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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Michigan - 38, Team-that-used-to-be-ND - 0

Our long national nightmare is now over...although it's hard to tell what that meant since Notre Dame is so bad.

Gee, I had almost forgotten what it was like to enjoy college football.

Leave us your comments, thoughts and musings. And if you have any good pictures you took at the Michigan game (or any other cfb game), please email them our way.


surrounded in columbus said...

i can't tell you if we're any better than i thought after the 0-2 start, but i can tell you we are long way from being the worst team in D-I.

can we all agree that Ty Willingham's 3rd season was better than this one?

Pat said...

Nice win guys.

SaraLuppino said...

Hi! My name is Sara. So anyway, okay, on behalf of Columbus, Ohio and buckeye fans, I would like to apologize for some of the very very immature comments by buckeye fans I have read throughout the posts. I've been browsing for about one hour now and I'm really shocked at some of the stuff OSU fans have said. Some OSU fans are bad, sure. And so are some Michigan fans. But for people who really love the sport, like me and many others... we have respect for Michigan. Rivalry? Yes. Enemies? No. Again I am sorry! Good job on the win today, Michigan! See you soon!

Go buckeyes! :)

Kurren said...

woo finally... now lets go into penn state with this play and we could win that one...

gitchegumee said...

Now that's what I'm talking about! A solid game on both sides of the ball. Mallett looked unsettled early, but by the end he seemed to be comfortable running the offense. And he sure seemed to be having a good time out there, even when he made mistakes.

The defensive line seemed to be playing with real passion and swarming to the ball carrier. Of course, it was hard to tell how solid they are since Notre Dame's offensive line failed to show up.

By the third quarter it began to feel like kicking a three-legged dog: it seemed almost cruel. Damn, Notre Dame was just awful. Charlie Weis looked depressed and lifeless on the sidelines. And him with eight more years on his big money contract. Yikes!

Anyway, even if it's against a program that's circling the drain, it's great to be on the winning side again. We have now proven that we can beat extremely bad teams. The real test will be Penn State. It may be a long road back to respectability, but at least we have taken the first step.

Go Blue!

Geoffrey said...

I am not so sure Wichigan has turned the corner - Notre Dame is awful. Today was an exhibit of the Wichigan team in a vacuum. What do I mean? How the offense and defense worked without resistance.

That being said - Today was the first time I've ever seen all down linemen reach a QB at once. Kudos to the defense even if it was against a placeholder O-line.

The real tests will be against Penn State, Ohio State.

Observation - IL could be a tough team by the time October rolls around.

Monica said...

Yesterday at the Alumni Association Pep Rally there was a quote read that really fired me up today and which I think is appropriate to the emerging Michigan team:
"Fight on my men [fight on!]
I am hurt but I am not slain.
I'll lay me down and bleed awhile,
and then I'll rise and fight again."
~Sir Andrew Barton
Here's to the team that bled, but rose up to the challenge and shut out Notre Dame, however weak ND may be. Here's to the renewed fight for the Big Ten title!

Jim said...

Good to win, feels a little hollow. We'll know more next week, I guess. Then again, that's what I thought last week.

I didn't get to see the game and it's weird, I'm not "feelin" the win. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I'd have gotten to see it happen. Ah, well.

TitleIX said...

Oh what a wonderful day, even if it was against a pathetic opponent. I sympathize with the ND fans. Thank goodness we aren't as bad as they are!

So...pics to follow soon.. as yours truly had the opportunity to be on the field pre-game. Yeah, sorry eat your hearts out.

And now some football info, under something I will now call Equal Time by Title IX. ;-)
1) Shawn Crable is HUGE, I mean physically LARGE. Honestly, he is one of the biggest humans I've ever stood next to in my life. He was fired up from the warm-ups an hour before the game, leading the LBs in their drills and looking serious. He was all over today on the field. FINALLY.
2) Ryan Mallett is the real deal. Yes, a few freshman gaffes--like when he tripped over his own big puppy dog feet on the wide-out throw back but generally was very solid and made good choices with the ball. Early on with the waggle, he decided to over-look his open TE and go with his WR at the 1. Threaded it right in there.
3) Stan Parrish, former offensive coach (double entendre intended) was on the sidelines and I swear they pulled up some of his former plays...specifically the waggle/throw back. He was on the edge of the field all game.
4) Mike DeBord was on the field the WHOLE game, I don't know how the hell he didn't get a flag from the refs. He was screaming at, praising, and coaching the O after every single play. Nice to see that fire (finally.)
5) Russell Crowe and his rugby boys showed up after the half and hung out with the offense for most of the second half. Russell has a not too bad looking ponytail and he and all his peeps had Michigan hats.
6) LOTS of recruits and their families on the field before the game clearly enjoying the spectacle and the situation. Was pretty cool to see the awe on their faces when they saw the crowd and the team.
7) I'm taller than the leprechan. REALLY
8) I was surprised by how angled the bowl is AWAY from the playing field. Even at the kickoff with everyone screaming I didn't have to yell to be heard by those around me...
9) Good show by the students with the maize-out, the pom-poms and getting the wave going in the third.
10) Bonnie Bernstein? Cuter on TV than in person....sorry guys. But she is pleasant and friendly.
11) Nice offensive show in the first half with some mis-direction and underneath throws. AMEN.
12) ND is really really bad. Can't tackle. They have no idea regarding their assignments. Emu Boy holds onto the ball WAY too long and got clocked lots. And he is small.
13) Massey is an idiot. He was off-sides, he forgot to come out for a PAT and a field goal attempt, and generally looked confused. pathetic. sit the kid.
14) Big psychological win for these kids as they needed this lift. Lloyd called off the dogs in the 4th which was a cool classy move.

Overall, a happy happy day in Ann Arbor. We weren't challenged at all so gosh only knows if there are significant improvements.


Todd said...

Go Blue.

Lets take care of Penn State.

Love the Blog.

god of the whoppers said...

any way you could take bonnie's spot on the field from now on?
I think anyone that wears funny leopard print ear muffs to a football game should be shot. plus, I am sure you can come up with your own material better than bonnie can.

on another note:
lloyd seemed pleasant as he came off the field at halftime. i miss the old "what the hell are you thinking" llyod. the one that is one question away from punching, er, woody hayessing a reporter.

TitleIX said...

how I WISH I could be a sidelines reporter!!!

Anyone else enjoying the Neb/USC game??

The best part about today's victory?
Everyone is off Michigan's back now and talking about ND suckin' it up!

Crock said...

The best part of today's game was watching Ryan Mallett - and knowing he's the future of Michigan football. The kid was having fun and that's really what it's all about.

Go Blue !!!


Patrick said...

Congrats guys! Now I can go back and start incurring Yost's wrath by being anti-Michigan. Glad you're back! Go Bucks! Go Nits. Go Blow!

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Two thoughts, now that I'm back home:

1)Notre Dame is absolutely terrible.

2)Regardless of how bad ND is, that was a hugely satisfying win. Both because of the last two weeks, and because it was ND.

TitleIX said...

protect dem davenports in 'bama


beast in 'bama said...

Congratulations on the win, guys. I couldn't watch much of it due to the 'Horns narrow escape at roughly the same time in Orlando.

But from what I did watch, Mallett looked comfortable, Hart was going to lead you to a win even if he had to sacrifice his left testicle, and NOTRE DAME IS GODAWFUL!! Slow, weak, poor undisciplined, unorganized - you name it, they got it.

T9: There's nothing quite like being on the field during a big game, is there? The only drawback is that it'll spoil you bad if you ever have to go back to your seat in coach.

Davenports in 'bama? You lost me on that one.

TitleIX said...

Davenport = Couch. At least that's what my grandma called it!

and yes, the field was schway fun.
don't think that will happen again soon.
My seats are in the North End Zone which is a neat angle--kinda like XBox as you can see the offensive and defensive sets and how it all flows.
I'm a lucky girl.

Todd said...

Any pics of the former players that showed up when the team got dropped off?

There is one on Det News.com but wondered if anyone had any.

carl tabb said...

Wow. As a man who has donned the pads for my share of years (no, I'm not the REAL Carl Tabb), I have to give my condolences to ND. The team, not the fans. They are pathetic. That was the ugliest display of trying-to-play-football I've ever had the discomfort of seeing. Those poor guys couodn't get out of their own way.
That being said, however, it was a good win for UM. I'm dismayed that Mallet didn't get the chance to throw more. PSU will not get run on so easily. It almost seemed like Carr knew that Henne would be coming back next week so he just let Hart kill 'em.
The D looked sweet against a jr. college O line but PSU is not jr. college. I think UM will go 11-2 but we need to definitely go with a different gameplan for PSU. Quick out passes thrown in with Hart pounding their asses and the occasional deep shot to Mario should do it on O. Crazy blitzing and knocking Morsucki on his ass will do it on D. They won't run on us for shit so we gotta pressure the QB. Get up quick on JoePa and the gang and it will all fall into place for us.

beast in 'bama said...

Oh I got it. Couch burnin's really more of a Northern thing, I think. That really isn't practiced down here.

What will happen is some all-night moon-howling once my neighbors get home from T-town at about 2 this morning. No dog will sleep in my neighborhood tonight - and there will be a LOT of hangovers in Baptist (gasp!) churches tomorrow morning.

97Alumni said...

i hope you guys emailed ron simpkins about the key BS cause he seems like a guy who could take care of it (like he took care of the winless season today)

lame post by saraluppino as to respecting michigan fans... links to naked photos would have been more effective advertising for her site.

Sports on a Schtick said...

Don't diss saraluppino. Next she's gonna tell us how we can learn more about the Big Ten Network.

Jessters said...

As big of an M fan that I am i have to bring into question (as many of us do). Was our D & O that much improved or is Notre Dame simply THAT PATHETIC this year.. Nothing against them I hate them with a passion but respect them for who they are. As far as the QB isssue, Mallet isn' bad for a Freshman. And I think I like him more than Henne right now (excluding experience and skill) because when he goes out there, like today, he just looks happy and looks like he's having FUN.. and isn't that what college football should be about to the players?


Merrick 561 said...

On another note (p.s i used my friends account on the jessters post cuz for some reason my computer fucked up) miss I want to commend miss saraluppino for being an actual classy Buckeye fan (they do exist some of my best friends, for 51 weeks of the year at least, are buckeye fans).. and Hopefully they win untill they play us in the Big House then loose :)

GO BLUE!!!!!!

mmacrn said...

It was a good feeling to finally be on the winning side. i think all u of M fans had the pregame jitters secondary to the first two games of the season. Hart was incredible. Kudos to the O-line. Young Mr. Mallett was green but confident, and I agree, it looked like the kid was actually having fun out there.Some normalcy back in my household this weekend. I think ND is really that bad, and unfortunately for them, Crable had the D kickin' on all cylinders. I was mostly impressed with the D-line. shutting em down................Go Blue.....next Paterno's old ass..seems Lloyd has owned him for alot of years..Hope the trend continues........Go Blue !!

Katie said...

Sorry guys, no pics of the tunnel, I was late (not my fault) and did not get there in time. I have an ear piece radio that I listen to during the game and they mentioned it on the radio multiple times, but did not give "results" of the tunnel support. I would love to see a pic too, or at least hear the details!

AFT said...

Finally, I did not wake up last night wondering if I was just having another nightmare of another UofM beat down (4 loses in a row sucked). What a great win and confidence builder especially for the D. Crable and crew played really good. Mallet was smiling (I think the last time I saw a UofM QB smiling and having a good time was Griese in 97'). Hart is Hart; I feel his place in UofM football history is sealed. B. Minor did not fumble. PSU next. I live in PA and PSU fans are kind of weird and pretentious like Happy Valley is the Waco of PA. One game at a time. Let’s GO BLUE!!!

Josey said...

I'm not sure if you're aware of this but Rainbows aren't a myth. They really happen ;P

scottiam said...

This win just reinforces my opinion that the entire coaching staff needs to go. The game proves we do have talented players - who can beat up on a rebuilding team that runs a conventional offense - but if Lloyd and his merry men were competent they would have come up with a defensive scheme to at least slow down mobile QBs.

Also it takes two horrible losses before our team shows some spark and hunger? Some teams play with a chip on their shoulder every game. Michigan players act like they deserve to win just because of the winged helmet.

Let's get Les Miles in here so we can dominate the Big 10 as LSU is dominating the SEC.

Go Blue!

god of the whoppers said...

who is #24 and why was he playing with practically a cast on his hand?
our only turnover came because he couldn't use both hands. and any more info on sears? did he pull a jones and is applying at michigan tech?

616goblue said...

T9 - thanks for the on field recap...

Yost - didnt see any calls for "key play" by the cheerleaders or video board! let's hope that continues...

Out of Conference said...

Called it.

Matt said...

Thanks Sara. I rooted for OSU yesterday over Washington. Why? B/c the Big 10 has looked like shit lately, and I root for the Big 10 anyway. Fucking Duke beat Northwestern! Also, though unlikely, i was a little worried that if OSU lost to Washington then we would look at Ty Will. as a replacement for Lloyd. TyWill sucks. Whatever, we beat his Irish 38-0 four years ago.

Some thoughts:

ND is god-awful, but we looked better. It was a badly needed tuneup and it gave the team a chance to execute and some badly needed confidence. They just looked more together. I'm just worried about what will happen when they see the spread offense again. We better be ready.

Lloyd Carr is a class act, and Bob Stoops is not. My dad is a Buckeye (ugrad and med school) and we was very impressed with how classy Michigan was yesterday. We could have continued to demolish ND and keep scoring, but we didn't. Running the ball on 4th and 5 at the ND 25 in the second half instead of kicking the FG or passing just really demonstrated great class and sportsmanship.

Oklahoma beat Utah St. 59-3. What the hell? Bob Stoops is an asshole. Kicking a team when it's down like that is disgraceful and impresses no one. (They did the same to Miami last week.) I hope Texas destroys OU, also because I like Texas and its fans (and its hot co-eds, too). I'm sure OU fans are great too, but I just don't like seeing football like that.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

616 - I did see the cheerleaders holding the Key Play signs once, and I did spot the Key Play graphics on the scoreboard once. But it didn't seem too prominent overall.

On another note, I'm watching Browns vs. Bengals, and I just watched Leon Hall run down a speeding kick returner from behind. I thought the return man would pull away, but Hall reeled him in to make the tackle. (Of course, the defense allowed a touchdown three plays later.)

Out of Conference said...

I agree with you to a point, but then again, a team like Utah State knows the deal heading in there. They were likely paid a large sum of money. Plus, OU may have been looking at working on a few things and getting in a "free" practice in front of crowds in prep for the rest of the season. As Spurrier once said, its his job to score points, it's the other teams job to stop him. I do agree that kicking a short FG late in a decided ass-stomping instead of grounding the ball out like Carr did is classless. I don't know if OU did that though. I also agree in that I hope UT stomps them.

TitleIX said...

#23 is Carlos Brown.
From scout.com
"terrific senior season at Heard County HS in Georgia (10-2) from his quarterback position where he posted 1512 yards and 21 touchdowns rushing on 135 carries and 541 yards and seven touchdowns passing."

Pray for his hand to heal as he is the back up QB (behind Mallett and in FRONT of David Cone heaven help us) in addition to his reps at RB...after getting the boot from his attempts at playing CB for Michigan last year

Katie said...

Key play WAS on the scoreboard, When I saw it, I looked at the cheerleaders and they did not have signs up then, however it didn't seem to matter much. They do play some "Ad" on the scoreboard periodically and it says "BE LOUD". I have said before and was corrected.....but I really thought that the crowd was loud....I KNOW they were louder than the APPY game, and I do know that the people who sit in front of me look at me like I have 2 heads......it might be that I make enough noise for 2 heads !! ;o)

surrounded in columbus said...

did you also catch Leon trying to stay up w/ Braylon? during Braylon's two TDs?

Hall played great for a rookie in the 2nd game of the season, but Braylon played like a #3 pick emerging in his 3rd season.

MGoBlue93 said...

UT has struggled in every game thus far... perhaps they'll get it together before OU.

Chuck said...

Imagine how bad it would have been if Charlie Weis wasn't the greatest offensive mind of all-time. (snicker)

The fact is that Notre Dame just flat out does not have any talent. Excluding the inexcusable game against ND 2 years ago (17-10 loss), the last 3 Michigan victories have been 38-0, 47-21, and 38-0, and none of the games were really even as close as the score indicated.