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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Little Help Out There

Rumor has it that the Miss Teen USA Contestant who had such difficulty with the Q&A portion of the pageant the other night was on the TODAY SHOW this morning. During her appearance she said she will attending college at Appy State.

Anybody out there have a clip they can put up on YouTube? Please. For the love of all that is holy.


critical fanatic said...



Out of Conference said...


or if that can;t be read, try this and click on the link when you see it

it's the paper near the girl's home

Dipa said...

Here's the youtube link:


It's at about 3:43

One Man Gang said...

Incredibly, she botched it again. Obviously not in the same way as the first time, but let's be honest here. This question is a goddamn softball. We all know what the "correct" answer is. And yet she comes out, after 2 days to formulate the perfect response, with, "My friends and I don't know ANYONE who can't loccate the US on a map."

That's astounding.

DanteJones said...

Props to the M Zone for finding this nugget of hilarious information...

Unfortunately our student section ahs a scant (Scant, I say! Scant!) three days to come up with various chants to destroy any sense of App. St's sself worth and pride in their education.

TitleIX said...

Do you think that Miss Lauren Caitlin Upton will appear at half-time this Saturday???
Cuz, you know, ALLLL her friends will be there....

if they can find it on the map....

TitleIX said...

from TMZ.com
"The baby boy of Bridget Moynahan has finally been named -- and Tom Brady probably won't be very happy with it.

As reported in People magazine, Bridge named the lil' pigskin John Edward Thomas Moynahan -- offsides!

Moynahan's rep would not comment on why no Brady, baby.


JET Moynahan. that's kinda cool.
perhaps TB isn't the baby daddy? I mean why else would you leave him off the birth certificate???? spite? that's really stooopid....NO CASH FOR U BRIDG!