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Friday, August 17, 2007

Two Minute Drill

* MZone gets a little pub - and yours truly a little quotage - on FoxSports.com (yeah, yeah, I know our url is wrong in the article. Oh well).

* If you're a U-M grad, of course you're making more than Penn State, Purdue and Minnesota alums.

(HT: SK)

* Every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed (Michigan) Man.

(HT: SiC)

* Did UCLA coach Karl Dorrell fire an assistant via text message?

* What is it with U-M players and flashing their privates?

(HT: Sru)

* Crop circles, Buckeye style...

What are the odds it'll say "Fuck Michigan" in the corn next year?

(HT: CS)

* EX-ND and new Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn sure knows how to make friends in his new hometown - by charging the fans for his autograph.

(HT: BK)

* Finally, got the following email recently from MZone reader CB...

I know that to listen to Cowherd is borderline like kicking you in the balls, and for that I'm sorry, but with limited options, I do listen.

Funny thing from today's show...he was referring to Spurrier being angry about the admissions dept. at SC (with good reason), he was running down how all the top 10-15 schools make concessions on certain guys...then he mentioned Michigan. His gist was "Michigan is a great school...heck, the 2 guys that handle represent me and handle all my money are both Michigan law school grads. I don't have a single Ohio State Buckeye anywhere near my money."

I thought that was pretty amusing. So, at least every now and again, he's not a complete d-bag all the time.

CB, I beg to differ. He's still a d-bag. And that's not true about OSU Bucks not being near his money -- unless of course he never eats at fast food restaurants.

Thank you, goodnight! I'll be here all week.


Seth said...

Of course people in Cleveland are gonna pay for his autograph. They have some sort of delusion that he has an ability to beat teams that mean anything, and well, since Cleveland is pretty much the bottom of the barrel as far as the NFL goes, that means just about every game means something to the Browns. So, by my count, if history serves, games that Quinn starts = straight up losses for the Browns. An added note, I was in Cleveland for the Indians/Yankees game and saw a guy wearing a Brady T-shirt. It was this ultra artistic drawing of Brady's head by Brown's helmet in front of Brown's Stadium (Think the Bear Tattoo). Are you kidding me? This guy hasn't even taken a live snap for the Browns and they're already crowning him Savior

Out of Conference said...

I assume it was schrute-bag talking about Michigan law school grads and not Spurrier, correct? I'm certainly not one to be pointing about grammar flaws; I'm only curious if it was Spurrier making those comments or not.
(The reason I ask is if it was SOS, and he does have MI law school grads around him, then maybe the chance of a UofM agreeing to a regular season home/home matchup with SC increases by slightly better than 1 in a million.

Skurny said...

Let's all just hope those Michigan Law Grads are robbing him blind.

A2saint said...

If they were going to design a t-shirt around Brady Quinn and his helmet why didn't they just use that shot of him during the Michigan game. You know the one with all the turf in his cage. Now that's the Brady we all know and love. Did a casual surf on Google photo's and couldn't find a copy. At least we know why he needs to charge 75 bucks a pop for his autograph. He's buying up all the copies of that photo...

agrathwol said...

Yes UM grads are good people - I have several working for me.
Purdue Al

carl tabb said...

ymbvaAwww, agrathwol, you inherited a fortune 500 company from your daddy! That is so cute! Good idea hiring the UM grads to keep it afloat for you.

Mike said...

Check this out...Michigan is the best team of the last decade.
Thought you might be interested in this.

agrathwol said...

If they could only beat the Bucks and the Trojans! Darn!

srudoff said...

best team of the decade would be teams from 98 to '07

too funny

harry hasselhoff said...

That "Go Buckeyes" cornfield proves that there is indeed unintelligent life out there somewhere!