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Monday, September 17, 2007

Are Michigan Fans the Most Bipolar in America?

There should be a medical term for it called Michigan-wefuckingsuck-no,nowwe'regreat-itis.

How else can you explain the regular, rapid and wild mood swings of your typical Michigan fan?

Last November, Michigan was 11-0, the #2 team in the country and a whisker away from playing for the National Title with a team that few gave any chance before the season started and most preseason polls had pegged in the mid teens. In fact, the team was so good in the eyes of its supporters back then that, even after losing to Ohio State in their season finale, a vast majority of Michigan fans - including yours truly - argued until they were (maize and) blue in the face Michigan still should be in the BCS title game.

Two and a half games of ugly football later (the Rose Bowl was 3-3 at halftime, if I recall), a vast number of the maize and blue (not always) faithful were ready to storm Schembechler Hall and throw head coach Lloyd Carr and his entire staff out a window onto State Street. Others were not-so-secretly hoping the team would go 0-12 and TMZ.com would discover Carr operated an underground sex club in Dexter in order to hasten his removal.

Ah, the life of being a Michigan fan.

You know, I'm starting to believe there's something genetic inside each of us that doesn't allow us to fully enjoy our successes while immediately believing without a shadow of a doubt that the sky is falling if we don't go undefeated each season and win the national title. Hell, maybe it's because we have had so much success over the years, our perspective is out of whack.

Think about it -- Michigan hasn't had a losing season since 1968. Not one. Zero. Zip. Nada. But you'd never know that from talking to most Michigan fans. You'd think we've been suffering through the college football wilderness the last 40 years ala Rutgers (minus the boorish behavior).

And let me just be clear: the losses to Ohio State and the recent bowl game stumbles suck giant ass. And the start to this season, well, just read our posts on The Debacle to understand our mindset during this crisis. All bad. All of it.

And yet...

I'm starting to believe again. One victory over quite possibly the worst football team ever to wear the Irish colors and I think this Michigan team could win the rest of their games and end up in the Rose Bowl.

I know, I know, call me a crazy son of a bitch (or worse if you're a Buckeye fan). And no, I don't take drugs.

But tell me I'm the only one who's had that glimmer of maize and blue hope. If you out there in cyberville reading this (instead of working like you should be) are a lifelong Michigan fan as I am, tell me the following nutty thought hasn't flashed through your brain once since Saturday: "Damn, if Michigan can somehow get past Penn State this weekend, the schedule softens a bit, we'll have a little confidence, the Big 10 is down this year and..."


Yep. You know what I'm talking about, right?

Naturally, if we get smoked by Penn State, the bitching will start right here on this site (along with plenty of pictures of semi-naked co-eds to ease the pain). Michigan will suck again and the process will start all over.

But right now, I'm starting to believe. Let the ride begin anew.


CrimeNotes said...

When we were up 24-0 and 31-0 on Saturday, the gerontocracy around me in the stands was bitching that we were running too much.

This fan base will never be happy. For a school where jangling keys and the kind of polite applause learned at August National are considered wild cheering, people sure seem eager to call for blood when it's directed at our own guys. I used to consider the tense reserve part of Michigan's charm, but I wonder if the last two weeks' hysteria (not so much here, but at a lot of outlets) could even be a liability for the program. Carr's not getting fired, but if he were, the replacements we'd want aren't going to take a job where they get publicly shredded for going 9-3 (re-review recent coaching searches as Neb., ND, 'Bama).

I'm not as optimistic about the rest of the season (ND was too lame to take much comfort) but 8-4 seems plausible, especially in light of what's happening in the rest of the conference.

Michael said...

As an OSU fan I hope you lose to PSU this weekend, but not b/c the idea of a Michigan win is unthinkable to me. I simply want to see the scantily clad coeds.

In all seriousness, congrats on the Domer thrashing and we'll see you in November.

whetstonebuck said...

(Cue O.J. whistling “If I only had a…)

Aren't we being generous? One win and the Emerald City is in sight. Toto would be so proud.

Let's see what the Wicked Witch of Happy Valley thinks about it.

Killing My Liver said...

Agreed. ND is horrible. UM played very well, against a lowly opponent. Let's hope the momentum carries over when UM plays a real defense and a semblance of an offensive line. Things aren't coming up roses just yet, but one win is one more than UM had last week. I'll take it.

Sparky Duck said...

Amazingly, Wolverine fans sound just like the college version of Philadelphia Eagle fans

Sgt. Wolverine said...

I also sat behind a grumpy fan complaining about play calling ... in the fourth quarter, when we were up 38-0. He was yelling angrily like we were down 3. I was tempted to smack him on the head with my helmet.

Killing My Liver said...

Much class was shown by running the ball on 4th as to not run it up. Although, it would have been nic e to see Mallett launch a few downfield.

glassyarddog said...

I'm with you, Yost. I had the same exact, twisted, sickening stream of conciousness this morning about the Maize and Blue.

I guess I'm heartened by JoePa being owned by Lloyd, similar to the tOSU fans thoughts about Lloyd being owned by The Vest.

BP said...

I think ND fans and Michigan fans are pretty similar. Look at what the fans are saying, up 38-0 with a first time starter at QB in and they want more passing? That's just not realistic.

Although Mallett looked pretty good from what I saw.


buckeyemama said...

I don't know... I'm a Buckeye and I suffer from a eerily similar problem. I remember REALLY struggling with my disease during the tenure of Cooper...

The first game we lost after having won the National Championship... I forgot what it felt like to lose. It sucked. I mean, come on... we couldn't win forever... but man, I hated that feeling.

Katie said...

I could get real theoritcal about this topic. My field of study is death and dying (yeah, I am a riot at parties) part of what is going on is an effort for immortality, the Michigan program has a long history, over one hundred years.....believing in a program that will be here long after we are gone, gives us some feeling of immortality, and to have it threatened by a loss to a D-II school was pretty damn scary, so it only makes sense that when we see them play good (even if it was against a team that didn't actually show up to play) that we have that euphoric feeling that part of us will live on again. (Sorry...I know you would prefer a naked girl link but since I moved away from my kids I have been able to keep the porn off my computer :o) Peace Out and Go BLUE!

Merrick 561 said...

Most Bipolar in America? If you're speaking about only the NCAA then about the only people who can give us a run for our money is Duke and UNC in basketball, and possibly USC in the future if they ever fall from the heavens (cough cough).

Now onward being a Philadelphia fan of the pro circuit I might argue that we/they are the most bipolar in America except we're so accustomed to losing that even when we just miss the big one or the playoffs we're like..well theres always next year.

Also, not to knit pick, I just hear this misstatement of fact soo much it's driving me crazy. App. St. is not Division II, they are Division I-AA (yeah I refuse to lower myself to the "politically correct" standards of whatever it's new name is.)