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Monday, August 20, 2007

Two Minute Drill

* Some time ago, we told you about Holly Mangold, the "little" sister of former Buckeye great Nick. So, what's she up to these days? Uh...315.

According to this update sent to us by FM, the high school senior can bench press 265 and has squatted 525 pounds. Fucking Kevin Randleman can't do that shit!

And as if you needed more, the link above ends this way...

"How strong is she? She escaped serious injury in a recent head-on collision that demolished her truck by pushing the steering wheel away from her body as the crash occurred, leaving the steering wheel broken and crumpled."

Uh, is she a high school kid or one of the X-Men? Sweet Jesus!

* USC RB Emmanuel Moody, #26, has decided to transfer. Moody, who was the Trojans' second leading rusher last season, said he felt a little lost in the shuffle this year. Oh, and #26 wasn't his jersey number but rather his place on the depth chart at Southern Cal where Pete Carroll has hoarded 65 high school All-American tailbacks for his squad.

* ND QB Jimmy Clausen was recently cited for transporting alcohol as a minor. He was busted at a liquor store by cops who were in an unmarked car outside the store to catch minors attempting to get alcohol. Hey, I have no love for Jimbo, but don't police have anything better to do? This isn't Porky's.

(HT: CC)

* Maizeandblog.blogspot.com, the official website for student sports radio at U-M, is up and running. They have a few posts up now but will have several posts a day starting in September.

The email we received about all this goes on to state, "WCBN has long been the student radio station at U of M. The sports department, which has always broadcast online as well as on the radio, has decided to open up a new Michigan Sports blog called Maize and Blog. We will be providing schedules and previewing upcoming broadcasts (with a link to our official website where you can listen in to the broadcasts), recapping Michigan games, and also writing about general sports news from around the Midwest and nationally. Additionally, we also want to give Michigan fans and students an alternative to the sports coverage of the Michigan Daily.

Our blog will be a wonderful way to keep up to date on Michigan sports radio broadcasts and get sports news and opinion from the perspective of Michigan students, all passionate about their school. WCBN has been a great outlet for Michigan fans, and we hope to make it even better. I hope you will take a look at the blog soon and consider letting your readers know about our blog and our station."


Best of all, want to turn down the Big Ten Network and listen live to WCBN, the student station, call the games over the Internet? Now you can.

* Finally, MZone reader and U-M alum Todd wrote to us asking if we'd give a little plug to his self-financed, self-made, self-everything movie called "42 Story House (website link here)," a 90 minute flick consisting of 42 comedy shorts created with just two criteria: 1) everything had to be shot at one location and 2) everything had to be done by one person.

Here's a link to the trailer as well as a few practice shorts (I liked the Star Wars one).


Out of Conference said...

What, so you can give us skin shots of the tOSU recruiting girl, the ASU cheerleader, and the MSU girl on that show us your boobs site, but not even a little cleavage of that Holly Mangold vixen?!? Elitist pigs!

MGoBlue93 said...

as my friend Deuce would say, "damn that's a big bitch"