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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Michigan - 14, (We OWN) Penn State - 9

Oh...my...goodness! Folks, folks...I can barely type as I put up this post. Oh...my.

I'll have up a longer postgame post either late tonight or early tomorrow. Until then, let's hear what everyone's thinking. And most of all...


UPDATE: Thank God we don't have to play Wofford: Wofford - 42, Appalachian State -31.

Then again, it could be worse: We could be the team that lost to the team that lost to the team that lost to Wofford.


BARman said...

Well, you got the "Michigan - 14" part right. That's all that was needed.
D looked great! And, of course, Hart continues to amaze and inspire...

Jeff said...

I was so nervous that entire game. That was great. Hopefully we'll take it all the way through October without a loss now.

So, the question is, should we be ranked yet? I'm just not sure really. Even though I think we might be one of the 25 best teams, we still don't have the results to prove it.

Bo said...

Big question is: Where do Michigan and Penn St. go in the rankings? Does Michigan jump back in depsite 2 losses? If so, are they ranked ahead of Penn St. because of the win? My prediction: Penn St. 21, Michigan: 20.

Crock said...

Benny & Yost - I live near Philly and Penn State fans were talking so much this week.

I have my printer ready with enough paper to cover a couple neighbors houses with whatever you guys post in the next couple days.

could the Lions actually beat the Eagles tomorrow, too? I'll be in Heaven for sure!!!

MGoBlue93 said...

Good job blue...

When will the offense seal a victory for us??? When Penn State got the ball back with 1:49 left, I had an unusual feeling of deja vu.

Spread offense = L

Pocket QB = W

I guess that makes the Purdue game bigger than we once thought... they move the ball all over the field.

josiahq said...

He's still so inconsistent, and he's got a lot of maturing to do, but c'mon, how much f*cking fun is it to watch Mallet?

You never know if he's gonna gun one 70 yards into the stands or make some wacky-pulled-out-of-his-magic-ass pass for the 1st down.

These next few years are gonna be a blast!

John said...

Michigan is now like Superman against conservative/traditional offenses (i.e. Big Ten teams, ND, etc.) and Clark Kent against spread/pro-style offenses.

Katie said...

That was sooooo awesome! I love watching Mallet, Michigan's future looks bright! With Northwestern and Eastern the next two outings, they should give him the start and let Henne really heal that knee. Hart had strep throat and PLAYED like a STUD! He is THE best player in college football this year......he is a god! The defense was hot! Oh yeah, one more thing......It was LOUD in the house today!!! They did have the key play signs (also had make noise signs) and I actually HEARD keys today, I had not heard that before......it is the students though.......AND the crowd started the wave and the student section ignored it.....that was pretty funny (the south endzone booed the students...HA!) GO BLUE!!!!

srudoff said...

honestly, michigan played one true freshman pocket qb and one in morelli that just isn't very smart or good.

srudoff said...

also for what it's worth, the things that everyone is saying about Mallett after his first two games were being said about Henne when he came in for Navarre as a freshman, and look how that turned out.

i'm just sayin'

Bill^2 said...

Agreed wholeheartedly with Katie -- just returned from the game, and it was as loud as I can ever recall it being at Michigan Stadium today, particularly on the final (We Own) Penn State possession. Section 14, which was mostly down even in the (decent) early going against Oregon, was more standing than sitting through the game today. It was nice to hear the crowd roar, and not just the student section.

JukeBox said...

" AND the crowd started the wave and the student section ignored it.....that was pretty funny (the south endzone booed the students...HA!) GO BLUE!!!! "

Sorry on our part. We f*cked up. We were like, where did this wave come from, by the time we realized it, the wave kinda "skipped" over to the other side. We were totally unprepared. Our bad. But I lost my voice today. I've attended all the home games, this is the worst week for my throat. Guess I'm thinking that there'll be an offweek next week anyway when we go on the road to play NWestern.

Hail to "The Big LOUD House".

Katie said...


The student section totally rocks! That wave went around twice, the first time I thought it just caught you all off guard, the second time though, it seemed intentional that you all ignored it. My bad! No matter how you cut it though, the big house would not be the same without the awesome student section!! Go Blue!

Jim said...

Random thoughts...

I don't want to overcredit the last two wins, but I this is certainly a Top 25 team.

We didn't go down the field once, today. Why?

Mallet looked good. In charge. Dare I ask...is there any question who starts when Henne is healthy?

When you're winning, even the cheerleaders look good.

Has there ever been a team more specifically built to compete in the Big Ten (and the Big Ten *only*)?

I don't care how we finish, Mike Hart has to be a Heisman candidate. 5'9" and unstoppable.

Was anybody else hearing the theme to Last of the Mohicans as Hart reached for that touchdown?

Other people saw those creepy JoePa and player masks, right? That didn't come out of my head, did it?

Nice to feel like Michigan again.

JukeBox said...

as we renewed our ownership over the Nittany Lions, I'd like to point out that we actually chanted Mike Hart's name twice during the 4th quarter. He was on the sidelines when we did so, and he chased Minor away and took the field. It's amazing. I can't wait to see him in action again.

616goblue said...

The Big House was loud today! Especially that last Penn State possession!

Hart is THE MAN! See how dude limped off the field, PSU called timeout, he shook it off during the timeout and got another first down?

Was Lloyd trying to be Beyonce with his play calling today? "to the left, to the left, all I saw was Hart to the left..."

I swore on that 3rd and 11 in the 4th quarter I saw Mallet channel Bret Farve...avoided the sack, started to run then rifle a pass for a first down - was that amazing or what?

Katie, the folks in section 16 were laughing at the student section missing the wave - typically it is the alumni below the press box that take a time or two around the stadium to get with the program...

Hart is a true leader by example!


Matt said...


A big fuck-you to Steve Greenberg of Sporting News who wrote some nasty things about Michigan this past week. In an obnoxious manner, he said that we will "hit the canvas" quickly because Penn State, Wisco, and OSU are "way better" than Michigan. He also dissed the fans. Take that, you little bitch.

Matt said...


They were playing the theme from Gladiator. Big thanks to Mr. Crowe!

JukeBox said...

hey 616,

Yeah, Hart to the left coz (I think) the right guard and tackle were injured in the 2nd quarter, and had to be carried off during halftime. I hope he's alright. I only recalled one of them being Mitchell, and the other number 70?

then there was the wave. OK, I am one of them that totally didn't realize that waves can actually start from the south side of the stadium. So I missed it... twice.

laugh as much as you like coz we're there to cheer the team on, make noise and not some fancy wave (or key play thingy) that's going on. =P.

well to some extent if we get laughed at by the other alumni/fans we'd feel worse than losing to Appy State lol.

that Mallet scramble + pass was just perfect. look on espn highlights, it shows what a QB can do.


tcalero said...

If I'm not mistaken, the wave was started while Michigan was on defense. The reason it stopped is because we need to yell our faces off on defense, not worry about the wave.

DaveInNerk said...

As a Buckeye fan, I am glad to see TSUN pulling things together.

I do have a question though. Who the fuck was the dumb ass TB doing the "worm" at the end of the game.

That was fucking embarrassing to the entire B10.

To me, who lived through Cooper losing control of his team, it is a sure sign of Carr losing control of TSUN.

JukeBox said...

It' true, I remember looking intently on the field during that time. I am usually more relaxed when we're on offense.

lol @ davin. I recall seeing someone doing the worm thing, but I don't remember who, I was too busy chanting (WE OWN) and (PENN STATE).

did anyone catch who was doing the worm? It's awesome. We should have the same guy doing the "worm" after we beat TOSU in November.

Jessica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jim said...


I was referencing that new Nike commercial with Sean Merriman and Steven Jackson. Jackson bulls a pack of Steelers up to the goal line and reaches through for the score...eerily reminiscent of Hart's TD run.

Jessica said...

Jim - The creepy-ass JoePa guys? Yeah. You didn't dream them. I wish you had.

JukeBox said...

darn. I got this from freep.

"Alex Mitchell left with a left knee injury in second quarter and was replaced by Jeremy Ciulla. Mitchell returned when Ciulla was injured later on the same series. Tim McAvoy came in at right guard to start the second half as Mitchell and Ciulla were in street clothes.…"

I hope they can start soon, hopefully by the Purdue game.

Sgt. Wolverine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
enginblue09 said...

The students, or at least the ones who aren't freshmen or noobs, were mad that the rest of the fans would not follow tradition. The wave can only be started by the students on the north edge of the student section. (and it was going the wrong way) So when we saw the wave comming around, everyone was yelling to kill it.

IamCris said...

It really is GREAT to be in conference. One more fluffer in EMU but thatwithstanding it's great to be a Mi-chi-gan Wol-ve-rine!!!

JukeBox said...

"The students, or at least the ones who aren't freshmen or noobs, were mad that the rest of the fans would not follow tradition. The wave can only be started by the students on the north edge of the student section. (and it was going the wrong way) So when we saw the wave coming around, everyone was yelling to kill it. "

yeah I saw the signals to change the direction (or was it to split it?), but come on, we haven't got ONE successful wave since Northwestern last year?? wait or was it Ball State but they were at like our 5 yard line and we're just leading by 8 points and I thought, "why are we even doing this wave thing when we could be losing to Ball State?"

We should totally NOT kill a wave. It's fun and at least it's better timed than last week's. And it's kinda sad when the seniors get a wrongly timed wave started. Well I sort recalled Mallet looking over his shoulder last week wondering what's going on, when the wave was like propagating slowly to the southern sections.

The south part of the stadium is more successful at making waves coz it took them 2 tries to make 2 waves(+1). Student sections failed to start a wave like 3 times last weekend (-1) and failed to kill another 2 waves this weekend (-1). Admit it, we (the student section) suck. (and we didn't even try to make one wave the whole game, when the crowd obviously wants one.)

but our Boys in Blue is getting better every week.


616goblue said...

the maize and blue faithful are in a collective good mood when the post game thread is mostly about "who starts the wave..." "what section of the stadium typically needs a couple of times to 'get it' that they need to do the wave..." "the south endzone thought the student section was going to do the 'slow wave' or 'split it' but it continued on in protest of the student section cuz they didnt start it in the first place..."

much more fun than the posts the first two weeks of the season!

BTW Yost, since the "healing pics" worked so well early in the season, how about more such inspirational pix to maintain the momentum?

JukeBox said...

healing pics FTW!!!!

IamCris said...

I ordered my Wofford t-shirt and pint glass last night after the game....total cost including shipping... $25...money well spent!!!