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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Beer Bong Friday: Rookie Mistakes 101

This is sad to watch. Folks, when doing a beer bong, one never ever wears rain gear!

Simply unacceptable.


Katie said...

Yost, didn't you post this same one last Friday?

Killing My Liver said...

1. semi attractive female
2. Consuming beer
I see no problem here.

Cole said...

That looks like a "key play" to me.

Papa Steve said...

Beer Bong Rule #24, section 5:

Clause 3:At NO TIME is it acceptable to don protective wear to avoid being drenched by beer that is not consumed during one's turn. This creates an atmosphere more conducive to spillage and will not be tolerated.

Clause 4>If a FEMALE subject wishes to mitigate the potential for spillage onto clothing during their turn, the only acceptable method for doing so is the removal of those garments they wish to preserve. Garments will need to remain off said person until such time as any spillage has completely dried, no towels may be employed in hastening the drying process. MALES are not covered under this caluse and their only option to avoid spillage is to fully consume their allotment of beer.

Da Braylon said...

where are the sexy pics of the hotties??????

Skurny said...

It's an insult to binge drinkers everywhere.

Rick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.