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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Uh, before I make too much fun of Appalachian State...

I REALLY wish the guy in the clip below wasn't wearing a Michigan shirt.


Here is some guy's "video response" to the Miss Teen USA clip. Please, please, please tell me he found the U-M shirt in the dumpster.

(HT: Chris)


whetstonebuck said...

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought UM faculty had to sign something stating they wouldn’t represent the University in a negative light. Just give the good doctor from your Dental School a keychain and be done with it.

TitleIX said...

his aaaksent makes me think he got that there shirt up at the Salvation Armeee

beast in 'bama said...

Johnny TV...Comcast's answer to the BTN?

Out of Conference said...

At least the dumbasses from SC are hot!

I was worried it was going to be a video clip full of hip thrusts and vulgar descriptions of what he would like to do her. Glad to see it was just a guy happy to be doing what he was doing and feeling sorry for a her.

WingRG said...

Whetstonebuck, LMFAO

if i wouldn't have known better i'd say he smoked a big fat blunt right before he started taping that response ... oh wait, he probably did ...

steve g said...

It was more likely that he smoked a bag of meth, wingrg.

WingRG said...

Both things could be true: the only reason i suggested the blunt was b/c that's what he attributed Miss SC's inability to answer the question to. It's pretty much a direct quote from the clip.
But you're right, the "meth mouth" on this guy is scary.

TitleIX said...

err, what's a meth mouth??? and um, how do you know?

whetstonebuck said...

"err, what's a meth mouth??? and um, how do you know?"

My God, woman. Where do you live? C'mon Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

WingRG said...


a "meth mouth" is a person missing half of their teeth from their ongoing stuggle with methamphetamine addiction.

How do i know? I don't (aside from just seeing people with missing teeth and assuming it's the result of doing too much meth).

intellidouche said...

Okay fellas, let me clear this whole meth mouth thing up. People that do a lot of meth are generally very clean people. This translates into having superbly well taken care of teeth. As meth addiction worsens, the user becomes increasingly hard up for cash and thus is willing to sell their teeth. Because of having a reputation for great teeth, a meth user can get top dollar for their teeth. So they sell them, usually on ebay. On average, a meth user's tooth can make enough money to supply the user with meth for about 10 days.

Hope this helps.

TitleIX said...


whetstonebuck said...

ebay. Uh huh.

Must be the meth heads in Beverly Hills.

Pardon me. I need to turn off the B.S. meter. There. As you were.

TitleIX said...

no fear. geeky girl over here googled it.
when I couldn't find any really great meth teeth for sale, I kinda clued in.

thanks for the tutorial guys.

SteveMuzZ said...

i hope intellidouche is being facetious, because that was a billy madison-esque response.. I award you no points, and my God have mercy on your soul..

people with meth lose their teeth because they typically take their finger and mop up all the remaining meth on whatever plate/mirror/etc they are using and rub it on their gums.. after awhile it rots the gums and teeth. I guess I grew up way too close to the oklahoma border to know this info, but i'm sure its readily available to look up.

SteveMuzZ said...

oh and also I did a little bit of blow as a younger fellow.. just don't tell my mom :)

whetstonebuck said...


Hence the B.S. meter.