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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Breaking News: The Buckstache Strikes Again!

If you're a regular reader of the MZone, you probably know about The Buckstache - our moniker for a mustache sported by Buckeye fans, players and players-to-be, a grooming choice which we here at the MZone noticed seems to increase one's chances of being arrested by, oh, about 684%.

Case in point: Tosu QB Antonio Henton.

The facial-hair-loving third stringer was arrested Monday night and charged with soliciting a prostitute in Columbus. According to the link, the arrest took place at 8:30 pm.

Now, having never solicited a prostitute myself (although some who know the girl I asked to my high school homecoming dance junior year may dispute that), I always thought such transactions were more of a late night affair. I guess Henton was thinking, "Damn, really want to get laid, but don't want to be out late doing it."

And how sad to see a varsity football player at a top ten program have to resort to prostitution for sex (rather than drunk sororities girls saying, "I don't normally do this."). Man, it must really suck to be third string at OSU.

On other note, just the thought of a "Columbus hooker" is almost enough to initiate the ol' gag reflex.

(HT: Lisa)


surrounded in columbus said...

the idea that any varsity player would need to get a hooker in this town is mind boggling. the level of "groupiness" that follows tosu football is astounding. from the doe eyed frosh (or younger, for example- 2004 stories on a certain WR) to booster's wives (for example- prior stories a b-ball recruiting scandals under O'Brien), that Henton needed to hire someone? go figure?

Maize said...

As I have mentioned elsewhere, the gender of this prostitute was not mentioned. Don't assume it was a female, cuz it might not have been a "female."

JoBu said...

At least it wasn't indecent exposure. Michigan players have the market cornered on that offense.

Tom said...

...The thought of an "Ann Arbor hooker" surely isn't a better alternative.

srudoff said...

jeremy lesuer: arrested for solicitation of a prostitute

larry harrison: arrested for masturbating in public on the front porch of several houses in ann arbor

i guess the level of groupiness in ann arbor isn't up to par with columbus...

buckidrummer said...

Two things from this:

First the obvious. You're a quarterback at Ohio State, you can get it wherever, why is he trying to pick up something that he has to pay for.

Second, maybe not so obvious. He only offered $20, so maybe thats a sign the payoffs for the players are finally gone? or at least slimmed down greatly

Maize said...


Savoy was cleared of the charge...

The woman was unable to pick out his pecker in the police lineup

surrounded in columbus said...

no, srudoff. it's not even close

WingRG said...

"Toto, i don't think we're in Nevada anymore ... "

ChicagoWolverine said...

Didn't some notre dame player get arrested for the same thing this summer?

But I'm with everyone else -- it's amazing these guys have to pay to get laid.. you'd think chicks would be lining up.

I must say though.. During my tenure at Michigan I did run into Tom Brady a few times at a Beta party before he was the starter, chicks didn't know who he was and didn't give him the time of day...

srudoff said...

lesueur got busted for soliciting (and accosting) a Ypsilanti hooker - much worse IMO than a columbus or ann arbor hooker

anyone know how long jeremy was suspended by carr? trying to head off the "can't believe tressel didn't kick him off the team - he's ok with this type of behavior" talk before it starts

srudoff said...

and my point earlier SIC is that this happens in Ann Arbor as well as in Columbus so let's remember that as all of the holier than thou rhetoric is posted

srudoff said...

Lesueur arrested in March, suspended, reinstated in August prior to their first game. Never missed a game....

surrounded in columbus said...

your level of level of denial, like so many tosu fans, is so far past disbelief and cognitive dissonance that i think most michigan fans don't bother reading your endless excuses, let alone replying (yeah, i don't know why i bother, either). if 30+ arrests in 6+ seasons is what you think happens "everywhere", good for you.

actually, the story isn't really interesting because it's another tosu arrest- that's very old news to the point of boring everyone.

it's merely interesting because of the type of crime.

on another note, tosu suspended Henton indefinitely following arraignment this a.m. let's face it- he is third string.

WingRG said...

SiC and the rest,

the guy just wanted a $20 hooker instead of a sorority girl that he'd have to talk to afterwards. Call me a liberal, but i don't see what's wrong with that. I know it's illegal, and i know some of you (especially the married ones) consider it immoral, but there's a reason that prostitutes are called the "oldest profession": it's been going on since the beginning of times.

This country, with some of its values left over from the Puritan times, is light years behind other countries in issues such as gambling and prostitution.

What the guy did was illegal, but i don't see a capital crime here (in fact, i see a victimless crime)

Dezzi said...


So Lesueur got suspended during the summer... do you know what that suspension entailed? I'm betting on no. Adrian Arrington got suspended from the team for the summer too... I'm pretty darn sure, after hearing what he had to go through to get back on the team, that he'd rather have been suspended for a few games.

JoBu said...

The holier than thou attitude from Michigan fans towards this is unbelievable. This idea that Michigan players are somehow morally superior to OSU players is a joke.

Want an example?

Check out this Detroit Free Press Article from this summer (8/17):


I count 4 Michigan players mentioned involved in various scraps with the law. Funny, no mention here about that.

But wait, there is more. Check out some of the comments from Michigan fans at the bottom of the article:

"Players who get splinters on their butts from sitting the bench too much, big deal"

"Two people nobody has ever heard of.

This is not a story just like most of the stuff the freep has been putting up on here the last few weeks.

Please football get here soon so we don't have to talk about things that happened in March with two football players that we will never hear of again."

Oh, and don't forget:

"I agree with you that we just need to be sure that any suspect, college athlete or not, does not get tried and convicted in the press."

And maize, the implication that it was a male and not a female is bush league. I thought you guys were above that kind of stuff.

JoBu said...

Since the article link cut off in my comment, you can just read it here.

surrounded in columbus said...

catherine mckinnon may come by your house w/ a lynch mob for calling prostitution victimless, but otherwise, i'd agree it's not like OMVI, felony drug dealing, armed robbery & assault, etc.

some sort of suspension is necessary, if only to reinforce the "don't do anything stupid" rule.

and if i thought he'd gone to the corner to avoid talking to sorority girls? okay, i'd have to give you that one.

surrounded in columbus said...

add up the numbers. when you find 15 UM football players arrested since 2001, you'll be half way to columbus

JoBu said...

Surrounded, so somehow 15 arrests is a permissible number for a D-1 school, but OSU's number is not? Isn't that doing the denial stuff you just got on your high horse about?

Look, I'm not saying that everyone that plays for Ohio State is a saint, far from it. I'm also not justifying the crimes. All I'm saying is you're throwing stones from glass houses. And doing it in a very condescending manner.

And if you want to warp statistics, lets compare arrests in the past year. I think you've got the lead in that one. Although, to be fair, you're no Texas.

surrounded in columbus said...

compare Sweater Boy's record to Carr's over the same time period. do the math. we don't have as many as 15. you have roughly 30 or more, but who's counting? certainly not you.

srudoff said...

what would i be in denial about? he fucked up and he should be suspended. my pointing out lesueur was to make sure people who live in glass houses don't throw stones. just like if OSU ever loses to a 1 AA school, we won't be able to bring up Appalachian state anymore. Until then, we'll continue to remind Michigan fans that they lost to a team that lost to Wofford.

JoBu said...

I'll be happy to compare Tressel's arrest record to Lloyd's. I believe they stand at 0-0.

As for wins and losses:
Tressel at Ohio State: 66-14 (.825)

Carr at Michigan: 114-38 (.750)

Tressel against 1-AA teams in 2007: 1-0

Carr against 1-AA teams in 2007: 0-1

And, to my knowledge (and who knows, I could be wrong) no starter on OSU's team has been arrested while part of the team. I don't think Michigan can make the same claim (coughAdrianArringtoncough).

Crabapple Buck said...

Since SiC likes to go back in time, I will remind him that the reason for Lloyd Carr's hiring is that your HEAD COACH was stupid enough to be drunk and disorderly in a strip joint. SiC can condescend all he wants, but I'm sure he will give us a complete breakdown of every tOSU arrest since prohibition while forgetting all UM indescresions. I think SiC majored in Revisionist History.

dh said...

Surrounded - You're living in the past. Not surprising since Michigan's last outright National Championship was in 1948. LOL.

Ohio State had 1 arrest in 2006, and now 1 in 2007. Compare that to Michigan's multiple arrests and Top 5 finish in the 2007 Fulmer Cup and you'll see that Ohio State is much improved, while Michigan is heading in the wrong direction.

You should be proud of that Fulmer Cup finish. We all know you won't be Top 5 in anything else.

zen wizard said...

If you pick up a hooker in downtown Columbus, it's a coin flip that she's not really a chick.

(Could ya...just trust me on this one?)

We alumni call this part of the "extracurricular education."

WingRG said...


This was in Short North (not downtown) but that location makes your statement even more true.

Todd said...

(rather than drunk sororities girls saying, "I don't normally do this.").

Ahh, memories

surrounded in columbus said...

you're right. he f'd up & should be suspended. don't think anyone said much other than that until a bunch of thin skinned tosu fans showed up making excuses for him.

face it- you guys are embarrassed by the off field behavior over Switzer's tenure, whether you admit it or not. the fact that you swarm like flies over this confesses it. people laugh at you, your name has become linked w/ scandal, and you don't like it. and there's nothing you can do about it but count the W's and tell yourself that is all that matters.

so, let's all just save ourselves some time. next time there's a tosu arrest, instead of all this typing, just pick your excuse from the list below, and type the number. it'll be a lot quicker.

1) Oh yeah? it's just like that at michigan.

2) It happens everywhere.

3) The press always makes too much of this when you're the best.

4) Tressel's a disciplinarian.

5) Running laps really is a good punishment.

6) It doesn't happen here anymore often than anywhere else.

7) Yeah, well, we OWN you!

that should speed things along.

now, go ahead and type another dozen posts about our w-l record, lesuer's 2000 arrest (and you accuse ME of living in the past?), and how successful your program is.

'cause that'll clear away the 30+ criminal arrests under Switzer since lesuers's, won't it?

dh said...

SiC - You're right. Two arrests in two years is totally unacceptable.

We'll never be a Top 5 Fulmer Cup team like Michigan if we don't pick up the pace.

surrounded in columbus said...


wouldn't have been easier to just type:

#1, and #2"


srudoff said...

Case Dismissed by Franklin County

nothing to see here, move along

srudoff said...


WingRG said...

Defendants in criminal cases should be tried in the court of law, not in the media (blog is a form of media).

Poor Henton, from now on he'll have to talk to sorority girls if he wants to get laid. Pathetic.

On the other hand, he can do what one of my rugby team-mates used to do. He'd usually say: "If you leave now, i'll call you a cab" :-)

Yeager, if you're reading this, i'm sorry i'm giving out your "trade secrets".

surrounded in columbus said...

sorry to piss on the cornflakes dude, but i think you may have misread the docket.

the ozone (which, let me say, carries an outstandingly well written and relatively unbiased analysis of the previous michigan game every monday, titled, not surprisingly, "michigan monday") had a report early in the day that the it wasn't clear that the "antonio henton" arrested was the tosu QB, as the birthdate on the pleading didn't jive w/ that in the media guide.

if you run the search on just his name, no b-dates, you'll see two cases for the same name. both have the same descriptions, allegations, etc., but each has a different date of birth. otherwise they're identical. one has been dismissed. the other is still standing.

i'm thinking (it's just a guess) the dismissed case is the wrong birthday. the other (still pending) is the correct.

but i could be wrong.

surrounded in columbus said...

the pending case is: 2007 CR B 024359 CITY OF COLUMBUS vs. HENTON, ANTONIO J COL/

the dismissed case is: 2007 CR B 024337 CITY OF COLUMBUS vs. HENTON, ANTONIO J COL/

same arresting officer, charge, home address, etc.

just different birthday's.

srudoff said...

yep :(

it's times like these, and ONLY times like these, when I wish that Coach Carr was coaching the Buckeyes. Run a few stairs, miss the first quarter against one of the directional michigan schools and all is forgiven.


surrounded in columbus said...

yeah, though you could have typed "#1" and covered it.

but now that i think about it, maybe all the off the field problems @ tosu was Lloyd all along. that must be it.

remember when Boone got hit w/ his OMVI Spring, 2006?

since Sweater Boy runs a tight ship (#4), he would have handed out some iron punishment, man of honor that he is.

what must have happened is that Switzer and Carr traded summer jobs. it was really Carr who punished Boone w/ "internal discipline". then when Switzer came back, he started Boone @ tackle w/out ever missing a game, because he thought Lloyd had taken care of it?

now that i think about it, that would also explain the BCS game, right? Switzer had a "paterno-like" problem or something, so they had Lloyd put on a sweater vest and stand in. then he was the one to make the call for the off tackle run on 4th & 1 on the tosu 29 late in the 2nd quarter? that would explain a lot, i suppose.

maybe i'll add a "#8- it was really Lloyd in disguise" to the pick list of excuses.

not said...

I know why he decided to go get a hooker. Better to pay a hooker for sex than get sex for free from an attention whore OSU coed that would have turned around and falsely charge him with rape.

srudoff said...

again, i made no excuses whatsoever so your list is assinine. he messed up, he deserves to be punished. no excuses. and once again, lesueur and harrison were brought up for the glass houses effect. no excuses. so you're saying i'm in denial but didn't back that up and giving us a list of excuses but no one made any excuses. even when i said "it happens in michigan" i made a point to say my intention was to stop any holier than thou rhetoric (more glass houses) - no excuses.

oldwestside said...

Crabapple buck,

Moeller got a little drunk at Excalibur, which was a FANCY suit and tie restaurant, not a strip club.

The point of this thread isn't that another tOSU player got in trouble with the law -- Michigan fans point to this last summers transgressions as another reason Carr needs to go -- but that he is sporting a Buckstache!

No Buckstache = No post. The $20 he tried to offer the hooker would have been better spent on an engineering student designing a 15 blade razor that you could hold a foot away from your face and get a close shave.

surrounded in columbus said...


it was too many grand marniers (sp?) wasn't it? $$$ stuff (at least for me).

surrounded in columbus said...


No, you said nothing of the sort related to this incident.

But what do you call your glass houses schtick?

Pointing out that michigan has had one arrest for every dozen arrests of tosu players under Tressel is supposed to convey what? That since michigan has some arrests, that makes tosu’s huge volume of arrests alright somehow?

Your program under Switzer has had more player arrests for off field crimes than damned near anyone in the country over the same stretch. What’s your point? leseur’s arrest in 2000 means others shouldn’t be allowed to criticize the roughly 30 or so tosu has had since?

That’s living in a glass house?

Hell, tosu has had almost as many felony charges as michigan has had arrests for anything.

Every program has kids get in trouble. The number of kids in our program that have had problems is right in the fat part of the bell curve since 2001. Tosu’s is twice to three times that.

Well, I’ll take that glass house. You throw a dozen rocks. I’ll throw 30.

srudoff said...

i don't think you're understanding anything here - i'm not comparing volume, just pointing out that Michigan has had a player arrested for the same thing, along with another player with a similar deviation (actually probably a much worse deviation). i typed that slowly in hopes that it would help you understand

surrounded in columbus said...

yes. that helped. i was able to read that w/ out moving my lips too fast.

we had someone arrested for this in 2000, so we live in a glass house. got it. we shouldn't think badly of switzer's program because we had someone arrested for the same thing 7 years ago, right? because you judge a program by a single event, no matter how long ago, rather than looking at a series of events over a period of time. sure.

and of course you're not comparing volume. the single arrest in 2000 condemns the whole program basically forever? that's how to judge a program's off the field integrity. not how many times something happens, but whether it ever happened. only the perfect are allowed to find fault in others.

i'm sorry- did i type that too quickly?

srudoff said...

lesueur was 2002, harrison jr was what? last year? 2005? (and a much worse offense btw)

surrounded in columbus said...

okay, the offense was much worse in 2005, but if Hart & Long were to get hurt tomorrow? we'd look pretty much the same as then.

oldwestside said...

Give it a rest...it made news only because they found a picture with a mustache! It IS FUNNY.

I wonder if Harrison was the guy who was always in crime notes of the daily, masturbating in the arb?

god of the whoppers said...

some of you forgot:
Students recieving booster money while tressel is at YSU: countless
students receiving booster money while tressel is at tOSU: one we know of
students receiving booster money while carr at Umich: 0
if they are, at least they know when to shut their mouths and not be obnoxious about it. if you wan to know about ann arbor hookers, ask the pikes, they know

MGoBlue93 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MGoBlue93 said...

RE: wingrg 9:17 AM...

WTF, tOSU doesn't have sorostitutes???

again, i made no excuses whatsoever -- srudoff

complete bullshit... your complete M.O. is not to offer anything constructive to the forum. You constantly whine and bitch and complain about "elitist Michigan" and "obsessed with tOSU Michigan" and yet for the year I've been posting here, all I've ever seen you do is poke your head in solely to stir up trouble. Who's obsessed with who? (it's a rhetorical question, you need not answer).

And then in your canned list of responses is "it happens everywhere". Perhaps... but it happens in Columbus more than anywhere else. Your scarlet and grey glasses prevent you from seeing the truth... SiC is right on the money!

Fact of the matter is, from Art Schlichter through Maurice Clarrett (a time period spanning more than 1 generation), tOSU has a developed quite a distinguished list of felons. I'll put our Arringtons, Lesuers, and fuck lions up against that bunch any day!

WingRG said...


of course we have easy sorority girls, but they usually hang out on 15th and High, not 6th and High. Like i said earlier, maybe he just wanted some ass without having to talk to the girl afterwards (sorority girls here are pretty cute, but most of them don't make good conversation partners).

You know, sometimes the work that you'd have to put into it is worth more than $20 he offered the undercover. That's not my opinion or MO, but some people do operate like that.

JoBu said...

As a Buckeye fan, I think what Henton did was completely stupid and an embarrassment to the program. You're a QB at THE Ohio State University! That should at least guarantee you some girl that rates a 5 as opposed to trying to pick up a $20 hooker.

And shave off that lame mustache.

However, here was my point in posting to begin with. Michigan has had way more arrests in the past year than OSU. This isn't just me throwing out random numbers, you can read it in the papers. I even threw out proof in the comments here (which was totally ignored, btw). Because of this indisputable fact, I feel that a Michigan fan lecturing me about the arrest records of the team I root for has about as much validity as Michael Vick telling me how to take care of my dogs.

Lead said...

The molestache/Buckstache is a good look OSU. Besides having twice as many arrests OSU, I think the real issue, in terms of media attention/ridicule, is who your criminals/money grubbers are. Mo Clarret-The hero back that won the national title. Troy Smith-Your handsomely paid starting qb. Face it. At least Tressel looks pious with the sweater vest. Must of picked up that trick when cheating at Youngstown.

Der Schatten said...

If Henton is mobile, you know for a fact he'll be reinstated for the Big Game. Sweatervest is a firm believer in "discipline" that makes Bobby Bowden and Houston Nutt blush. Just sayin'.

dh said...

I guess court dates are optional for Michigan football players.

Arrest warrant out for UM's Graham

surrounded in columbus said...


yes, Graham missed a date in traffic court and the court issued an appearance ticket/bench warrant.

frankly, it's pathetic.

dh said...

Michigan players didn't show up against App. State or Oregon; so it's not surprising they don't show up for court either.

They're probably just too busy with their General Studies course load.

surrounded in columbus said...

general studies? that's f'ing hilarious.

from a school who once had a starting LB failing golf, whose players can take "football" for credit, and whose academic ranking in world news report list isn't even in the top 50? f'ing funny.

dh said...

SiC - General Studies - as in 60% of Michigan football players who've declared a major have selected General Studies.

In case you missed it, there was a great column by Drew Sharp on this issue.

Hail to the hypocrites; U-M's arrogance is academic

I can see why you Michigan lemmings don't like this guy.

surrounded in columbus said...


where'd you learn about lemmings?

major in animal husbandry? or maybe that seminar out at the farm titled: "small rodent breeding for fun & profit- no term paper required"?

so, just what do football players learn when they're in their "football" class? i'm sure it's much more specific than "general", right?

dh said...

so, just what do football players learn when they're in their "football" class?

They learn how to beat Michigan, although that's not much of a challenge anymore.

surrounded in columbus said...

that would be a #7 excuse.

dh said...

SiC - I see you prefer numbers. I'll remember that when I see you at work. I'll be sure to ask you for a "#1" instead of a "Big Mac Extra Value Meal".

surrounded in columbus said...


you know to get the tosu grad off your front porch?

pay him for the pizza!

and let me say this, as it is the god's honest truth- my maid graduated from tosu- class of 90 something.

dh said...

and let me say this, as it is the god's honest truth- my maid graduated from tosu- class of 90 something.

I think you just "pulled a Tressel" on us. LOL

Good one about paying for the pizza! I had never heard that before - very original. Are you some kind of comedy writer?

surrounded in columbus said...

no, living in columbus 17 years has built up a lot of material.

and the maid is a tosu grad. she runs her own cleaning business and ours is one of the houses she does herself.

it just sounds better the way i tell it.

and maybe THAT is pulling a tressel.