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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Say again?

Remember Jim Delany's comments in a recent interview in which he hinted at - and had the President of the BTN salivating over - the prospect of adding a 12th team to the Big Ten and a conference championship game in football? Well, apparently Delany was just pulling everybody's leg and there won't be an additional team anytime soon, or ever.

Monday at the Chicago studios of the Big Ten Network, Delany was "chuckling" over the reaction to his comments in the Des Moines Register, claiming they were much more limited in their original context.

According to the MLive link above, Delany said he told the DMR that the conference would re-examine expansion, partially because such a move would boost the Big Ten Network, the league's nobody-wants-to-carry-it-for-free television arm.

"But I went on to say that we totally have our plates full with regard to building this network, number one,'' Delany said Monday. "Number two, we take a generic look at expansion every three to five years."

Really? Building the network is #1? Uh, well, I don't know if I agree with that approach but okay. So, back on point, expansion is dead, right? You were just being a kidder and those incompetent boobs at DMR completely misquoted the Straight Talk Express? Is that what I'm to understand?


Referring to meeting with league's coaches and ADs yesterday - whom he said would want to know more about his DMR comments - Delany said it's probably about time to have another, more substantive, examination of expansion. However, he added the issue will not be a top priority for the conference.

Wait, I'm confused. Is expansion dead or isn't it? Did that paper in Iowa get it all wrong or not?

Thankfully, Delany cleared it up when he said, "Every now and then, you take a look at it (expansion). I just think it's probably time in the next year or two, but I have a really good sensitivity to the gestation period of any particular issue."

Doh! Okay, one more time: are you considering expansion or not? Ready...go:

"You never overburden any system, and this system would be overburdened if we moved quickly to expansion in an environment where we're trying to build a television network. (The Big Ten Network) is our first priority," said Delany.

Uh, everybody got that?

In a related story, both the Republicans and Democrats have contacted Mr. Delany to inquire about his interest in running for office someday.

(HT: SiC)


Da Braylon said...

Sounds like he does know what the hell he wants. I think he does want it, but maybe he realizes that it's too difficult or maybe he is not trying hard enough.

j said...

Vote Delany for congress.
"I voted for expansion before I voted against it"

beast in 'bama said...

I'll bet he knows where the WMD's are!