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Friday, August 03, 2007

Michigan #5 in Coaches Poll

Ah, it's getting closer...

The just-released USA TODAY Coaches Poll has Michigan at #5, Wisco at #7, Ohio State #10 and Penn State #18. USC is a heavy favorite at #1.



Da Braylon said...

My thought is this:

I FUCKIN HATE USC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish Pete Carroll would just walk off the face of the Earth.

Tim said...

Hey Da Braylon...

Sounds like someone is still feeling the after-effects of a few Rose Bowl beatdowns.

Ever considered enrolling at USC? After all, if you can't beat 'em.....

MGoBlue93 said...

da braylon... Save it for tOSU man. USC's a nice school with decent fans. Michigan screwed themselves in the Rose Bowl, by calling the same plays over and over again.

The difference between USC and Michigan is coaching. In the RB, USC is up by 2 scores with 8+ minutes to go. What would Carr do? Probably run the ball three times off tackle, punt, and home like hell the defense could hold. What did Pete Carroll do? He went for it; put the game most certainly out of reach. Called 3 twenty-yard pass plays and touchdown. I'd love to have someone who coaches like that at Michigan.

SteveMuzZ said...

give ME the keys you fucking cocksucker

gimme the keys you fucking cockucking motherfucker aaaaaahhhhh!!!!

gimmedkeysyouf'ncocksucka what the fuck.

nothing unusual about this lineup.

Brad Coe said...

I agree mgoblue93, but I also agree with da brylon. Im a Michigan fan but sometimes I root for the buckeyes when they are playing a non Big10 comference team. So in all, I think I hate USC more because of the fact we have a losing record against them. I don't like those kind of records

IamCris said...

Pre-season rankings are for gambling purposes and television ratings. How else is ABC going to sell Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech, would we seriously watch this game if it weren't for the 9 month hangover lifting? If the game were in say October and they (GT & ND) both aren't ranked is anyone gonna watch this? By the way GT wins in a walk, give the points, regardless of how many it is. GT has 8 starters back on defense. ND defense is exposed early and often via the ground game. Hart will be licking his chops after Tech goes for about 250 yards on the ground.

jdavis3377 said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!Michigan sucks,just in case you people don't realize what that ass whipping at the hands pf APP. STATE means let me tell you.Not only will michigan drop from #5 but GOODBYE TOP 25.Michigan football will be destroyed for AT LEAST 20 years.No big time players will want to sign with the biggest joke in DIV.1A history coach carr just ruined michigan football for decades.WELL enjoy the season

jdavis3377 said...

WOW WHAT A JOKE! well look on the bright side your team will be the biggest story of the year enjoy the replays on ESPN.WOW! CLASSIC.