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Monday, September 17, 2007

MZone Blogpoll Top 25: Week #3

Amazing what a victory does, even over "lowly" Notre Dame.

Watched a ton o' football yesterday and started working on my Blogpoll ballot (run by Brian at MGoBlog) early today. Here's what I have, comments always welcome...

1Southern Cal 1
2LSU 1
3Florida 3
4Oklahoma 1
5Penn State 1
6California 1
7Oregon 1
8Ohio State 1
9West Virginia 1
10Texas 3
11Boston College 6
12South Carolina 14
13Wisconsin 1
14Texas A&M 1
15Rutgers 1
16Clemson 4
17Kentucky 9
18Alabama 8
20Arkansas 5
21Hawaii 2
22Louisville 11
23Cincinnati 3
24Purdue 2
25Virginia Tech 1

Dropped Out: Georgia Tech (#12), UCLA (#15), Nebraska (#18), South Florida (#21), Washington (#22), Tennessee (#24).

As I always say, the first month or so of the season, expect wild swings in our poll. Like it should be. And just because a team that was "ahead" of another team last week won, that doesn't mean they can't get leapfrogged, especially as this early stage of the season. Polls are all a work in progress (or at least should be) right now.

That's why I think the "legit" polls are largely bullshit too heavily influenced by preseason rankings. I mean, Kentucky beat Louisville yet Louisville is ranked higher in both "real" polls. Why? Because Louisville started off ranked, the Wildcats did not. What a load of crap.

Couple of thoughts on the above:

* I think USC, LSU, Florida and Oklahoma are head and shoulders above the other teams. The drop from #4 to #5 is massive. These are the top four, then it's everybody else.

* If you didn't see it, USC's victory over Nebraska wasn't that close. Don't be fooled by the score. Bill Callahan was still kicking onside kicks down 18 with :50 seconds left. Bush.

* Texas got lucky. Down one and driving in the 4th, Colt McCoy threw a pass right to the UCF DB. The kid had nothing but green and an easy six in front of him. Instead, he dropped it, Texas scored and they held on. Texas really seems to be cutting in close early in the season.

* Penn State is #5 because...somebody has to be there. They actually struggled early against Buffalo before putting the hammer down. Could have put Cal or Oregon here.

* Sure Michigan stunk up the joint in the first two games, but maybe Oregon really is that good. They crushed a Fresno State team that lost in triple(?) OT at Texas A&M the weekend before. Interesting to see what this team does in the Pac-10.

* Speaking of the Pac-10, how embarrassing was the UCLA's 44-6 belly flop against previously 0-2 Utah, which had to go with its back-up QB and RB due to injuries. They're probably passing out pitchforks at Bruins Nation.

* Ohio State did what the do best under Tressel - win the tough, close ones. U-Dub had the mo' and was kicking for a 10-3 lead when the FG was blocked. Then came a 68 yard TD pass and a fumble on the ensuing kickoff followed by another Buckeye score and the game was over. And yes, believe it or not, I was rooting like hell for the Bucks. The Big 10 has looked simply awful this year. A loss here and they might have had to pull our automatic BCS bid.

* Wisco struggled again, this time against The Citadel. It was 21-21 in the third before they finally started to pull away. Luckily for the Badgers, the real cupcake part of their schedule is just beginning: the Big 10 season.

* Kentucky's win over Louisville was one of the reasons I love college football so much. Tell me every Wildcat fan watching didn't have a heart attack when Louisville's last gasp bomb was tipped and caught before the receiver was tackled short of the goal line. Big question though: What the hell was UK coach Rich Brooks thinking by only going for one after the Cats scored the go-ahead TD with :28 seconds left?!?! The kick left them only up by 6. Had Louisville somehow scored and won with a PAT, he should have been fired on the spot, the call was so jaw-droppingly stupid.

* Was that PI on Arkansas at the end of the 'Bama game? Could have gone either way.

* Finally, any ranking past 20 are, by the nature of the poll at this point, warm bodies.


beast in 'bama said...

Texas had better wake up and start playing, or the RRS on 10/6 could get embarrassing. This is my annual week of internal conflict when the 'Horns pound on Rice.

Way to go with BC @ #11. They deserve it. I've been impressed by them every week. Their QB looks tailor made for the NFL.

Cincinnati is going to take out at least one of the Big East front runners - Rutgers, Louisville, West Virginia - take your pick.

This_Is said...

Agreed on Brooks at UK. I am not a fan of calling for any coach's head period, but there was no excuse for this call. Granted, neither UK nor Brooks has been in the postion to win much over the past few years, but c'mon...at least act like you are in a BCE league!

Mathew said...

I agree that USC looked impressive, but so did LSU. I don't feel that they did anything bad or USC was good enough to warrant the switch

god of the whoppers said...

where is purdue? i know they have only played mac schools so far, but they have put 149 points on the board in just 3 games. I was at the toledo game and they were perfect. Not a single mistake the whole game. we ran a play two time in a row. the second time they picked it off. not one interception, nothing. they were perfect. if i were a betting man, i would put my money on them to be the B10 champs. wisc and penn have stumbled as of late, purdue has been perfect. they won't have a real test till ohio state next month, but i think they'll come out and punch blowadick in the face. i hoope hart guarantees wins the rest of the year, it seems to have worked.

Hobnail_Boot said...

I don't understand how South Carolina can be at #12 if you don't have Georgia ranked. SCU's best (and only) respectable win was a 4-point victory in Athens between what looked like 2 pretty evenly matched teams.

Either Georgia is pretty good and SCU deserves a high ranking, or Georgia isn't very good and SCU shouldn't be getting that much credit.

Either SCU should be a good bit lower in your poll, or UGA should also be ranked (probably in the 18-22 range).

bdub said...

don't be fooled...michigan still sucks...and aTm is extremely over rated.

Out of Conference said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Out of Conference said...

retyped to fix some errors (by god not all of them though)

I disagree that kicking onside kicks when you're down by 18 with :50 is bush league. A coach's job is to win games. You guys called Beliema (or however Wisky's coach's name is spelled) brilliant last year when he abused the shit out of a clock rule bug in his win over PSU, but trying to get back in the game with an onside is bush?!?!
Sure the Huskers were getting creamed, but a coach in that position has to try to win every step of the way. This isn't Yalies vs. the Cornell Big Red, it's D-I football.
I was pissed when The Citadel didn't kick an onside kick at the end of the Wisky game, but just squibbed it to burn the clock and go home. A team like that playing like they did deserved every shot they had and did my home town proud.
Also - puzzled by the LSU drop. They did nothing to hurt their #1 ranking. They have played all of their games with skill and precision, unlike USCw who looked lackluster in their opener against Idaho.

Matt said...

I was rooting "like hell" for OSU too.

1) The Big 10 has sucked so far.
2) It's highly unlikely, but I don't want our AD to even consider hiring Ty Willingham. He sucks big time.

bsl05 said...

Brooks probably kicked the PAT because he coaches Kentucky. He probably thought his luck is so bad that L'ville would intercept a 2-pt conversion and return it, then kick a FG to force OT.