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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bill O'Reilly Calls MZone Left-Wing Hate Site

(from MZone wire reports) Ann Arbor, MI - Fox television host Bill O'Reilly, who blasted liberal blog DailyKos.com as a hate site on par with KKK and Nazi sites after it posted this photoshopped picture of Senator Joseph Lieberman and President Bush, has turned his wrath on the college football blog The MZone after it posted a similar picture shown here of Lieberman with college football coaches Pete Carroll of USC and Charlie Weis of Notre Dame.

"If DailyKos is the KKK and Nazis, then the MZone is the KKK, the Nazis, Stalin, Pol Pot and the really evil blonde-haired guy from the KARATE KID movies, all rolled into one," said O'Reilly. To prove his point, he asked guest Ann Coulter if she agreed, which she did, adding that those running the site were probably faggots as well.

When questioned as to why he put such a politically charged photo on a college football site and if it signals that he's in fact some left-wing nutjub, MZone founder Yost said, "I'm not Republican or Democrat, I'm Ohio State-Michigan. As is the site. But after seeing Mr. O'Reilly make such an ass out of himself and resort to such hyperbole over a silly picture that, while crude, was making a political statement - whether you agreed or not, we figured we should try to get him to rip us on national TV so maybe he could send some traffic our way as well. We need it a lot more than a site that pulls in over 500,000 visitors a day, that's for damn sure."

Upon hearing that the picture on the MZone was nothing more than a whorish drive for hits, O'Reilly lashed out again, saying he refused to let himself or his show be used, as The O'Reilly Factor is a serious news show. He then excused himself to prep for another segment on Lindsay Lohan's arrest and the upcoming visit by the body language expert.


beast in 'bama said...

Note Lieberman's body language in the photo. He's inviting Pete Carroll in, putting down his barriers. Oh, he's telling the truth alright.

And Charlie Weis? He's opening himself up, giving himself freely to the moment.

Sleestack90 said...

That picture is obviously photoshopped! No way is Charlie that thin!!!

Schiano for President! said...

have you been to Kos? I think O'Reilly has it right. That site advocates the death of politicians, religious figures, and the like.

Doug said...

Find me the quotes, Schiano.

And it's not like O'Reilly doesn't have problems of his own in that regard.

coolbreeze said...

I'm a Buckeye-grad, an a card-carrying U of M hater (except for the Fab 5) and the Mzone is a daily read for me. You just got more points from me.

Matt said...

Hilarious. But I think a more appropriate picture would have Mark May instead of Joe Lieberman.

Skurny said...

O'Reilly was the punter at Marist College for their club team.

"You sir, are no Zoltan Mesko."

Schiano for President! said...

doug- cant get em, they were deleted after it made news, after being kept there for a year. they were run on natl tv, though.

Da Braylon said...

Look at this...Vince Young and Donny Nickey (former Buckeye)


Sundawg said...

Yost, who better than O'Reilley to identify Nazis? What a dick!

I understand his 'college' football was kinda like mine; Forestry versus the Pharmacy School, i.e., team football.

dtw2phx said...

Look out boys, before you know it O'Reilly will be offering to gently rub your taints with a "falafel"...err, I meant loofah.

san francisco values said...

Of course, he doesn't realize that there are anti-Hillary posts on O'Reilly's site that have garnered the attention of the Secret Service, they're so bad.

BTW, the original item would have been funnier with Jimmy Clausen instead of Pete Carroll. Still amusing all the same.