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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tailgate Tips

Got an email from a reader who is an Appalachian State fan making the trek to A2 for the game. He suggested we give a few tailgating tips for those making their first trip to see some football at the Big House.

Good idea.

Here are a couple of my thoughts. Please add yours in the comments section.


I'm a big fan of the golf course right across the street from the stadium. The atmosphere is great, there are a nice mix of folks and it really gets you in the mood. Plus, you can't beat the walk to and from the game.

People tend to be very friendly, even towards opposing fans (although that doesn't rule out the random asshole, unfortunately).


Nothing like seeing the band march into the stadium. The only bad thing is, if you're parked at the golf course, they enter from the exact opposite side of The Big House, via Hoover then cut through the parking lot next to our Crisler Arena. However, it's a fun walk through that parking lot (where the bigger donors park) and seeing the band enter gets one very pumped up.


Ok, folks, this is where I need help as I've been out of school for a few years. But Touchdown Cafe, Rick's, Scorekeepers and...that place next to Charley's (what's the name again?) are fun stops as long as you're not that old creepy guy that should no longer be hanging out in college bars. If so, head more towards the downtown area.

In terms of a little sightseeing, you have to stroll through the center of campus and check out the Diag. And the basement of the student union on game days is sometimes fun afterwards. Lots of folks stopping by and there's a good store in there to get a few souvenirs.

Of course, for the money, the best place to pick up any M gear is Steve & Barry's on State Street, just past the entrance to the Diag.


I'm a BIG fan of Blimpie Burgers on South Division, right near Elbel Field and behind West Quad. The lines get very long on gamedays but it's worth it.

For Pizza, check out Cottage Inn on E. William.

Ok, what am I leaving out? It's late and just trying to get up one last post for the day before I call it a night.


A2saint said...

Our favorite pregame activity is to watch the Michigan Drum section as they put on a really cool show. They do this at Revelli hall (see link below) before they head over to the stadium. Then you get to take part in the parade as a crap load of people walk up main street.


Matt said...

Touchdown's sucks. Don't go there after the game. Rick's is huge Sat. night, and there are tons of girls, but the line will be off the wall, although it might not be at this point in the year since not all of the juniors have turned 21 yet. Skeeps will probably be a real mess though.

Be sure to pass by the drumming/freestyling guy on Hoover St in front of the IM building on the way to the game. He is funny.

Bo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bo said...

1. bring cornhole and a football
2. go to Ashley's on State St. (over 65 beers on tap and right next to the Diag Party Shoppe, Steve & Berry's and Stucci's ice cream)
3. Pizza House delivers til 4am

surrounded in columbus said...

coming from the SE, we always come up Packard and end up parking in someone's front yard along the way (typically on Stadium). consequently, i always suggest Fraser's on Packard. it has beer, greasy food, and "atmosphere". the combo breakfast before the game is particularly appealing if you started your tailgating the night before. the parking lot tent has multiple TV's for other games. and there is almost always a good crowd.

also, there's a good cigar shop at the corner of Packard & Stadium. i forget the name but it's in the new strip mall diagnolly across from the DQ. it's a good shop, AND Lloyd has his own cigar locker there.

--Chris said...

Forget Fred & Barney's....oops...I mean Steve & Barrys. Check out CAMPUS DEN right next to S&B for quality stuff. S&B imports garbage T's, hoodies, etc, while CAMPUS DEN prints all of their own material in Flushing, MI. Not only that, but they have a full line of Nike gear and I believe they'll have some of the new Adidas stuff as well.

Cort said...

Thanks a lot guys. I too am an appstate fan and alumn and will be up for my first trip to the state of Michigan. Can't wait to see the Big House. Hopefully I can escape the weekend with my relationship intact (the girlfriend is of your variety).

P.S. can we stop with the "appy state" it sounds like a second rate online school for video game makers.

Matt said...

"the girlfriend is of your variety"

Oh, so she's a manly man?

Serious dude, have tons of fun. I just graduated from UM and would love to be there. And I won't be able to see the game on TV (thanks Jim and Comcast).

GP_GoBlue95 said...

I agree about gear - Steve & Barry's is cheap crap. Much of it is not actually licensed. So, if you want a red t-shirt with Michigan in white, this is your place.

I like Moe's at State & Packard or M Den (if you are staying by Briarwood Mall). Pricier, but much better, more authentic stuff.

I also graduated several years ago, so I won't comment on campus nightlife except for Good Time Charley's. More of a restaurant than a bar, and the Count Twists (cheese and pizza sauce stuffed breadsticks) are one of my favorite AA food memories. If you are older than 28, go to Main Street. There are several good places between Packard and Huron. The best place to watch the afternoon and late games is The Arena on Washington, just east of Main.

Golf course is best tailgating. "The Walk" on Hoover is the coolest experience.

Out of Conference said...

Just a question - when you guys "tailgate" at Michigan, do any of you prepare food at the tailgating spot, or is tailgating to you guys generally parking the car, putting beers in each pocket and walking around?
While some folks do it up at USCe games as big as they do at Ole Miss with table cloths, silver wine chillers and serving utensils, really good eats, cheeses, etc, most just put a table up behind their SUV, grill some chicken, burgers, brats, or steaks- or bring in a tub of fried chicken from one of the local places, have several coolers of beer & soft drinks, with assotrted appetizers, have a TV on inside the back of the SUV for other games, the radio playing the pre-game show, and the CD player playing Carolina band selections. Kids might throw footballs in the aisles between cars parking, sometime folks walk over to their friends' spot and say hi, but generally they stick around the "tailgating". Of course our stadium is about 2 miles from campus, so it's not like you could leave your tailgating spot and reminisce through campus or hit the swag shops.

Jeremy said...

Be where you can watch -- or at least hear -- the band as much as possible (Elbel field). Nothing complements the gameday atmosphere better.

Matt said...

Oh, and bring some water. I hear that the weather is supposed to be HOT HOT HOT!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

MGoBlue93 said...

When I was in A2, Anthony's Gourmet Pizza was the best - hands down. Made Cottage Inn look like something from the freezer case at Krogers. I've heard they moved their location nearest to campus pretty far from town now; that's too bad.

OOC... you see a mix of tailgaters. You'll see people huddled around their keg, as it is the centerpiece of the celebration. Folks doing the civilized tablecloth thing, and others with all types of BBQs, from hibachis to pig roasters.

I've traveled quite a bit since I've left A2. I think most schools have essentially the same game-day stuff going on... except if you're in Columbus though. Then you have couch fires and drunken orgies ;)

Bill^2 said...

Let's see...
If you're willing to brave the lines, breakfast at Angelo's on Catherine and Fuller is a no-brainer. Their french toast is killer.

Brown Jug has always been a tradition for my group, and you can still go there even as the creepy older ex-student, if you don't mind the smoke too much.

And of course for dessert there's always Stucchi's.

Brian said...

If you're making your first trip to Ann Arbor you must check out Zingerman's on Detroit St. The world's best deli. As for night life - Charley's is a good place to chill out and have a beer - the stix are great. The brown jug is another chill place. If you want to dance then Ricks will be your best bet if you are not yet in your mid 20's or older. If you are 25+ head to Live on the corner of 1st and Huron. There are lots of local brew pubs as well. Grizley Peak has the best combo of beer and food (because their food is great). Arbor Brewing Company has the best beer. If you're looking for more of a lounge atmosphere than Rush St. or Melange on Main St. are your best bets. For Pizza I'm a Pizza House fan. And the best Chinese place is Kai Garden on Main St. If you want a nice expensive meal my favorites are Pacific Rim by Kana and eve. Hope this helps!
Go Blue!

Kris said...

Big Ten Burrito!

TitleIX said...

Pizza Bob's kids, Pizza Bob's!

bottom line--you will LOVE Ann Arbor.
Sunny, upper 70s low 80s and no shade in the Big House.

beast in 'bama said...

T9 - Upper 70s and low 80s have been our nightly LOW temperatures for two months straight. Sounds wonderful!