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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Do I really get credit for a post here?

Ed. Note: Whle I'm loathe to ever try to explain humor, contrary to what some have said in the comments section, this is not a shot at EDSBS. I'm a huge fan of that site and there's a reason it's the best college football blog out there. What Orson does there on a daily basis makes me wonder if there aren't six of him (seeing as I have a hard time putting up one post each day).

This is simply a poke on "countdown posts" like this which appear on most college football sites during the dog days of the off season. Somebody did it once somewhere, now it's everywhere. If college football blogs were stand-up comedy acts, this type of post has become the "old people drive slow," "cops sure eat a lot of donuts" and "ever notice you can't hear what the guy's saying at the McDonald's drive-thru" of the cfb blogosphere in that everybody does it now.

And as someone with an obviously great sense of humor, should he see this, I trust Orson would get it.


lane said...

if i had a blog i would've made this post - but i don't.

thank you, thank you, thank you for doing it for me!

Jeremy said...

You're picking EDSBS over mgoblog?

Black Shoe Diaries said...

Yeah that's so cheap. They could at least do a beer bong friday.

Jason said...

That's pretty funny.

McBain said...

I personally enjoy the "In [blank] days..." posts. But that's just me.

zen wizard said...

I would say that posting a picture with a funny caption is "extra credit"--like when you are getting a C-minus in Psych 101, so you volunteer for the sadistic TA's "Adventures in Skinnerian Electroshock Aversion Therapy"-experiment.

intellidouche said...


Killing My Liver said...

I knda feel like that's a cheap shot. Orson puts up plenty of superb content.

lane said...

i hardly think this is a jab at EDSBS ---- take a look around & you'll see 'this type of post' at every other CFB related blog you click on.

maybe i'm wrong, but i don't think so.