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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Everybody failed Saturday, including you, Mr. "Down in front!" Michigan fan

"By the first quarter, we knew we were in the game. There were 109,000 people there, and they were pretty quiet."

While the outcome of Saturday's contest might have been a shocker, the comment about the crowd noise by Appalachian State's Corey Lynch, who blocked Michigan's last second 37 yard FG attempt, unfortunately wasn't.

Knowing my frustration with the "key play" bullshit and noise level of the Big (Quiet) House, a number of you left comments or emailed about the usual "Don't wake the baby" attitude toward cheering last Saturday.

And while it seems every Michigan fan site, blog, newspaper and sports talk show is going crazy with talk of firing the entire U-M coaching staff, if that's the case, while we're at it, let's get rid of whoever is in charge of Michigan's cheerleaders, especially after seeing this picture that MZone reader EL took at last Saturday's game...

Now, if you're familiar with the stadium, as you can tell by the picture, these morons are standing in front of the studio section - typically the loudest section at other college stadiums - and basically telling them with their "key play" signs, "Don't be loud."

How 'bout signs that say "Make Noise!" or "Get Loud!"

Nope, Michigan cheerleaders hold up "Key Play" signs. Nice going. Way to really fire people up.

P.S. Check out the "key waver" in the lower right-hand corner of the pic, she even has her pinkie out, like she's at a fucking wine tasting event.

(Quote HT: ST)


MGoBlue93 said...

Does anyone in A2 actively have contact with the cheerleaders? Perhaps they could be persuaded into recycling the "Key Play" signs into something more appropriate.

The Maize Ragers are a pretty new group (didn't exist back in the early 90s when I was there), they've created a great atmosphere in a short amount of time at Crisler... just think if they could do the same in the Big(Quiet) House!!!

I'm not sure if this is the right place to start but perhaps we could write letters and forward Yost's rants to e-mail addresses mined from here and here and here



Katie said...

Guys, I was at the game, from where I sat, it wasn't THAT quiet. I could see the student section, they were quiet vocal. I happend to sit with a group of socialites who I am sure would like to know that I am not sitting near them the rest of the season, but I did manage to get them to cheer a bit! My point though is the guys on the field would wave their hands like, "come on people, make some noise" and the crowd responded. There was lots of crucial moments that the entire crowd was standing and making noise for the team. Now, I will also say, when they decided to kick a field goal before the half....the crowd also booed very loudly. The guy that was sitting next to me said, I never heard the crowd boo their own team before. I did not see the key play signs, they had the GO BLUE signs and did the around the stadium Go Blue (and the crowd did it). Duriing the second half, part of the band came to each section entrance, lined up along the section and played things that the crowd needed to respond to...and each section DID. Now, it is possible in the first quarter after Appy's second TD that the crowd was quiet......we were in F**ing SHOCK! And at the end of the game....seriously...it was a funeral march...for 109,000 + people to be leaving the stadium......you nearly could have heard a pin drop. No one in my section or anywhere that I could see (and I sat in section 21) had their keys out. Seriously, people were loud.

Dave said...

Did anyone else notice that the scoreboard had "Key Play" on it for 3rd downs? And there were outlines of key chains behind the letters.

How about "Yell Loud"...."Make Noise"????

The crowd was totally flat until the second half - then it got louder.

I'll be there again on Saturday - cheering loud as always. Go Blue!

Chris said...

Shaking keys + yelling = more noise than shaking keys XOR yelling.

They're not mutually exclusive, unless you hold your keys in your teeth or something. But that'd just be weird.

Corey said...

Pick up that empty plastic cup you threw down on after guzzling your Morgans and coke. Now pull your keys from your pocket and use it to cut the bottom out, that is unless you have a pocket knife. Now raise the cup with newly formed hole to your mouth and F@cking YELL! Your own Mini-megaphone!!


PS I NEED TWO TICKETS TO PSU/UM game. email cbrooker72

ChicagoWolverine said...


You have clearly never been to another big college venue if you thought it was loud on Saturday. I grew up in Ohio (Sadly) and have been to plenty of OSU Game (Sad again) and that place literally shakes from all the noise. I live in Chicago now and Northwestern's little high school stadium gets louder than the Michigan Stadium. I've sat in the front row of the Big House right behind the Michigan bench (Buddy's season tix) at least a few times every season -- you can have a conversation in normal voice, and hear the people 5 rows behind you having a conversation -- IT'S NOT LOUD in there! Sure when we score a touchdown or complete a big Manningham it's loud for about 30 seconds -- but that's how it should be the entire game!

Katie said...


My bad. I see your point, because, indeed, I too could hear conversations 5 rows behind me. Michigan is the only college venue I have been too. And now that you mention it, when I was in high school (back with the dinasors) there was no way that one could have a conversation during the game becasue of the noise, and I went to a class B school. Well, I won't be there Saturday, I will be in San Francisco, but I will be at the remaining games and I will continue to annoy the hell out of those who sit in my section, because I MAKE NOISE. :o) (Thanks for giving me perspective on it)

Go Blue!

Brian said...

Shaking keys and yelling = more noise than just yelling

Why are you so vehemently against the key thing? It's just weird. I'm with you on the more noise thing, but I fail to see how railing against a noisemaking action accomplishes that.

One Man Gang said...

Why in the world would I want to risk shaking my keys in front of that many drunken troglodytes? I drive a Porsche, for Chrisakes.