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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day

I normally wouldn't post on a holiday but, in the wake of Michigan's epic debacle against Appalachian State, there's a lot to say and no shortage of folks sending us tips on what that should be. Thus, we're putting up a couple new things today.

You'll find the new stuff after the "Oh, the humanity/Hindenburg" post below (since that seems be the one everybody is linking to, I want to leave it on top for another day).


AD said...

I just still think this is so weird....a team like Michigan, playing a schlub team like that and losing. You have no idea how much "RESPECT" Michigan USED (and I emphasize "used") to have from student bodies like that here at win-starved Illinois....I mean, most of the kids around town wear "MUCK FICHIGAN" t-shirts to every game of the year! I guess they won't any more though.....I'm going to miss that. It's going to be weird having the Wolverines considered to be a "middling" team....just like their basketball team. Oh well...maybe down the road they'll be able to regain some respectability. The thing that sucks, though, is that the mystique is gone forever. Forever. And that's sad.

j said...

I think the announcement will come Tuesday that LC has been fired.
Put a fork in him, he's done.

TitleIX said...

uh, ad, while I agree that the current situation is earth shaking, I don't think that it erases all that Michigan has been in the past nor all that it currently is.

Ryan said...

I love it. Even thought it's a train wreck, it's been an interesting and funny train wreck in a sick twisted way.

SoFlaDave said...

Wait you mean that game counts?

T said...

Your blog is great! I'm an Appalachian State grad and fan. I was at the game Saturday and was so impressed by the courtesy of your fans and stadium staff. There were no "we're gonna kick your hillbilly asses" before the game and there was nothing but "congratulations, your team played a great game" after the game. I have to say that Michigan fans are class acts!

Exley said...

As a Michigan I can see where ad is coming from... much like the limits of US power will never be viewed the same after our recent forays into Iraq I think the mystique of our Football team is also at risk.

But it's not too late, replace Carr and the entire staff, replace them with forward thinking coach and hope we can replicate OSU's home run with good ole sweater vest.

I don't know where that will take us but I know EXACTLY where we are going under Carr's stewardship.

HeadThief said...

Let's say the M administration ousts Carr (or he retires) at the end of the year. Who is on the list of candidates? Miles is logical, but who else? Also, here's a list of what you can do with $400,000. http://landthieves.blogspot.com/2007/09/5-things-400000-will-buy-you.html

Rdub said...

Come on now. There's only one logical choice for the next coach. Jerry Moore. Of course, he's 67 and probably not up to speed on fast paced modern football as it is played from the west coast through the southland. Oh, wait...

kleph said...

a tune up game?

IamCris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SteveMuzZ said...

as a Texas fan I have to say Fuck playing div. 1AA teams called ASU. Though there are millions of you guys that would trade places with us, I am badly worried.. UM and UT might both be riding the pine together.

lb said...

This is a great blog. I came here to bask in the misery of a team with a more humiliating loss than my Irish's tilt, and found some articulate fans with a sense of humor.

I'm no Wolverine fan, but I think the story of the year will be the old "Michigan comes to this game with a chip on its shoulder" cliche, and not just the 1AA beats Michigan line. You have a talented cast. Obviously you have some coaching concerns but your program ought to be able to attract a star hc with its facilities, reputation and dough.

Your blogger is right. You have to endure Carr to the end of the season or your team will blow up. Everybody knows he is a goner who will humbly resign at the conclusion of the season. It isn't necessary to underline the point, although canning his support staff, might be the exclamation point. You may take a hit for a minute on recruiting but if you secure a reputable coach before Feb, you are going to be okay.

If it is any consolation, App. St would have beaten ND on Saturday and probably several teams currently ranked. Your coach got caught with his head up is poopshoot and didn't properly scout or prepare for the contest. Your team panicked when it realized it was being outplayed. App St. worked on its MI gameplan all summer and fed on the product of these factors like a rabid dog at a weenie roast.

Your AD was an imbecile to schedule a team like that, although I assume they weren't the two time 1AA champ when the game was contracted. Still they've been pretty good for awhile so what are you doing messing around with that when it proves nothing unless you hang triple digits on em? If there are any more ticking time bombs of that type, you need to make your apologies, write your liquidated damages checks and get them the hell off your schedule.

See you in a few weeks when for the first time in history, both ND and MI will be unranked when they meet.

In the meantime, come up with a few self-depracating but funny one-liners to deal with the wisecracks and buck up. This is the nadir. No place to go but up.

whetstonebuck said...

The "tune up game?" video is insult to injury.

Okay, I laughed. Sorry.

Don't know when that movie came out, but maybe that's where your AD got the idea to schedule Appy.

SteveMuzZ said...

"If it is any consolation, App. St would have beaten ND on Saturday and probably several teams currently ranked."

count us (Texas) in that camp. Appy might've beaten us by a couple TD's if we had them on saturday.

whyjmann said...

once again, the wolverines have managed to blow their national title hopes in september, and in despicable fashion at that. everyone wants to blame LC. i agree. but he isn't the only one.
the D was horrible. a kindergardner could have run all over our front line and LB's, and a ninety year old woman could have beat our secondary across the middle all day. how is it that every fan in the stadium saw the middle of the field was wide open for 4 quarters, but Ron English couldn't?
the offense... what offense. it was a one man o. if mike hart wasn't with us, it wouldn't have ended as close as it did. mario was absent, chad looked like he was playing his first collegiate game ever, minor still can't hold the ball when it matters. the looked like they were prepared to play a junior high team, not a Div. 1-AA multiple championship team. and the lack of ball movement showed it. nice mr. debord.
all in all, this could be the worst thing i have ever witnessed (the only thing from making it number one on my list is the fact that i live in ohio and have had to listen to these damn buckeye's for 3 straight years now). at this point, our national title hopes are done. so here is my decision. bench 'em all!!! except mike hart, because he deserves to get his numbers and make a good run at the draft next year. other than that, we may as well start rebuilding now, so that when next season rolls around, we won't have a lot of unexperienced guys out there. obviously we can't get it done with the talent, so we may as well let the future start their in-game training now.
there is no doubt in my mind, we play this way next week against the ducks, vs. notre dame, wisconsin, OSU, hell, EMU, we might be looking at a .500 season. i can only pray that isn't so.

motion said...

I am from Ohio and have been a Michigan fan for at least 25years.Something has to be done. Lloyd Carr has lost it and needs to retire or get fired! Lets get Pat Hill From Fresno State he mean and nasty and would not let something like this happen. Look at what they did at USC 2years ago. He will have these kids ready to kill anybody who comes to play the wolverines!!

MarkMack said...

I couldnt agree more with motion. I am also a huge Michigan and live in central California ( Fresno State country ) I have often said that when the opportunity came up for a new coach at Michigan, they should seriously consider Pat Hill. He is emotional, passionate and has a no lose attitude. And when he does lose you can see it on his face and hear it the disgust in his voice. Michigan needs new blood. Someone with no ties to the school. A fresh start. I am all for Pat Hill.

whetstonebuck said...

Geez, Louise, girls. Just skip all the middle men and hire Jim Tressel. You won't have to worry about beating him. It worked with Bo.

Chris said...

I think a better analogy would be to hire one of Sweatervest's assistants.

OnWisconsin! said...

I agree with T.
We went to Ann Arbor for the Wisc game last year and the Michigan fans were as classy as can be imagined.
The only gripe I have is that Wisconsin's 12-1 season is not viewed as valid by Mich fans because we didn't play Ohio St.
Maybe this year, if we are fortunate enough to go 12-1 again, it won't be valid because we didn't play App St.

*MCangel06* said...

that's sad that Michigan lost to ASU! go mountaineers! =)

Gerbeel Haamster said...

I don't get it when you say that the AD was at fault scheduling the game.

Isn't a first-rate program not afraid to first-class opponents?

For instance, Youngstown State?

Ok, that was low. Almost as low as UofM's defensive effort....