads??? What then???

The King said...

bp, it's "Your," not "you're." Second grade English, check it out!!!

Just a thought.

whetstonebuck said...

Paper bags on the heads!!

Thupherin Thuckatath!

Father. I'm tho athamed. You were thrathed by a huge mouth.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Outstanding. This puts a smile on my face.

UGA said...

Great idea!

Good luck against the Domers!

Go Bucks!

616goblue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
616goblue said...

the king...no use of contractions or a fumble of the difference between 'your' and 'you are'....the phrase was "what would you expect" in reference to me tailgating in the blue lot...sure you are a maize and blue supporter? Yost must correct your grammar when you post on the front page! either that or you graduated from that "ypsi-tucky" skool down the road....yes, I spelled skool like that on purpose...

srudoff said...

Ironically, former Ohio policemen will also be there to greet the Wolverines as they exit the bus with former Ohio police dogs to search their bags ;)

Rick said...

This sounds incredibly classy. I am impressed.

Mark said...

Wish I could be there. If anyone gets a chance to post video of this great event, please post it. Bo would be proud. Remember "The Team, The Team, The Team"

Mark in Cali

kr said...

616goblue - Perhaps you should re-read the king's post before you get your irish up...

Killing My Liver said...

I'll be there spiritually. And by spiritually, I mean on my couch in Florida, with a beer in my hand. You can probably hear me yelling, though. If there's anyone in the central Florida/Orlando area that knows of a "Michigan" bar, please let me know.

Dezzi said...

killing my liver

From the alumni website... the 2007 football watching party bars:

Gator’s Dockside, 5142 Dr. Phillips Blvd., Orlando

Killing My Liver said...

Ha !! I hardly think a bar named "Gator's" would be a UM bar.
Thanks for the info, I'll have to check it out.

Dezzi said...

dh: Larry Harrison will be there to lend a hand.

Dammit... that was hilarious!

killing my liver

I remember living in Los Angeles and we used to have Teasers as our bar in Santa Monica... great place, would put on 5 different games at 9AM and had Michigan on all the big screens. After Teasers closed... the UM club was looking to go to a different bar in the morning. Turns out... it was something like a U Florida alumni bar... so the bar would only put the Michigan game on a small screen in the corner. That is when the king and I started our own "sports bar" in our apartment...

carl tabb said...

616goblue, there was an illiterate buckhole(wierd, I know) farther up the thread that signed in as bp. I realize your initals are also bp. The King was referring to said illiterate buckhole from farther up.

Corby said...

I'm thinking Michigan beats Notre Dame at home. I mean, come on, Mike Hart said so!


Enough of these stupid websites . . get going Blue!