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Monday, August 27, 2007

What happens at Marshall stays at Marshall

According to the Herald-Dispatch, the below picture of Marshall wide receiver Shawn Lazoun "modeling" articles of his football uniform is from the team's annual "clinic for women" last week...

"Alright, ladies, welcome to the Big Green Room of John C. Edwards Stadium! Let's meet your starting backfield...Mr. Chip and Dale! C'mon now, the more noise you make, the more 'football equipment' you get to see! What? I can't hear you! Whoa! And don't forget, for just five bucks in our 'First and Long' room, you can lick whip cream off the punter's 'kicking leg!' Whoa! It's getting hot in here!"

(HT: LM)


TitleIX said...

Objectifying young fit male college students like that.....

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dtw2phx said...

I can hear the cheezy music being played in the background.

(Does that one gal have a stack of singles in her hand??)

Ahh...heck with it...I'm hoppin the next flight to Herd-town!!


lane said...

hmmm - strangely enough the pictures have disappeared. hmmm.