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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blogpoll Ballot: Week 2

1LSU 1
2Southern Cal 1
3Oklahoma 1
4Penn State 1
6Florida 1
7Texas 1
8Oregon 9
9Ohio State 2
10West Virginia 2
11Louisville 1
12Georgia Tech 9
13Texas A&M 2
14Wisconsin 1
15UCLA 4
16Rutgers 7
17Boston College 7
19Missouri 6
20Clemson 6
21South Florida 5
22Washington 4
23Hawaii 7
24Tennessee 2
25Arkansas 1

Dropped Out: Virginia Tech (#6), Georgia (#9), Miami (Florida) (#14), Auburn (#20).

Couple quick things on the above:

I firmly believe that wild swings in ballots are completely legit the first few weeks of a season. Any ranking before that is pure speculation (see: Michigan). It's like artillery fire as you try to hone in on the target area.

Which is one of the reasons I have to scratch my noggin when I see the so-called "real" polls keeping Virginia Tech ranked 17 and 18 this week after being ass-raped by LSU last Saturday and sneaking by ECU at home. Why are they still in there? Because a voter had them ranked high in the preseason? Or they "should" be good even if they haven't been thus far? Following that logic, Michigan should still be in the top 25.

Based on what I've seen thus far, LSU looked damn good so far. They beat an SEC team on the road 45-0 and administered the above-mentioned ass-raping. But how are they #1 if the ass-rapee wasn't as good as first thought, per my rant above? Ah, the beauty of polls, no?

And please, how 'bout a little props for having had Oregon ranked in the teens to start with. Was this too big a jump after a win over a bad Michigan team? Maybe. Yet that's why I say any poll before October is still a lot of guesswork.

Ohio State didn't look good at all. But, in typical Tressell fashion, they did what they needed to do and, instead of letting the game come down to a last minute play or kick, they got the "W." Ugly? Very. But 2-0 is better than, oh, never mind.

ED. NOTE: I screwed up. I had done my first ballot but made a mistake and had to re-enter it after #11. Since I was doing the poll "in the ballot" and not off a written list, I forgot South Carolina which would have replaced Hawaii after their ugly win vs. L-Tech.


Out of Conference said...

That's right - don't consider the Cocks. Hopefully LSU won't either.
/Delusional Homer Off

So, does the winner of the ND-MI game sniff the top 25 in your vote next week?

Matt said...

I would rank South Florida over West Virginia, that's for sure. In fact, I would definitely rank USF near if not in the top 10. But how do we know that USF is all that great just for beating Auburn, a team that is good but will no doubt lose again this season. Therein lies the beauty of polling. If Auburn ends up doing well for the rest of the season, then we will know for sure that this was a quality win for USF. Likewise, we now know that App. State's win probably wasn't as impressive as we all thought. On the other hand, that loss might have ruined the season by psyching out the players for good. Or maybe we are that bad.

Unfortunately, the media voters are such clueless whores that they continue to vote USC #1 when LSU has so far proven to be dominant and they don't even rank USF! All name recognition.

beast in 'bama said...

I tentatively agree with you about Georgia Tech. Their game against Boston College this week will probably produce the ACC champion and the "sleeper" team to watch this year.

Matt: USF will continue to look good in spite of Auburn. The War Tiggers have some major problems on offense right now. I'm betting that turns out to be one of USF's lesser upset wins this season.

Yost: I actually think that in some twisted way Tressel prefers a team like this one to the offensive steamroller he's had the last couple of years. Last year's MNC debacle aside, if he can win 10-11 games with this team he's just cemented his position as best coach in the land in my mind.

Schiano for President! said...

the "dropped out" portion of your poll looks like the top 5 from five years ago.