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Monday, September 24, 2007

Mike Gundy Meltdown

Saw on EDSBS (via BON) a story on Okie State head coach Mike Gundy's "press conference" following his team's victory over Texas Tech Saturday. Apparently, the coach was less than pleased with a column in the Daily Oklahoman in which Jenni Carlson wrote some things about the OSU QB that Gundy didn't agree with. I mean really didn't agree with. And he let her know just how much at the press conference. Behold...


no one said...

Screw him,
He is just trying to keep the checks coming from T Boone Pickens. He should realize that now the program has a little bit of cash, they will occasionally face less than freindly media.

carl tabb said...

Mundy's got my vote for Coach of the Year. That was awesome! I love nothing better than seeing these dumbass, know-it-all reporters get a good ass chewing. Mundy's exactly right: these are fucking kids, not pro athletes she's mocking. What a ho-bag. Actually, the whole article wasn't drivel, just the part where she's mocking a kid 'cause his mom's feeding him chicken.

Curt said...

I'm with you, Tabb, I thought it was awesome. Did you click on the article to see the face shot of the writer? Gundy nailed it... definitely, no man would have given her a child... yikes!

A2saint said...

That was terrific, as a dad with a kid in high school sports, a kid that isn't the fastest or strongest but tries his ass off I understood everything he said and felt. I hope that reporter looses her press privileges!

Katie said...

That was awesome! I have said it a couple of times this season, that these are just kids, playing ball. That is one reason I love college football, it is more passionate than pro ball, because it is kids like Mallet and Hart just having fun, exactly what it should be. (Another reason I cringe when you all mock Jimmy Clausen)

Erik said...

the link for the article won't work for me. anyone have a different one?

srudoff said...

i'd let my sons play for that coach any day

Killing My Liver said...

I don't have any problem with a kid playing bad. But, when said kid announces his commitment at the College FB HOF, and proudly displays his 3 rings, and is generally douche-like, then I have a problem. He deserves to be mocked, for his attitude alone.

Doug said...

He's 40, he's a grown man . . . twenty bucks says Mike Gundy drives a Dodge Stratus.

MGoBlue93 said...

I didn't read the article but as long as there isn't any flat-out slander in there, I'd be freaking embarrassed if I was 19-20 years old and my mommy went complaining the coach.

Da Braylon said...

I think that was awesome. It's great how he stuck for his player.

surrounded in columbus said...

i don't know. i guess having read the linked article first, and THEN watched the presser, i thought he was a bit over the top. i agree it's important to stand up for a player, but the article didn't exactly strike me as "nuclear".

carlson basically says that the kid came in highly touted, has had maturity problems, and has lost his starting job because of that. she uses the "mom feeding him" schtick as a metaphor for how the kid needs to grow up (ah, feed himself?) and start working harder if he wants to play again.

not flattering, but hardly a massive hatchet job. certainly nothing on the level of vicious or mean spirited that you find in a typical drew sharp ass clown column.

Danny said...

this came from a mother....a mother of children


Jessica said...

This guy is my hero.

MGoBlue93 said...

SiC, another fine post. I was wondering if I was the only one with the same take...

Listen, as parents we all want the best for our kids. And it rips at our hearts when things don't go their way. But that is NOT how life works. The real world can be a big, bad, ugly place. A the world is a place where there's competition. And with competition there are winners and losers.

Now I don't know anyone else but I would much rather have my kids feel some disappointment every now and again. I'd rather have my kids face some leadership challenges. And I think it's perfectly acceptable if my kids get stuck in a character building situation and I automatically don't come running to their defense -- so if some idiot reporter who tries to makes fun of them for eating chicken, my kids know to ignore it, know to look the other way, and know to just keep working harder.

What are folks singing up to do their kid's whole life... constantly come running to their defense? When their kid doesn't get promoted at work, are they gonna call the boss? When their kid doesn't get an 'A' in freshman lit, are they gonna call the the prof? (Well, except if the kid couldn't get into college and goes to tOSU instead, then I bet the prof's couch will get set on fire.) When their kid earns an athletic scholarship but doesn't start are they gonna call the AD?

I also coach ODP soccer. Every day I see tons of kids who haven't a clue. Mom and Dad demand that everyone gets a trophy -- just showing up and participating these days is cause for taking home some hardware. Mom and Dad demand that everyone plays... yet every season a quarter of the team misses most of the practices. In development leagues I still had to play them but in travel leagues I won't. What kind of message do folks think this sends to children -- rewards for no work??? And if sports is a metaphor for life, how successful are my kids gonna be if I baby them all the time -- not very I'll tell ya. And how fair do folks think it is to the other kids who may actually bust their ass if they lose playing time because someone's parents complained?

Why am I getting teenage kids, and I'm their first exposure in their life to concepts like teamwork, accountability, dedication, and there are consequences for their decisions? I'll tell you why, it's because of parents like EXACTLY like Reid's mom who went to Gundy because some reporter dared to suggest her very talented son wasn't living up to his potential. Gimme a freaking break.

Bo's new book is a great sanity check. Folks should take a look at it.

Jim said...

I guess I didn't see the horror of the article either. For the record, the article wasn't about what he was doing on the field, it was about his attitude. I don't know how accurate or ethical her sources were (that's another issue, entirely), but calling the kid on his attitude isn't the same as banging on a kid for dropping passes or missing tackles. "Kids" make mistakes, but it's not too much to ask of a scholarship athelete to be hard-working, competitive and a good teammate. If Reid is all those things and the reporter is just talking out of her...um, ear...then I'd say, by all means, have at her.

It doesn't really surprise me, though, that the Mom who was feeding the guy his lunch would also go running to the coach over the article. I have kids of my own and work with kids on a daily basis. You can only protect them so far. Eventually, they have to stand on their own. Trust me, Mom's not doing that kid any favors. Reporters can be needlessly snide and cruel, but that's the lfe of a quarterback, right? Ask Chad Henne.

whetstonebuck said...


Excellent take on the culture. Spot on, yada, yada, yada,
I also have first hand experiences with elitist, over-indulgent parents raising whiney brats. However, the dig at tOSU was over the top. It made you sound elitist…the very type of people you are castigating.

While growing up in the southwest and encountering very rude people in public, my mother would sigh and say, “They’re from New Jersey or Michigan. What else can you expect?” Sure enough, their license plate or other identifier revealed home was either state. Her prognosticating proved true through the years to the present. And before you and others call out the dogs, many of our kin hail from Michigan and yes, they fit the mold. Consequently, I always laugh when I read about how superior the Michigan folks see themselves compared to their southern, single-toothed, illiterate, couch-burning neighbors.

You all might want to check your water supply...or a mirror.

MGoBlue93 said...

whetstonebuck... sorry but I'm not buying your take one bit!

Just as you think my comment about couch burning is tired, so do I think the typical, including yours, buckstache rants about elitism is as equally tired.

Some explained this to you last week.

Everyone can come up with anecdotal evidence in here about how what state has the rudest people.

But the overwhelming majority of such anecdotes is that buckstache nation has some issues. Just don't ask Michigan fan... ask SEC fan, ask Big 12 fan, as Penn State fan, see USA Today.

I also find it interesting that Holbrook denied there was a problem when she was there but has no problem throwing tOSU under the bus now. What, are you going to call her elitist too?

Just because you read it in a Michigan board doesn't make the national perception any less true. And I believe the job of forum policeman is already taken.

whetstonebuck said...



Well, I thought that might spice up a slow Monday. Maybe I’ll back off on the habanero.

There's nothing to buy. I'm not selling anything. Your money's safe.

Of course my comments were anecdotal. I just thought it was humorous. I love the belief that everyone is an elitist—but our gang. You know, everyone's congressman is corrupt, but ours, etc.

As far as asking other fans around the country about their take, I don't find that necessary. All anecdotal evidence being equal...

Again, as a citizen of the Great Southwest, I enjoy the geographic, culture and academic wars waged by college football fans across the nation. It is what it is. It's a lot of fun. Don't get all hot and bothered.

I think the jab about "forum policeman" was a bit unnecessary. I'm just a guest here. I hang around because I like the discussion, the people and I respect Michigan football because of the rivalry.

Matt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt said...

That was great. I've seen some of the major meltdowns before and those coaches looked bewildered and nuts. Coach Gundy actually gained my full respect. This is something that every coach should aspire to. Tabb, I agree that he is 100% right. People forget that these athletes are just kids, and I can't say that I'm always so innocent.

Ironically, I was reminded of this in December when I heard Kirk Herbstreit respond to accusations of him calling Steve Breaston "worthless" by saying, "Am I really going to call some kid worthless?"

I would be lucky if I could one day be a parent who stands up for his child with the same passion as Coach Gundy. This is coaching at its finest. God, that's why he was so right about bringing up parenting.

ON THE OTHER HAND, however, I do also agree that some parents and some kids do overreact to criticism, so I have to read the article first. In any case, I do respect Coach Gundy for sticking up for his player like that. Charlie Weis, take note.

Matt said...

Alright, read it. And you know what? I didn't like it. She's calling out the kid in public as a baby. So what if he has some maturity problems? That's even more reason not to attack him in public! I don't blame Coach Gundy for getting upset.

surrounded in columbus said...

Upset? There's upset, & there's this.

To me, it's a matter of degree. It's one thing to say that bringing the kid's relationship w/ his mother into the story was making it too personal- that might even be right. And it would certainly be admirable for a coach to step up & say- hey, you've crossed a line.

But to blow up like that? I mean absolutely melt down? Nothing noble in losing your cool like that.

Especially over this article. This is the same coach that just benched the kid. Looking @ the paper's website, this is not the forst article questioning this kid's leadership or maturity. And aside from the reference to his mom feeding him, the article wasn't inflammatory. It wasn't flattering but it was no different than a 100 others you could read anyday in any paper. Go read some Pa news & see the critiques being laid on Morelli & their fumbling tail back. This column was nothing compared to some.

Finally, can we admit that some 20 year old being spoon fed by his mom is a little wierd? When was the last time anyone posting or reading had a parent hand feed them? Unless he's filming a chunky soup ad like mcnabb, 20 is a little old, no matter how close they are.

Katie said...

I have heard stuff about Clausen, like he has had a trainer since he was 7......his attitude and actions can be traced directly back to his parents no doubt. Now though it is a coachs job to show these kids how to behave. Just like Mallett with his touchdown run and flipping the ball, when he came off the field, coach Carr had his ear and it wasn't to say congrats, it was to say that behavior won't be tolerated.(that is MY assumption) He handled it very well at the press conference he made a mistake and learned from it. Plain and simple. Kids do need to know that there are consequenses to their actions, but in particular, kids who are in the spotlight, need a little bit of protection, in my humble opinion.

Jeff said...

A 20yr old man letting his Mom feed him in front of the team bus? That is practically begging to made of fun of. My 9yr old won't let his Mom even wipe his mouth of in public cause he's not a baby anymore. Mundy needs to get a grip. Is he protecting the kid or is he hiding behind the article so he doesn't have to explain the QB switch?

Joshua said...

Awesome. I want to suit up for him tomorrow.

It may not be the worst hackjob in today's world of shock journalism (what a surprise that dodd defended her today), but this line is completely classless:

"Or does he want to be coddled, babied, perhaps even fed chicken?"

Matthew said...

I wanna make a comment too and pretend like someone's reading it and that it matters!

Write write write write write write write write write write write write write write write write write write write write write.

Good grief, there's a lot of long-winded people reading this blog. A few good points, just not very funny ones.

BTW - doug: An SNL reference I nearly forgot. THAT was funny!

AJBlue7 said...

What you guys fail to realize is that the article is an opinion piece. From what I've read the article appeared in an opinion section, not in a more traditional "fact" based section. Reid is 21, hardly an 18 year old newbie freshman. The author is stating rumors, which she mentions several times as being such. So as a reader you either believe the rumors or you don't. Don't kill the messenger. This little baby doesn't need to be coddled all the way up into his 30s. Not by his coach and not by his mother. If anything he should be learning how to be a man. After all, he allegedly has conduct/behavior issues likening him to being a big baby. This behavior shouldn't be encouraged or reinforced. It should be changed. And let's not forget the fact that he was benched. That's a coach's decision.

I'm only a couple years older than this "kid" and I can tell you right now, aside from some serious illness/injury, there is no way in hell I'd let my mom feed me no matter how bad I felt and especially not in public. No one I know would either. That's just asking for it. Maybe that's hard for a mother to understand because "they'll always be you're little boy" but to the rest of us it’s just plain Norman Bates creepy. I'm glad I have a dad who taught me some stereotypical masculinity and a mom who didn't smother me growing up.

As for Gundy, even if I thought the article was offensive, I still would think his reaction was over the top. It seems like he was playing on parents' heartstrings to try to muster up support. Troy who? There was a classier way to handle the whole situation in my opinion.

Here’s a quote from Mike Huguenin that sums up what I think: “Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy sure lost it Saturday. In the aftermath of his team's dramatic 49-45 victory over Texas Tech – yes, in the aftermath of a win – he berated Oklahoma City Daily Oklahoman columnist Jenni Carlson for a piece she did on former Cowboys starting QB Bobby Reid. (The video clip of Gundy's "talk" is available on YouTube.) Instead of talking about his team's gut-check victory or taking questions, he went on a harangue lasting almost three-and-a-half minutes. At the end of his tirade, he asked, "Who's the kid here? Who's the kid here?" Uh, it's you, Mike. Maybe you can use some of the money donated to the athletic department by Boone Pickens and get some therapy."

TitleIX said...

sooooo, a zillion thoughts from me on this one.
1) helicopter parent shows coach the article--what's that about?
2) Coach goes OFF after a big win? Hmm, me thinks the lady doth protest too much.
3) what if the author of the article were male?????
4) how many times do sports writers fill their weekly columns with 'personal interest' stories about the athletes? Has anyone ever gone after Drew Sharp? Jim Carty? Mark May? WTF.
Sorry Coach, big time athletics means big time attention. And your QB is 21 TWENTY-ONE.

Compare/Contrast this yahoo to Lloyd. or Charlie. or Joe Pa.

to quote another coaching rant:

beast in 'bama said...

T9: In my former life as a sportswriter, I got blasted by two coaches who were more preoccupied with getting their teams behind them than with the football business at hand. As to your point #2, you couldn't be more correct.

I don't agree with the approach this particular writer took, even in an opinion piece. But there is a LOT of salvage work for Gundy to do right now with this team's psyche, and he's liable to do anything to keep T. Boone Pickens strokin' those checks.

MGoBlue93 said...

3) what if the author of the article were male?????

T9... for me personally, I could give two shits about the gender of a sports columnist.

That doesn't mean to say that I'm naive enough to think that to some it does matter.

We used to have a sports columnist out here named Ralph Routon. Judging from his appearance in his photo that appeared by the dateline, he looked like 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag; I’d wager he hadn’t done an athletic thing in his life.

So here he is a few years ago writing about how the CC hockey team sucks, the school should drop the sport all together, yada yada yada. The next year, CC won the national championship.

The moral of this story... for a lot of people, the credibility gab comes not from one’s race or gender but from being knowledgeable about the subject. I have a hard time reading hack columnists who obviously haven’t earned anything or played an organized sport in their life.

Of course, there are some folks who try to make gender and race issues out of everything and they are successful at it.

TitleIX said...

so what I hear you saying then is that someone's credibility is decreased if they haven't gone thru something themselves, right?
so if you haven't played a sport you can't comment on it or have relevant insights? Guess I need to shut my piehole about football then...
(hold your applause gentlemen)

It was interesting to me to see the immediate responses to the video about no one wanting to have children with the reporter and other such relevant comments about her gender.
And, I have to wonder if the coach would have gone off against a tall male reporter with such vehemence. Or even mention his status (or lack thereof) as a parent.

BARman said...

I was amazed when I saw so much support by the (especially early) posters here. This is fruitcake behavior--if for no other reason than the degree and duration of his rant. Gundy could have let his displeasure and opinion be known in a more adult, controlled manner. It would have taken on more weight as a result...

Matt said...

Look, I know it was wrong and over the top, but I just found it amazing for a coach to be defending his player like that.

I think that Bobby Reid might have some maturity issues, so he's not the kind of guy you go after. Do you get what I'm saying? Let's say he has the emotional maturity of a 10-year-old. So leave the kid alone.

MGoBlue93 said...

T9... I think you're taking my analogy a bit to the extreme. By way of comparison I enjoy folks like Jeremy Schapp and Erin Andrews. I'm pretty sure netiher one of them ever played football either! But they are entertaining, well spoken, prepared for their spots, etc. I also don't see them making exucses and taking part in Drew Sharp/Woody Paige/Jenni Carlson ass-baggery.

If you someone wants to be a tabloid journalist fine, but I used someone like Ralph Routon, who used to set himself up for attacks as if on purpose, and had never played the sport he is being controversial about, well... I just don't find those types all that credible.

And, I have to wonder if the coach would have gone off against a tall male reporter with such vehemence. Or even mention his status (or lack thereof) as a parent.

Only Gundy knows for sure and I bet he wouldn't publicly tell the truth.

Gundy siezed the opprotunity to deflect criticism. He's taken a lot of heat for not being emotional or caring -- espcially after OSU's loss to Troy. He was able to defelect the heat and blame by using Jenni Carlson in a wag the dog type move. His grandstanding is also working for recruiting as 90% of the parents in the blogosphere is saying, "I want my kid to play for that coach".