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Thursday, August 23, 2007

MZone Pre-Preseason Poll

You know the season is getting close when the time comes to start ranking teams you haven't seen play one down yet, basing said rankings primarily on the previous season (even though the nature of college football means many new roster faces each year) and the history of the football program (suck it, Boise State).

Thus, below is my pre-preseason poll for MGoBlog's Blog Poll. If you're not familiar with it, the Blog Poll is a weekly college football poll whose voters are comprised of college football bloggers across the land (or in our case, blogs that put up a lot of pictures of semi-naked co-eds and tangentially touch upon college football).

1Southern Cal 25
2Texas 24
3LSU 23
4Georgia 22
5Oklahoma 21
6Penn State 20
7Virginia Tech 19
8California 18
9Florida 17
10Louisville 16
11Michigan 15
12Tennessee 14
13Miami (Florida) 13
14Ohio State 12
15West Virginia 11
16Texas A&M 10
17Hawaii 9
18Oregon 8
19Nebraska 7
20UCLA 6
21Wisconsin 5
22Boise State 4
23Arizona State 3
24Auburn 2
25Boston College 1

Dropped Out:

Now, the sole purpose of the pre-preseason poll is to get input and feedback. So what do you have to say?

And let me be perfectly honest in saying most of this is guesswork. Then again, how can it not be at this point?

Couple things about why I voted the way I did:

* MICHIGAN - in a nutshell, I don't believe yet. Yes, our offense is loaded but will we be able to stop anyone? We lost our best D players and this from a unit that got absolutely embarrassed by the two really good teams it played at the end of last season. Plus, we often seem to find a way to drop an early game and our Oregon-ND-Penn State stretch looks like the place we could do that.

* PENN STATE - I agree with Kirk Herbstreit here: they have the D to make a run. Couple that with an experienced QB and the feeling that Joe Pa might have one more great run in him and me thinks this could be their year.

* UGA - Why so high? Why not. There is always one team that people think will be good, but not great, that makes a run (see Michigan 2006). Who it is is anybody's guess in August. Thus, UGA is my guess.

* WVU - Sorry, Mountaineer fans, you're a top ranked party school but I just don't buy you as a top ranked football team, no matter what the other polls say. PLAY SOMEBODY OUT OF CONFERENCE then we'll talk about lofty preseason rankings.

* OHIO STATE - Can't doubt Tressel after what he's done there but after losing so much talent, this could be a down year, well, a down year by the lofty standards he's set in C-bus.

* WISCO - I think last year was a mirage based on scheduling (ie no OSU). And with a non-con schedule this year which includes a WVU-like "gauntlet" of Wazoo, UNLV, the Citadel and Northern Illinois, they could be poised to look great early. But I still think they're going to drop two in the Big 10, maybe three.

* MIAMI - like UGA as my team that most pick in the middle of the preseason top 25 pack, Miami is my pick for a team that's not ranked but sneaks into the poll early and hangs around for the rest of the season. Again, there's always at least one team like that, this is mine.

Ok, let me hear your thoughts. The "real" Blog Poll preseason poll will be released next week. Bri asked voters to put up a pre-pre, get feedback, then submit the real McCoy (not to be confused with Colt). Thus, feedback away.

UPDATE: The first official Blog Poll is up on MGoBlog.


MGoBlue93 said...

As it's the preseason, I don't have any issues with the blog poll. Well except for maybe Auburn at 24; Georgia who was 9-4, turned in a stinker against Colorado and lost at Kentucky last year is at #4 and folks are considering them that much better than Auburn? Or is it a result of docking Auburn style points because of their mascot identity crisis? Good call on resisting the temptation to rank ND and Bama.

At any rate, the assbag writer who annually keeps giving WVU number one votes (and they're #3 in the AP right now), because ostensibly they have the most favorable schedule to make it to the championship game, needs to be drawn and quartered. I hope that writer hasn't reproduced because there are already enough dumbasses in this world without that writer taking a big 'ol dump in the gene pool.

What a bunch of horseshit... if polls didn't suck enough, some clown is giving a #1 vote to a team that he acknowledges doesn't deserve it. By way of comparison, I don't even think Fulmer is dumb enough to vote WVU #1.

Seriously, WVU is only the 3rd best team in their conference. Anyone in the top 25 could stop the living shit out of WVU... even with Slaton... and I'd bet even ND could.

The sexy choices this year are USC and LSU... and personally, I hope LSU nation keeps dumping on Miles (or so I've read). I'd live to see them chase Miles right out of Baton Rouge and back home to Ann Arbor!

Bo said...

I don't necessarily have a problem with Michigan being ranked after Penn St and co, but I'm not sure if I agree with Louisville and Florida in front of them. If we're going to accept the argument that Michigan's D has to prove themselves (and we should accept it... because they do), then what about Florida, who lost FOUR defensive starters and their starting QB on a team that struggled through a number of their conference games last year. And if West Virginia is getting knocked for playing nobody all year, what about Louisville? They play NOBODY this year and their only non-conference game against a ranked opponent last year was a win over a VERY mediocre Miami team. Both of these teams have more to prove than Michigan and should take a back seat in any preseason poll.

PS: Did you hear about Carson Butler being reinstated... chalk up another point for our offense!

check out Blue's Views!

MUFan said...

Add Missouri in the 20's, Last year 8th in total offence and returned those responsible for 92% of those yards. Defense is looking solid. Good schedule this year.

beast in 'bama said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence for the Longhorns. Colt has already thrown 17 TD passes and is just standing there, arms folded, waiting for the rest of you to come on and start the season already! I worry about UT's untested secondary and offensive line depth, but I feel pretty good going into the season.

Surprised by the Georgians at #4, but you're right - you've got to have some fun with this. Seriously though, from what I'm reading they might not have enough players left to form a proper offensive line.

I can't decide on my own wild hair pick between Auburn, Tennessee and Miami (FL); re: EXPERIENCED SENIOR QUARTERBACKS. Boston College also fits that mold.

zen wizard said...

The poll you displayed seems remarkably similar to other rankings I have heard discussed, e.g. ESPN Radio.

I am not saying there is any over-the-shoulder peeking, but...the prevailing wisdom seems to have a lot of agreement.

Tunaslam said...

Certainly a good start, it is always fun to try and pick the sleepers as well as those teams which will lay an egg. Being a USC-Pac10 fan, if Cal gets by Tennessee, they should have a great chance finishing in the Top 10.


Out of Conference said...

As BiB pointed out, UGA's offensive line trouble will be tough for them to overcome, especially in their first few big games. I think they can though, because USCe has exactly the same issues up front. I believe USCe will have a great season so in all fairness I have to think UGA can as well. On D, both teams could probably hang with any offense in the country, except the NFL franchise in the making, USCw- maybe UGA could.
Your Florida ranking baffles me. Sure they lost some of their studs on D, but the offense is now the offense that Urban wants in place. Leak is not a huge loss- everyone remembers the big game he played like Superman, but folks are forgetting the many more he played more like shit. The question will be, can Tebow play as big as his girlfriend's funbags. As Bo pointed out, sure they struggled in a few conference games last year, but as I remember, so did every other good team in the country. I see big things out of the team that survives with the best record in the Florida-UGA-Tenn-USCe race.

surrounded in columbus said...

w/ the exception of USC, who returns a load of starters on both sides of the ball, isn't pretty much everyone else in the top 10 (yours or anyones) a crap shoot? none of the teams appear very "air tight", w/ no holes to fill.

just looking at the big ten teams, UW/tosu/PSU and Michigan all have "projects" on the side.

Wisconsin starts a new QB on an offense that was pretty one dimensional when it had an experienced QB.

Tosu loses pretty much anyone whose name you could remember on offense, and several key players from a defense that was protected by a high scoring offense most of the season and exposed in the last two games.

PSU returns a QB that wasnt very good and a D that lost one of the LB's in the country.

and michigan's D is, as you've said, suspect, while we've never run an offense wide open, the way you need to cover for a mediocre defense. remember the 2005 pre season predictions of the "great" offense that would hide the suspect D?? yeech.

all that said, Michigan is as good a pick as the others. a senior QB counts for a lot, and the ND/PSU/tosu @ home couldn't hurt.

beast in 'bama said...

Zen Wizard: are you saying what I think you're saying? LOL!

Schiano for President! said...

Re: WVU. You write they need to play OOC games... Why? The Big East is good enough. The whole schedule is strong enough, despite a few BE clunkers (which every conf has) and a few OOC cheesepuffs (which every team plays). The Big East is no different.

MagnumTrojan11 said...

I can't wait for the fun to begin. I hope your #1 is still there come January. FIGHT ON

rex said...

A couple of thoughts I live in Georgia and like the Bulldogs, but the O line isn't as big a problem to me for them as defense, they lost both defensive ends and have no returning secondary starters that I can think of, Florida we don't know if Tebow can pass or not, I think he goes down sometime during the season from a vicious hit while running the ball. Michigan since my daughter goes there I'm praying they will do well. I think that Florida State is a sleeper, they brought in some awesome coaches and still have great athletes, Jimbo Fisher sped up practice so that they can play fast look for them to surprise. USC what can I say some people hate him, but Pete Carroll brings it when he plays!