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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

PSA to Other Bloggers

Dear Fellow Blogger,

If you're a regular reader here, you know we're more than happy to put up links to other sites, either for stuff we find on our own or stuff fellow bloggers send us. Not only do we do it, we're happy to do it. Plus, it means that's one less thing we have to write.

It's win-win for everybody.

However, a select minority of you don't really get the whole "put up our link" concept. This becomes apparent when you send a mass email to every fucking sports blogger known to man six times a day with every fucking post you write.

News Flash: Everything you write isn't a gem, got it, Hemingway? In fact, much of what most blogs write sucks big hairy donkey balls, this site included. As such, not only do I not want to put up or link to every fucking post you write, I don't even want to read them when I get the email six fucking times a day. Capiche?

News Flash/Tip #2: If you feel the need to send out that many emails hoping that somebody will put up a link, there's a distinct possibility your blog might suck ass. Something to consider.

In any event, I really hope this little "chat" helped. And if you ever have a post you think might be right for us - as opposed to something you've sent to us, TinyTimsWorldofPingPong.blogspot, ChicksWithBaseballFetishes.net and some fishing Wiki - please send it our way. Until then, practice a bit of restraint and quality control.

Thank you,

The Management


Out of Conference said...

Jesus Christ - I thought you'd be interested in my blog, howtotrimbollockshaironadonkey.blogsite.com. I won't bother you with it again, I'm sorry. In the meantime, if you could put up a link to my blogspot, www.menwhoswivesdontputoutenoughtocomforttheirmanthroughmediocrefootballseasons.blogspot.com, that would be swell.

Out of Conference said...

Oops - I screwed up that farce link.

insomniac said...

Oh..that was a farce link? And here I was looking to subscribe to the RSS feed.