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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Holy Shit, It's Almost Here!

I love this week.

The last few days leading up to the first game of a college football season are the closest I've found as an adult to those exciting, anxious days of my youth right before Christmas.

Now, as then, hope springs eternal. Optimism is the norm.

Would I get the ThunderCats action figures? I asked Santa and he seemed pretty positive. Will Michigan's defense erase the sting of the final two games of last season? I read the papers and everybody says they're using the doubts as motivation. It looks good.

Then again, it always looks good this week, doesn't it? Just as those unopened packages underneath the tree on December 22nd always contained the requested gift.

This week, the season is still perfect. This week, The Big Dream is possible. This week, none of those presents contain underwear and socks.

Of course, for all but two teams, that dream eventually dies. For some it was unrealistic from the get go. They never really had a shot except for this week. They were fooling themselves. (Did I really think Santa was going to bring me the cute girl from Facts of Life that one year?)

For other teams, legitimate visions of BCS glory bubbling forth between now and Friday are erased before the leaves have fallen from the trees. Others will stumble in the midst of the yet-to-be determined "Showdown Saturday. A select few will be allowed to hold onto August's anticipation until fall's final games are played.

Yet still it will end. By a flat effort against an inferior opponent. A lucky bounce. A trick play. A missed call.

But not today.

Today we all sit on the right knee of the mall College Football Santa, reading off our wish list for 2007. And I'll be damned if he doesn't listen. And give "that smile" that makes you believe it's all going to come your way. Which is good enough. Because right now, this week, it doesn't get any better.

Ed. Note: Yes, there was one hot chick on Facts of Life. Honest. At least on the cusp of puberty there was.


Anand said...

Four posts in 1 day. Can you tell the season is 'Almost' here... :o).

Go Blue!

A2saint said...

Yeah, I always wanted that Tootie chick for Christmas too

Out of Conference said...

Yost, your speech is a cross between the "Game of Inches" speech in Any Given Sunday, the pre-battle speech in Gladiator, the pre-attack speech in Independence Day, and the "Nazi's bombed Pearl Harbor" speech in Animal House. Well done my friend!

Benny Friedman said...

Yost, no rationalization needed regarding The Facts of Life. That Natalie chick was HOT!

dtw2phx said...

Yost - I'm running a search on eBay right now for your Thundercats. Not to worry, my boy! :-)

Yost said...

LOL, dtw!

David said...

Mindy Cohn is tons o' fun, baby!

Christine said...

I have quoted your post on my blog. If it is a problem for you, please let me know immediately and I will take it down. I wanted to get it up there asap since tomorrow starts the season (I think). Very good job... My email is cdrjunk@hotmail.com.