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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Michigan Football: Now Depressing Pets

MZone reader Diana sent us an email with the title "Depressed Michigan Dog." When I opened it, I found this:

Even my dog is embarrassed.

I love it! The pooch's look is priceless. It's like even she knows how bad it's gotten. Plus the pup is probably thinking, "How much longer do I have to dress like this? I'll suck it up on walks around the block if we're undefeated and top 5, but now? Christ. C'mon, Di, where's my fucking collar?"

Because you just know all the Tosu dogs are getting in her face at the park, flipping her the paw and barking, "1-5 and now 0-2, bitch!"


Dezzi said...

Staying on topic of the "healing" power of pictures... Kyla Ebbert really needs to "reveal" a bit more to make it onto the front page of this blog.

She's a college student, and Hooters waitress...

Cheer up Diana's Dog...

whetstonebuck said...

Ah, Michael Vick got in a bit of trouble allowing dogs to share their violent nature with one another.

Taking this poor pooch into public is fairly close to the same abuse Vick was involved in. You know rival dogs will tear in to this hairy family member.

Just because no money is being exchanged doesn't make this behavior any less evil.

Remove the scarf--Save the Pooch!

Bully Van De Graaff said...

Drink the pain away then go and give Notre Dame hell.

Shit! I hope I don't get excommunicated for that.

Kraut said...

It's all my fault!

Okay, I'm going to fess up. I think it's my fault that Michigan is 0-2 this year. In August, after 15 years of considering it, I got a Michigan winged helmet tattoo on my shoulder. So you guys can blame it all on me! Sorry.

Out of Conference said...

Maybe the dog is just in heat. You know how women get when it's that time...

Just kidding T9, et. al.!

Aaron Bronsteter said...

Hey Yost,

Can you e-mail me at aarbron at gmail dot com.

I'd like to book you for a radio appearance

TitleIX said...

implausible supposition re: PMS. The dog looks SAD not RABID ;-)

buckidrummer said...

Dana Jacobson on espn was commenting today about how her dog had a Michigan bandanna, so Jay instantly asked if it was too embarrassed to go outside.

Super G said...

Look. A couple of weeks of whining is enough. We're not Notre Dame fans after all.

I am pretty sure that the Oregon game will be sufficient to see Coach Carr depart at the end of the season. I think this ends the Bo era. (My dad bore an uncanny resemblance to Bo for a lot of years and used to get mistaken as Bo from several times a year --- which was kind of funny growing up in A2).

So, anyway, we're Wolverines. We've always had a funny thing about winning - it's never been the end all to win - its the end all not to lose. It's finally happened, our worst dreams come true, a football team gone bad (at least for now). We've had our hysteria and it is time to move on.

Go to Dominick's or Good Time Charlies and have a beer or two or three.

Let Michigan men have a little dignity from us (so long as we get a new coaching staff at the end of the year) even if we're not going to get it from the rest of the country.

Paybacks are hell after all, so put on some shorts and a t-shirt, pull up a bar stool and relax. This is the time for us to say, "thank you sir, may I have another."

Let's just man up and accept our role as spoilers this year. You know, the soft bigotry of low expectations or something.

In the meantime, I'd still get a lot of pleasure out of beating Notre Dame (especially the ill spent 10 year contract for Weiss).

Go Blue. Hail to the (future) Victors, Champions of the West.

Arcane U of M trivia reference: British Humor Party.

Super G said...

PS You could always post about teams Michigan can beat: Duke comes to mind.