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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Oh yes they call him The Streak...

Our friend LM sends us the clip below of a group of Notre Dame students (according to the accompanying text) streaking through the library during finals week. No word if this is the first meeting of the Jimmy Clausen Fan Club...

And while grabbing that clip for the site, I came across this one from Occidental College below. Apparently some guy stole the towel of some other guy from the shower, causing him to run after him in the hallway...right in the middle of a group tour of the dorm. Behold...


Out of Conference said...

It's a good thing there were no tOSU students in the ND library at the time of the streaking.... thingsd may have gotten a little 'sticky'.
Yes, it never gets old.

WingRG said...


2 things: 1) the guy arrested wacking it in a public library wasn't an tOSU student (i'm not even sure it was an OSU library, i think it was just C-bus Metropolitan). 2) i've never (in all my years in C-bus) seen any naked people in any library. I guess it's just reserved for the "righteous" people in Notre Dame.

Now, our rugby team has a "Zulu" tradition, but our rugby players tend to stay out of libraries, if you catch my drift. They prefer getting naked at house parties (btw, the "Zulu" is an international tradition, before any of you guys decide to jump on the OSU rugby team as a bunch of perverts who like to run around naked asking for "cups of sugar")

Out of Conference said...

Don't know if the SoCar rugby teams calls it a Zula tradition, but they do something similar at their parties. From what I heard, they stick toilet paper in their arses, light it, and run around.

TJ said...

Ah, the annual Zahm Hall bun run...a reason to not be in the library studying for finals.

WingRG said...


Zulu in a nutshell: when a player makes his first score for a new club (it's a try in rugby, but equivalent to a TD in football), at the next party he/she has to do a Zulu. The other club members spit/pour beer on the player performing a Zulu, thus forcing him/her to strip down. Once they're naked they run around a party, and then run outside perform a task (either get a cup of sugar from the neighbors or ask a member of the opposite sex for a phone #). When they're gone, people usually hide their clothes (it always pays to have some extra clothes in the car).

We do these at home or on the road, if the team that hosts us is ok with it (i did mine at Penn State), but never have i heard of what you've described :-) That's pretty funny, but knowing rugby players worldwide, nothing really surprises me any more. BTW, i've never played against the SoCar rugby team, but we did play against Clemson on spring break. Those teams in the south really know how to party (including Army, surprisingly)