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Monday, August 27, 2007

TFNP: Miss South Carolina Answers a Question

Yes, I know it's the first week of the season. And I know there's a ton o' cfb stuff to be putting up. BUT if you haven't seen the clip below from the Miss Teen USA 2007 pageant, well, you must...

God help us all.


Out of Conference said...

For some reason, my screen doesn;t show the imbedded image (or video clip?). Maybe it will later or I can check it out at home. Work better not have blocked this stuff, or I will be pissed and torch the place if they take my red stapler.

Maize said...

I think she'd sound a lot more intelligent if tried to answer it with a cock in her mouth.

IC said...

Wow...This is exactly how the "Boom Goes the Dynamite" guy would have answered that question----if he was a very good looking teenage girl from South Carolina.

intellidouche said...

This just proves my theory that people from South Carolina are idiots.

A2saint said...

What do you expect from a state that elected Strom Thurmond to the US Senate for like a hundred years

Out of Conference said...

Finally got to see it. I love it. This is great. I don't think this is so much a stab at SC people as it is to the stupid teenie bopper beauty pageant sub-culture. She tried in vain to search through her memory of canned responses, but failed miserably.
How old is this girl, 14, 15, 16 at the oldest? Where did the Michigan girl end up in the final results?

Out of Conference said...

A2Saint - despite what could be said of Strom -there are 50 states and one District of Columbia, that to this day, would pay lots of money, make many deals with the Devil, and do whatever was required to have a congressmen in office with as much influence as Strom had when he was in office.

carl tabb said...

My dear lord! Why couldn't she just have said "world peace"?

Killing My Liver said...

Two things strike me about this video:
1. You don't fuck the brain.
2. The announcer(Mario something?) manages to keep a straight face

Out of Conference said...

AC Slater is cool like that.

zen wizard said...

"South Africa should help the US find a map to help with our future...." Huh????

I hope she at least knows that South Carolina is south of North Carolina.

MGoBlue93 said...

I'll probably get flamed for this but I don't care how hot this chick is... after listening to her speak there's not a single thing about her which turns me on... bring back curve-challenged brunette M-gear models!

Anyone remember Billy Madison??? At no point in your incoherent rambling did you make a point, we're all dumber for having heard it, I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul!

Out of Conference said...

MGoBlue93 - Nice pull. That would have been funny as hell if the person asking the question responded with that quote to her babbling.

Another poster on another blog (Coop at Orson's site) thought she was a student at App State. If so, Yost - this HAS to be in your Know Your Opponent bit.

I did find out she is 18 years old, so I'm retracting my "she's just a kid" defense.

Lucky7Star said...

Her name is Caitlin Upton and to have mangled the question but still managed to win the 3rd runner up spot... Well for some things there are no words, the gal looks great in a bikini what else can you say... It is a BEAUTY CONTEST. So what if she was a little confused certainly maintained her poise better than that train wreck of a performance delivered yesterday afternoon when little ole Appalachian State pulled off “The Greatest Upset in College Football History” but then that's the beauty of college football. Better Strom Thurmond than that Larry Craig but at least the historic game but all that embarrassment on the back page, when ppl have no shame this is exactly what you'd expect what they deserve... No respect.