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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Two-Minute Drill

Frank over at FVSports.com sent us this clip of Chad Henne winning the Golden Gun Accuracy Award at some football camp that, I think, might have been sponsored by EA Sports.

But what Frank really wanted to know was who was the dude to Chad's right, checking out his package at one point then giving him the man-crush hug 1:27 into the clip.

* NYJer Please previews the 2007 Wolverines.

* Fuck that case of BUSCH Light you bought for $4.99 at the Bluefront, you're a college grad now. Time to step up...with some Wolverine Beer.

(HT: TRex)

* With the San Jose SaberCats defeating the Columbus Destroyers in Arena Bowl XXI (there have been 21 of those things?!), the city of C-bus completed the hat trick of losing 3 championship games in the past 6+ months.

(HT: SiC)

* Who's in/Who's out for U-M: Arrington, Slocum are more than ready to go, Butler still awaiting official word on his fate.

* Steve Spurrier pissed South Carolina won't enroll two recruits cleared academically by NCAA.


Scraper said...

Make that 4 Columbus teams. The Columbus Comets also lost in the NWFA championship game. (That's women's football.) And don't forget about the Cavaliers impressive showing in the NBA championship.

lane said...

scraper, you beat me to it - and you will every time at 4:36 a.m.!

check out the picture on the NWFA front page here:


yeah, um, big-boned isn't the word!

Out of Conference said...

When I read about what Spurrier said regarding 2 of his recruits getting denied admission, I didn't know whether to be proud of my school, fear for the future of the footbal team, or just come out and admit the term "student-athlete" is an oxymoron in competitive Div I football.

rex said...

That looks like the Elite 11 camp where they pick the best QB's in high school and they use Colleg QB's as coaches and Mentors, that's awesome for Chadd that he won the Golden Gun. GO BLUE!

Andy said...


Holly Mangold ????
Is that you ????

WingRG said...

You have to make it to 3 (or 5) championship games in order to be able to lose them.

MGoBlue93 said...

I thought Michigan was no longer a Nike school? Wonder how Adidas feels about Michigan meeting the media in the swoosh?

Matt said...

In case this isn't one of the three, Columbus State lost to Tampa in the D-II baseball championship game a while ago.