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Monday, August 06, 2007

Irish Try to Score Any Way They Can

Gee, we knew Notre Dame was going to have a hard time scoring this year with Brady Quinn gone, but this is a little extreme: our good friend the Wiz reports on his site that Irish defensive lineman Derrell Hand was indefinitely suspended from the team last Friday because he was arrested for propositioning an undercover female cop posing as a hooker the day before.

I guess if you have get in trouble as a college football player, this is the way to do it. I mean, contrast that with the arrest of Indiana TE Blake Powers. Apparently, Powers was in a car at a stop light with some friends and - being the Hoosier Hellions that they are in Bloomington - Powers decided to get all crazy and shit and toss a water balloon - yes, a water balloon - at the guy in the care next to them.

The good news is, Powers drilled the guy, marking one of the best throws in IU history since Bobby Knight tossed the chair. The bad news is, the guy he drilled was an off-duty cop on his way home from work.


1 comment:

not said...

1)At least he tried to pick up a female hooker.

2) NDers thank god it wasn't Jimmuh "Pickle Boy" Clausen because they'd have to explain why he was trying to hook up with a gay male prostitute

3)Proves NDer's aren't that smart. He had two plays in his book. a)HIS HAND or b) illegal hooker. He chose unwisely.

Can't wait for the announcers during the UM game to explain on national TV why ND's defensive anchor isn't playing.