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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Future Buckeye?

OK, even as a die hard Michigan fan, I have to admit this made me laugh.

Click here to watch the reaction of this baby whenever she hears U-M's fight song. She's perfectly fine when her parents play Mary Had a Little Lamb. But as soon as The Victors begins? Well, it's worse than if they told her Elmo was dead.

While it may be early, I think it's fairly safe to say there's no way this kid is going to Michigan!

Ed. Note: I didn't embed the actual clip here because that feature was disabled for this video on YouTube.


Brad Coe said...

yep, another cry baby buckeye fan

TitleIX said...

who else got their tickets in the mail!!!!????!!!!!

t-minus 25 days

Killing My Liver said...

You can't see the electrodes attached to the feet that electrocute the baby when "The victors" starts playing. Damn you, Pavlov.

Dave said...

If you want to embed the video just copy a youtube code from a previous post and then replace the old URL with the one of the baby crying.


Dave said...

never mind. didn't work. thought it would.