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Thursday, September 06, 2007

More healing, more healing!

Yesterday we put up a post showing a very therapeutic picture MZone reader Tom sent our way in order to help us get over the shame, pain and mild goiter experienced by Michigan fans everywhere in the wake of The Debacle.

Well today, our new best Thursday friend of all time, Bill, has come through for us with a very soothing, calming picture of a very dedicated Auburn fan.

Now, I don't know about the rest of our readers but I'm feeling better and better each day. In fact, after about, say, 642 more such pictures of extremely, uh, "passionate" female college football fans, my pain might be reduced to that felt after a tough OT loss to Iowa on the road. I'm just saying.

So please, dear reader. Continue to do your part.

Memo to Auburn Fans: Uh, we no longer give a rat's cornhole how many mascots you have. We're sold.


Katie said...

Somehow these pics just aren't doing it for me Yost.

not said...

The problem is that the tits are as fake as the football teams.

What happened to real boobies?

MarkMack said...

Yost, I have no problem with fake boobs. They have a great porno quality to them. Please continue with this healing process.

ChicagoWolverine said...

You think those are built for speed or for comfort?

intellidouche said...

The only set of teats in Auburn that doesn't have a calf nursing on 'em.

WingRG said...

This set isn't as real as the one on the Texas girl (imho), but then again: "if you can touch them, they're real"

dtw2phx said...

C'mon Yost...bust out some pasties and show us YOUR skin!!! Be a true Blue fan!


san francisco values said...

Wait til you see the one with the Oregon logos :)

TitleIX said...

nice SF values.

here's the deal about fake DD boobs--you put a little pressure on them or try and spread them out/move them around or, even just put a little pin in 'em and


you are left with 1-AA.........

MGoBlue93 said...

san francisco values... what, boobies covered in diamond plate???

Kraut said...

mgoblue93, I think san francisco was thinking of an "O" logo ... which bascially means it wouldn't cover much. (At least that's what I pictured!)

god of the whoppers said...

why does her belly look like mine?