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Friday, September 07, 2007

Daily Affirmation: Day 359


Mr. Parker said...

Thought this may make you feel better. Check out my site... The title is top 10 female athletes I would have sex with

zen wizard said...

I don't suppose a good showing by the Field Hockey team would mitigate the situation?

defensewinsgames said...

O.K. all you Blog pussies.
It's time to stop grousing.
Was it over when the german's bombed pearl harbor? NO!
It's time to pick your heads up.
Enough is enough.
The blame game is not what we're about.
"34-32" is Fox News talking heads and neon "shock and awe".
It's a car wreck on the side of the road.
It's ugly.
You have to look.
Keep driving.
On Saturday night I questioned my blind faith to Michigan Athletics.
I next remembered where I first learned to ask questions.
And to persevere.
Not to quit.
To hold myself accountable.
To learn from every experience and mistake.
Michigan football is more than sport.
It's Ann Arbor...
..the Diag, the steps of the Union, and the crane buried under the field.
It's the ghost of Yost and a freshman Madonna.
It's Apollo 15.
It's the Peace Corps, SDS and everything since.
It's a man named Ford. (I watched as he was interned. Strong stuff.)
It's Fritz Chrisler and the Winged Helmet.
It's a baton floating over the goalpost.
It's the corner of Bates and Congress, where it all began.
It's *not* arrogance, as you've heard far too many times this week.
As you learned in Ann Arbor, check the source.
"*For the glory and fame they've bro't us. Loud let the bells them ring*"

John said...

mr. parker - the real question is are there 10 female athletes that would have sex with you?

Mr. Parker said...

Most are softball catchers and women rugby players.