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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Friday on the MZone

Lot of stuff today, folks. So scroll down to your heart's content to find:

* Our exclusive interview with Duck head coach Mike Bellotti
* Was the BTN "inspired" by the MZone?
* Another fine edition of KNOW YOUR FOE
* We reveal the problem with the breakdown in Michigan's kicking game
* The most shocking photo you're ever going to see on this site.
* And in the MZone flashback segment today, here's the link to last year's open letter to Duck fans regarding their latest unis.

Finally, if you're a Duck fan stopping by the site for the first time, welcome. Have fun tomorrow in A2 if you're going to the game. As I'm sure Appalachian State fans have told you, we're excellent hosts - both off the field and on it.


Uri said...

I'm a duck fan but I really enjoyed reading the M zone.
Just wanted to bring to your attention another reason why you should be afraid of the Ducks on saturday:
the mighty Donald Duck
(in this video kicking the Houston Cougar's ass after he celebrated following a UH touchdown)


Good Luck guys


Out of Conference said...

Yost & Benny - hats f'ing off to you guys for the increase in material lately. I know you have real jobs and what a pain it is to make sure you have good material for your regulars and newcomers. I hate that the source for a lot of your material this week was what it was.
By the way, I haven't seen any posts from Andy lately - T9 or anyone know anything?

TitleIX said...

I'm here OOC. Just speechless over this week's debacle.
Thanks for asking!
There's been a circling of the wagons in AA-town (aptly double A?) and not much noise is coming from the athletic dept halls.....

They've got a lot to prove this week.

TitleIX said...

with all the boobies it's a bit difficult to post at work ;-)

speaking of kudos to Yost, somebody posted something about a new baby over there!??? which, if true, makes these blogging efforts all the more remarkable!!
Mazel Tov and all that

Yost said...


I saw that, too. I guess I missed the joke as that would be QUITE a shock at this stage in my life.

Maybe Benny's getting laid and I don't know about it.

But I'll take the kudos anyway as I'm a kudo whore.

TitleIX said...

THANK GOODNESS there is no baby involved....
a) completely ruined the image I have in my mind of you, dear Yost
b) there's only one Tom Brady